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View from the Top

Finally, I get some time to go up to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.
And it was awesome!

Herald Square and the surroundings from above

It was lovely to be up here and I came here with my friends from Jakarta dan Geneve.
Surely it was a long line as everyone was  trying to get the sunset.

Here comes the streak of sunset :)
Here are some snaps from the top I took with my phone.

The view from the top is super nice, of course. 
It's good to see all those skyscrapers, cars, Hudson river, and the majestic sky!
Love it! 

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Sunny Day at West Point

We were enjoying one lovely sunny day at the US Military Academy at West Point.

wet point
so serene

After having a tiring, wallet-breaking shopping session at Woodbury Factory Outlet, we decided to stop at West Point to see the complex and watch the 4th of July concert as well as fireworks. But we were not that lucky in finding the parking spot. 
All was booked and the only one left were those far, far away from the venue of the concert. So we decided to go around the complex and took pictures.
It was fun as well and the lake (I guess) inside the complex is beautiful!

Luks Reservoir, West Point 

They do open the complex for tour and at that day, they had the annual concert so people were flocking here. We stopped at one of the fields, I guess they are for softball and lacrosse, and took a break enjoying the peaceful view of the lake or rather a reservoir. 

We also stopped for a while at one of the chapel for the Cadets and enjoyed the scenery from uphill. I love the details and the Gothic style of this Chapel.

the door

View from the chapel

US Military Academy West Point is located at the city of West Point in New York State, about an hour drive from New York City. 
It is an interesting place to visit when you are around the city and heading to Woodbury Factory outlet or the surroundings.

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One Lovely Day at the Governors's Island, New York City

Governor's Island NYC
Welcome to Governor's Island

Governor’s Island is indeed a piece of world of its own. With interesting history, dating back pre-dutch settlements era around the 15th century, this island was called ‘Pagganuck’ (or the nut island) before by the Native Americans of the Manhattan region.

Located not far from Brooklyn as well as Lower Manhattan, this lovely island has been used as venues of many events, including the recent #jazzagelawnparty we attended. 

It was a cool party indeed and we had so much fun.
Wearing 1920s-inspired costumes, dancing around with jazz age music, and having a picnic under the sun is indeed awesome.

Overlooking Manhattan and Brooklyn, this 172-acre island is well connected with NYC ferries. You have plenty of choices indeed in terms of transportation to reach the island.

When we went there, it was one fine day with perfect weather.

A bit hot but manageable.
And we managed to take pictures here and there, including at the Fort Jay and the lawns.

Obi at Fort Jay

Make sure you don’t miss the Governor's Island while you’re around the Big Apple.
Such a lovely island where we can relax, have a picnic and just enjoy the leisure time with your kids, family, and loved ones.

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Burning Sky

Enjoying the burning sky as I headed home.
Astoria Park is such a wonderful place to see the burning sky.
Merci ya Rabb, the Most Merciful, for all this breathtaking beauty we enjoy.

astoria park sunset

This is what I saw when I stepped out of the N line at Astoria Boulevard.

"The sun and the moon (move) by precise calculation;
And the stars and trees prostrate; And the heaven He raised and imposed the balance .... So which of the favors of Your Lord would you deny?"

Al-Quran, Ar-Rahman 5-7 & 13

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Pure Grenada and its Sky

Pure Grenada

Easy going!

Here are a few more photos taken in Grenada in the course of my short visit there.

Wishing you all an enjoyable, beautiful spring, wherever you are.
And stay blessed!

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Katharine Hepburn Garden

Beautiful spring we have here!

Chrysler Building from the other side.

And I certainly enjoy my leisure walk around Katharine Hepburn Garden in Manhattan, New York, on my way to UN Headquarters.
Named after the famous artist, this little piece of heaven is a lovely mini park with  benches and fountains is one of my favorite spots in the city.

indah nuria savitri
Katharine Hepburn Garden, NYC

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
located near the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza

The clear blue sky never fails to remind me how lucky I am to able to breath and enjoy this endless beauty of my Rabb's creation. 
I know I will always find solace on those magnificent blue skies, wherever I am.

Wishing you all an enjoyable, beautiful spring, wherever you are.
And stay blessed, dear friends.

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A Little Walk at Shibuya

Here are some snaps I took when I had a little walk at Shibuya, Tokyo, which is well-known for its super crowded yet neat crossings and Hachiko statue, the dog famous for its loyalty to its owner. I believe my kids will love to see this statue and hear more about the story of Hachiko.

Don't miss Shibuya when you are around Tokyo. 
Very interesting to see this spot with its eclectic crowd.

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Cherry Blossoms at Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan

Before enjoying spring in New York City, I was privileged to see the cherry blossoms at Ueno Park, while I was Tokyo, Japan.
Click here to read my little story in Japan : Hello Tokyo

Ueno Park has been famous to be one of the most favorite places to enjoy cherry blossoms.
And I chose this place to stay over as it is the last stop of Skyliner, the fast train taking us to and from Narita International Airport.

Located at Japan, 〒110-0007 Tokyo, Taitō, Uenokoen, 5−20(as I copied from Google Maps), Ueno Park covers quite a huge area to explore. It have several museums in the surrounding area and more temples as well as shrines to explore. It also has big pond and famous Zoo here. Too bad I only have limited time so I didn't manage to see them all.
But if you want to see the 'old' Japan, with more traditional houses and temples and less skyscraper buildings, then Ueno will be the perfect place for you.

And back to the cherry blossoms!
Be it in the morning, or at night, sakura is forever beautiful.
Those pinkies, rather small petals are fully blooming in a beautiful way.
It looks fragile, yet it stands the test of the wind.
For only the strong one stay and bloom.
Pretty much the survival test of nature.

When I arrived in Ueno on the first leg of my flight, it was already dark. It was only 5.30 but the sun set already and it was dark. Yet as I stepped out of Ueno Park, it was bright  as lights from the neon signs illuminated the pinky flowers dotting the trees. I stopped there, lining up with others as people started taking photos and selfies with the cherry blossoms.

Here's the map of Ueno Park:

Some tips for enjoying cherry blossoms:

1. If you happen to be around, make sure you come down here early in the morning before the park is packed with people, especially in beautiful, warmer days. I came to the park at 7.30 AM and it was beautifully serene, with a few joggers and runners joining me. 

2. Makes sure you wear your comfortable shoes as you can walk along the park and it was quite a distance. And mind you, Ueno park is huge, covering many temples, museums, statues, shrines, ponds and even Zoo. As for the cherry trees, it is lining up from Shitamachi Museums to Tajo-Ten jin Shrine/Hanazono Inari Shrine.

3. Get ready to line up. Many people want to enjoy the cherry blossoms as well so people tend to line up neatly and take their turn politely, considering that many people love to do the same.

4. If you have allergies to pollen or similar substances, better stay away of course. Or if you still can tolerate it (and I do know people who have allergies but still can enjoy cherry blossoms to certain extent), better get yourself prepared with the medicine needed.

5. Thinking of having a picnic? Bring the mat and the food you love to have or snatch them from the nearby restaurants or cafes. Well, when I came here the cherry blossoms were not fully blooming so I didn't see too many people yet. By the way, I found the Ueno Station has a great bakery and the pastries are exquisite. I bought some from there and they are yummy indeed.

4. And finally, don't forget your camera and/or your phone. Sometimes we get so excited about seeing something new we forget the important things. Well, that happened to me before.

So, enjoy the cherry blossoms and cheers.

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