Five Favorite Websites for Online Shopping

Shopping time!
How I love it and can't get enough of it!

I mean, let's talk about online shopping :).
I think it is safe to say that many of us have been accustomed to buying things online.
Well, everything is at your finger tips nowadays as information and communication technology continues to flourish and provide a lot of comfort for us as customers.

For sure, we save some time, energy and of course money by shopping online.
We can get extra online discounts, rewards and cashback, as well as free shipping for certain amount of purchase. Not to mention endless choices and tons of items being offered online.

But on the other side, we have to be extremely careful with the financial transaction that we do online. Various scams and fraud have been done online so we better check and rechecked the payment system being used and make sure that we use the save and verified one. Not to mention we also need to check the sellers and the items we are interested to. Another thing we have to be careful of is additional fee, like shipping and handling as well as taxes. 

So, besides all the comfort you have from online shopping, make sure you are aware of some consequences as well.

Now, back to #BPN30day Challenge2018 Day 28
Allow me to start my list for 5 favorite websites for online shopping.
Wanna know what they are?
Here we go..

Here's the menu I have on my phone :)

Well, I set my heart on amazon and I still do!
Amazon has been an amazing platform for me and my family.
Not only when we live in NYC but also when we move to Indonesia already.
We certainly buy a lot of stuff from here, starting from cosmetics, books, clothes, to bikes, accessories, fresh food and medicine!

Kalau Bahasa Indonesianya, ini toko segala aya.
Aku dan Udi memang banyak sekali berbelanja di sini dan memanfaatkan aneka kemudahan yang ada. Kami bahkan masih menjadi member Amazon Prime hingga saat ini karena aku masih sering banget belanja di Amazon US.
Biasanya aku kirim ke alamat kantor yang lama dan menunggu sampai ada yang bisa membawanya ke Indonesia, baik melalui jastip atau jasa pertemanan.

I bet you know I will list on my favorite shopping place.
Online or offline, I am addicted to this beauty center.
It goes beyond a shop where you get almost everything you need when it comes to beauty product, as you can join its free classes, get free samples on everything they have in store and 3 free samples on your online purchase (with no minimum purchase), get extra free items when you purchase on certain amount, get rewarded for every single thing you buy, and more
The list is on and on and on.
No wonder I have been VIB Rogue, - a top-tier membership with so many benefits because you spend at least USD 1000,- per year ,- since 2014 up till now :). So have I have more than 6000 points that I have not redeemed yet as I will wait great prizes they have.

I always check on the sale they have and use extra discount or special event Sephora offers like before Christmas, labour day, birthday discount and more. Sometimes certain brands also give 50% off for changing the packaging or launching of new products.
And I got tons of samples and free goodies, including bags, pouches, books, and even umbrellas.

One of my favourites because of its CASHBACK program!
Oh my, I got hundreds of USD from all my crazy shoppings and for giving referral as well! And the great thing is, Ebates has so many online shopping platform where you usually get your stuff, like Sephora, Macy's, Amazon (rewards for certain departments), Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Kat Von D, Adidas, Michael Kors,, IHG (Holiday Inn group) and so many more!
All you have to do is click, choose the website you want and shop on it with the registered shopping trip from Ebates. Then once you're done with the shopping, it will send you the notification on your cash back. Every three month, a Big Fat Cheque will be sent to your registered address.
As simple as that!

One of the local online shopping platform my husband and I love to use.
We have been buying and selling items here as well.
Most of the time, my hubby used it to buy stuff for our renovated house.
We even get our set of traditional, vintage-look rattan sofa from here, sent right away and directly from Jepara!
I usually get small stuff like home accent and batik.
My hubby also sells some of his bikes and bike frames here.
So far it all work well!

Like the previous platform, I have been using this for shopping Indonesian stuff like batik, mukena, traditional food, souvenirs, and more.
I like to browse just to see the varieties of items being offered. 
They also have so many discounts on certain time and period, tempting us to buy more and more. Better check it out yourself so you can directly see how awesome it is to shop in Tokopedia.

Surely I have more favorite online shopping portals but 5 is really a great start.
How do you like online shopping?
Are you addicted to it?
What are your favorite online shopping sites?

WW: Bandung - Jakarta by Train

"Naik kereta api, tut tut tuuut
Siapa hendak turut..
Ke Bandung, Surabaya..."

That's one of the famous kids' song during my childhood.
As freely translated, the lyrics say like this:
"Taking the train, chuu chuu chuuu
Who wants to come?
To Bandung, Surabaya..."

somewhere in Bandung 

Last Wednesday, I went to Bandung by train.
It was only a 3-hour visit (super short indeed) but I really enjoy my trip there.
Some snaps to invite you to take the train ride to Bandung as well.

nasi goreng parahyangan
the legendary nasi goreng!

Nasi goreng, anyone?
Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and enjoy the link party!

Happiness is Indeed Around You

People say life is simple and happiness is even simpler.
People also say that happiness comes from within.
Happiness is indeed around you.
Do you agree with that notion?
I do!
So wherever you go and whatever you do, never forget that happiness is with you.
You are the key of your own happiness!
Not others, not something else.

Seringkali kita lupa kalau kebahagiaaan itu ada di dalam diri kita sendiri.
Kita sibuk mencari kebahagiaan ke sana kemari.
Bahkan seringkali kita menggantungkan kebahagiaan kita pada orang lain.
Atau pada sesuatu yang lain.
Akibatnya kita menjadi rentan untuk ‘terganggu’ kebahagiaannya ketika orang yang kita percayakan ternyata tidak bisa menjaga ‘kebahagiaan’ kita.

I used to think that way.
Naively believe that I could only be happy because someone else is happy for us.
Then I realized that I made a big mistake.
I learned the hard way that I was responsible for my own happiness.
Now, I go easy on things and learn to love myself better.
My Rabb bestows me with all these blessings that should make me be grateful and happy.
And when we’re happy, those around us will be happy too.

Pheww, what a long intro for my submission to day 27 of #BPN30dayChallenge2018.
Small things that make you happy!
Let’s see what I have on my list to prove that  is happiness is indeed around you.
Wanna know when I feel happy?

When my kids say ‘I love you’ and hug me

Nothing soothes my soul instantly than my kids’ warm embrace and magic words.
A simple I love you before bed or when they go to school or when they facetime me while I'm at work gives me extra energy.
No matter how far I am or how crazily I was tangled with works, my kids can help me ease the tensions with their kind heart and innocence.
I am super lucky to have such wonderful kids like Bo et Obi.

When I can take a little nap

This is one luxury I seldom enjoy.
Perhaps because my body is so used to working and working for long hours.
But there are times when I really need to take a break.
And a little nap will do me good.

Terkadang saat akhir pekan tiba, yang aku inginkan haya ekstra tidur.
Terutama bobo siang.
Walaupun badan tidak begitu terbiasa, tapi kalau bisa tidur siang itu anugrah banget!
Tidak jarang aku masih semangat ini dan itu, tapi Udi mengingatkan saya untuk istirahat saja di rumah. And that's exactly what I need! 

When I can read my comic uninterrupted

Who loves comics here?
I do!
And I do collect them so I have many at home as well.
Komik yang aku punya pun macam-macam, mulai dari detektif Conan, doraemon, Donald bebek, Archie and friends, dan juga komik-komik agama untuk anak-anak.
And the only thing that stop me from reading them is because I'm running out of time.
Family matters, tons of works, blogging target and more make 24 hours seem to be passing by s0 quickly. 
But whenever I can, I will get my comics, eat my favorite snacks and relax for a while.

When I get free stuff

Do you like to get free stuff?
I bet many of us enjoy it!
Be it in the market, in your office, in an event, in a wedding reception or a party, in your garage, or any place where free stuff are given away. Sometimes, those free goodies are not always useful but we just love to get them.
And that includes me :).

Contoh sederhana misalnya begini. Seringkali, kalau pulang kantor capek-capek tapi harus belanja dulu kan bete ya. Tapi ternyata pas belanja ada promo beli pembersih muka merk kesayangan berhadiah pouch, aku pasti beli hehehe. Walaupun  pouch udah banyaaak banget di rumah, tapi waktu dapet hadiahnya aku seneng bangeet. Keliatannnya receh banget yaaa.. tapi it does make me happy. Apalagi kalau datang ke event or expo yang keren, aku suka bangeet goodie bagnya LOL. Yang paling seru waktu datang ke pameran otomotif, traveling, komik dan beauty di NYC. Goodie bags-nya banyaaak aja!

When I get relaxing massage from my hubby

This is a 100% guarantee for making me happy.
My hubby is super talented when it comes to massaging.
And what I love about him is that he knows exactly when I'm super tired and he will voluntarily give me a back or neck rub. Not all the time, of course, because some times he is even more tired than me.  
But you know, a little attention from the heart like this is very helpful.
And makes you feel loved so that you're happy.

Those are 5 simple things that make me happy.
There are more things on the list obviously, like playing with my cats and receiving postcards from friends. or even getting some new purple stuff.
Would you mind telling me what's on your list?
One thing for sure, stay happy and enjoy your blessed life!


5 Favorite Beauty Products for Daily Use

beauty products for daily use
What's your favorite?


Here comes one of my favorite questions of all from #BPN30DayChallenge2018.
Five beauty products to recommend and here I am coming with 5 Favorite Beauty Products for Daily Use.

Well, I am not a beauty blogger per se but I’m more like a beauty junkie!
I am still learning my way around when it comes to make-up but I am a HUGE fan of skin care and lipsticks. 
All kind of lipstick I can say. 
So far I have around 90 lipsticks in all shades and all finishing.
For sure more to come as I have been eyeing some local products that are good, comfortable and surely come in good price.
I have been reading so many reviews from my friend and I have to say I have a lot to learn! 

So, now...without further a do, let's welcome 5 Favorite Beauty Products for Daily Use a la mama Bo and Obi 

Estee Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Milky Emulsion

This milky emulsion from Estee Lauder is awesome!
4 thumbs up from me as its brightening formula is non-sticky and quick absorbent, plus glowing result. After using it for a while, I feel like my dark spots are lessen and my skin tone is more even as well

I have been trying to find a suitable product for my post-chemotherapy skin.
I have those dark spots and blemish on my cheek areas and under my eyes. 
As I try this product for quite some times, I see some results.
Will get you complete review after #BPN30dayChallenge2018.

This one is created for and tested on Asian skin in Asia as well!
Jadi kurang apa lagi cobaaa..Estee lauder ngga main-main waktu mengeluarkan produk ini denga target pasar wanita Asia yang memang sedikit lebih terobsesi dengan   wajah yang cerah dan kulit lebih putih. Sejak saya pakai ini, saya merasa kulit saya lebih sehat, segar dan cerah. Aaah pokoknya suka deh. Ditunggu review lengkapnya ya.

Kat Von D Studded Kisses in Wolvesmouth

Okay, enough said when it comes to Kat Von D.
I have reviewed her studded kisses lipstick and Wolvesmouth is my favorite shade!

Read: Beauty - Kat Von D Studded Kisses in Wolvesmouth

For me, when it comes to matte lipstick but comfortable and long lasting, with a perfect purple shade, Kat Von D studded kisses in Wolvesmouth is the one and only!
I have been buy-in it again and again and I do have some extra now!

I also love Huda Beauty and her matte lipstick is awesome!

Tory Burch Absolu EDP

Nothing will pump up the spirit in the morning like a great perfume!
Kayaknya kalau sudan dandan habis-habisan tapi ngga wangi itu rasanya gimana gitu. Seperti ada yang kurang!

I love EDP and I have been using so many of them.
Some of the classics I love, be it EDP or EDT, is J'Adore Dior, Pleasure of Estee Lauder, Chance from Chanel, Gucci Envy, and  Clinique Happy. But lately I have been using Jo Malone and Tory Burch a lot as they come in handy, traveling sizes. What I have in my pouch now is Tory Burch Absolu EDP in 7 ml, perfect size for daily use. I love the floral scent which stay for quite some times. It makes me feel fresh and feminine at the same time. Try it!  

some of my treasures :)

Fenty Beauty Match Stick in Sinamon

I love Rihanna and her products! I bet you have heard of Fenty Beauty right...
Of all the beauty products they have from Fenty Beauty, my favorite is always the Match Stick. It's the shimmer skin stick which functions as highlighter, eye shadow and in my case, as a lip gloss too!
I have been using Sinamon, the shade that works best for my complexion.
There are time when I forgot to bring my beauty pouch and I only have my loose powder and this match stick. I managed to use it for my eyes, cheeks, and lips, and I love the result!

masih ngantuk udah dandan ajaaaa.. using Fenty Beauty sinamon match stick as I forgot my beauty pouch!

Bedak Marcks in Creme

This is the legendary loose powder in Indonesia!
Memang juaraaaaa hehehehe..
Dan sejak SMA sampai sekarang aku masih setia memakainya. 
Dulu maktu masih tinggal di Swiss dan NYC, oku ngga pernah absen nyetok dan minta dikirimkan dari Indonesia. 

It is so good, feel nice on my skin and with a proper moisturiser, it will beautifully stay.

So that's my 5 favorite beauty products for daily use. I have been using them and I highly recommend them as well.
I certainly have more items for eye brows, mascara, eye liner and more but I'll keep them for the next post, okay.
Now tell me your favorite and let's compare!
Have fun and stay beautiful, people.

Cheers from me and Obi :)

Unforgettable Childhood Memories

Day 25 and I am still here for #BPN30daychallenge2018
How about you, gals?
I hope we will finish it with flying colors!

This time, I will talk about unforgettable childhood memories.
Some are sweet, some are not.
But for sure it's unforgettable.
I actually have so many unforgettable memories when I was a kid.
But I'm just going to write three of them, as I still have the photos from those events after I posted them on Facebook.
Well, I do have more but most of them are in my mom's house back home.

Being raised as the oldest in the family, my brothers and I spent so much time together in Lampung, our hometown.
My beautiful hometown!
As we spent most of our childhood in our family house, many of those early childhood memories took place there.

And because of that, I miss my dad so much! 
May he rest in peace, al-fatihah.
I'm daddy's little girl indeed.
And I remember vividly his smile, his laughter, his voice, his energy.
He had this natural way of making things merrier and more fun.
Istirahat yang tenant yaaa Pah, we all love you so much.

Now...back to those unforgettable childhood memories!
Let's check out what I have on the list!

Breaking my hand on my 5th birthday

indah nuria Savitri
me on the far right, with ribbons on my hair

Seriously, this is what happened when I was celebrating my 5th birthday.
I was just a tiny kindergarten kid when my parents invited our family and friends to come to the birthday party in my grandparents' house.
And you know what caused all this fiasco?
My new shoes!
Thanks to the newly renovated pave way and the new shoes, it was proven to be a recipe for disaster when you combine it with a 5-year-old girl who ran around like crazy.

I remember going to the hospital and being slightly sedated when they took care of me. 
I went home with gypsum on my left hand and some signatures, birthday greetings and smiley faces written on it. Surely something you won't easily forget, right.

Going to Dunia Fantasi when I was in elementary school

Dunia Fantasi!
Impian semua anak kecil di jamannya. Arena bermain dan theme park paling hits yang masih tetap ngetop sampai sekarang.

The first time ever I came to a theme park and my jaws dropped!
I was dumbfounded looking at all those cool rides, singing statues, and giant Bekantan, huge monkey, performing a serenade. I can say it was one of the best day of my life!

I was 10 at that time, on the 4nd grade of elementary school.
I remember I was wearing a white-and-blue ensemble (latest model at that time) and we all came completely with my parents, my brothers and our caretaker.
I think I had one album full of those photos and Gajah Bledug was inaugurated as my favorite ride. I don't know how many times I have been coming back here again but for sure, I won't forget my first time!

Happily joining the Parade on Kartini Day

This is one event I won't forget because I keep the photos and my friends and family keep asking about my partner in that parade!
Plus I look exactly like my kids, particularly Obi.
cheers :)

I was wearing baju Bodo from Manado, North Sulawesi, complete with big traditional necklace and earrings and huge red rose corsage. My mom dressed my and I love it!
Now you see why I always remember that day!

So those are some of my unforgettable childhood memories.
I still have tons of stories but let's start with these three.
What's your childhood memories now?
Anything interesting you want to share?

Unaccomplished Goals - End of the Year Notes

How many times you think that life is so unfair?
All the time?
Or rarely?

I have might say all the time some times ago, but now I have made peace with myself and try to be grateful for every single thing I enjoy up to this moment. I remember how ambitious I was when I was younger. So full of energy, so self confident. Yet time teaches me to slow down, pause a bit, enjoy the beauty of life while I can.

Now it is December already.
In less than 20 days we will be welcoming the new year.
2019 is waiting and I just can't wait.
So many new thing and new places that I would explore with my family.
So many exciting new plans have been made and kids get super excited as well.

But before we step into the new beginning, let's take a moment to see some of our unfinished business.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Apparently, I still have a long list of unaccomplished goals but I'll take my time to finish them. What are they? let's take a look.

Umroh and/or hajj - Pergi umroh atau ibadah haji

Umroh and Hajj are two things I have not done.
Plans were made but again some things come up and we haven't really done it.It is still in the pipeline and wish us luck, so that we can eventually realize it.
Ngga papa ya kalau aku berkali-kali menulis umroh dan/atau naik haji sebagai salah satu hal yang belum tercapai atau hal yang menjadi sesalan karena belum aku lakukan sampai sekarang?
Harapannya kalau doa ini disebut berkali-kali insya Allah akan terkabulkan ya.
Aamiin YRA.

Losing weight - Pengen kurus

Waktu nulis ini, aku tuh senyum-senyum sendiri.
Tepatnya mentertawakan diri sendiri.
Sibuk pengen kurus tapi I haven't really done a lot for that and I keep eating here and there. Aku harap Aku punya semangat dan energy untuk kurus di tahun mendatang, tanpa aral melintang. Terkadang aku membatin bisa ngga sih kurus because I have been plump like this since I was a kid. Yang penting sehat ya..dan kayaknya kalau ngga gemuk pasti bisa lebih sehat lagi. Ayo Indah, semangat.

Writing My Book - Menulis Buku

I have joined some collaborative writing and printed some books with my stories on it. But I haven't really written my own book. Maybe one day I can finally get a change to do , when things get quieter. 

Sebenarnya ide untuk menulis buku sudah baanvak, tinggal menuliskan semua ide itu. Bahkan saya juga ingin menerbitkan buku yang berisi foto-foto Perjalanan yang oku dapat. Plus aneka cerita di belakang layar selama bertugas. Aaah uda kebayang seru.

Learning how to sew - Belajar menjahit

I have been wanting to learn how to sew for a loooong time.
My hubby does it much, much better than I do.
I guess it won't take that long s long as I concentrate, right.

Cita-cita biar bisa menjahit memang terasa sederhana sekali tapi aku asli udah pengen banget bisa menjahit. Kebayang seru kalau segala baju dan jaket tenunku bisa aku sendiri yang jahit. Bisa ngga ya? Pasti bisa kalau serius!

Well, although the assignment is asking for 5 things, but 4 is a good number.
So, do you review your year as well?
Tell me the things you haven't accomplished and let's compare our notes.

Living with No Regrets

Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption

I planned each charted course
Each careful step along the byway
And more, much more than this
I did it my way...

I was listening to Frank Sinatra’s famous song, My Way, on my way back to Jakarta.
It was raining. And I took the train to take me back home.

One sentence from the song strikes me here
About regrets. 
And just like Frank, I’ve had a few as well.

When I read the question for the next #BPN30dayChallenge2018 abot things that I regret now, I take some times to ponder.

Can we live with no regrets?

Knowing that we have tried to do our outmost in this life?
Thinking that we can not have it all?
Convinced that our path of life has been written as is?

Bicara penyesalan, saya kok jadi langsung termenung.
Di antara semua kegembiraan dan keriaan hati, terselip rasa sesal karena beberapa hal yang belum tercapai.
Belum saya lakukan tepatnya.
Entah itu karena belum sempat, belum ada waktu, belum rezeki, atau entah alasan 'belum' apa lagi.

Beberapa ada yang belum saya lakukan karena saya kerap menundanya.
Nanti, nanti, nanti.
Besok, besok, besok.
Dan kita tidak pernah tau umur, rezeki dan kesempatan yang diberikan oleh-Nya kepada kita.
Kalau sudah begini, penyesalan memang datang terlambat.
My mind suddenly remembers all those things that I procrastinate.
Well, one of the my bad habits is procrastinating.
I am not always a procrastinator, but there are times when I haven't tried hard enough to realise all those pending issues.

First, I haven’t done Umroh and/or Hajj. 
Saya belum sempat juga menjadi tamu Allah dan mengunjungi Baitullah.
Padahal cita-cita sudah ada sejak penempatan pertama saya ke Swiss tanin 2007 - 2011. Rencana kala itu adalah umrah sekembali dari penempatan di Jenewa, Swiss. Apa daya kami pulang membawa Obi yang waktu itu berusia hampir 6 bulan. Sebenarnya bisa aja umroh membawa bayi tapi Udi mengingatkan bahwa kondisi bayi yang memerlukan perhatian khusus malah membuat kita tidak bisa konsentrasi dan berpotensi mengganggu orang lain juga. Akhirnya kami ngga jadi umroh. 

Kemudian saat di NYC, saya dan Udi sudah berniat untuk haji jika memungkinkan, atau at least umroh. Namun Allah memang punya rencana lain. 2 tahun pertama saya di NYC diisi dengan proses pengobatan kanker payudara yang saya derita. Menjelang kembali ke tanah air, rencana berubah karena saya diperpanjang dan anak-anak plus Udi kembali lebih awal karena mengejar sekolah. Kami pun berkonsentrasi pada pemberesan biaya cicilan dan renovasi rumah. Padahal kami berniat naik haji dari luar Negeri arena antriannya tidak selama mika mendaftar dari Indonesia yang kuotanya selalu penuh.

Kalau sudah begini, saya dan Suami suka membatin kalau ini yang namanya belum rezeki. Ada aja penghalangnya. Tapi saya yakin, Allah SWT punya rencana terbaik untuk kita semua. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim...semoga kami bisa segera menjadi tamu-Nya dan menjejakkan kaki di tanah suci.

Second, I haven’t seriously looked for an oncologist in Indonesia.

This is bad! And I really need to find one ASAP. Well, I have been in touch with a few hospitals but somehow I haven't found the one that I like. And the bad thing is, I haven't looked for more seriously. My hubby and my family keep reminding me but somehow, I was either stuck with the works or I have to go out of town. Well, here's me being a procrastinator. And now that I remember my priority again, I will look for it ASAP! With me luck!

Aku masih punya beberapa 'penyesalan' yang rasanya masih bisa segera ditindaklanjuti sebelum benar-benar terlambat.
Doakan Aku yaaa.
Kalau kalian ada penyesalan apa yang massiv dirasakan sampai saat ini?
Share ya di kolom komentar.

Full-time of Part-time Blogger? You Decide

"Bang, can you read what’s written on my t-shirt? Obi asked her big brother.
“My mom is a blogger. Why, dek?” Responded Bo, my son.
“I though mama is a diploma... , aren’t you, Ma? Obi smiled at me as she said that.
“Well, what do you think, kiddos? What do you want me to be?” I teasingly answered their question with question.
“I think you are both.. like working as a diplomat at the office then blogging from home, right, ma?” Bo tactfully answered my question.

Well, this is not the first time my kids ask about my job.
And they got 2 answers
A diplomat and a blogger.
Sounds cool, right?

Now, which one is your real job?
Can I be both? 

I haven't really thought of the answer to that question as my kids haven't bombarded me with that one. 
But what intrigued me is that whether I want to be a full-time blogger or a part-time one.

Full-time of Part-time Blogger? You Decide!

Let's see what I have in mind about that question from #BPN30dayChallenge2018.

When I declared myself as a blogger, back in 2013 (or even before that), I never thought life will be so much different afterwards.
Starting it as my digital digital diary and photo albums, my blog has taken me to places and events I never imagined begore, meeting cool people along the way.
I get to learn so many new things from bloggers from every corner of the globe.
My horizon is widening and my knowledge is far deepening.
In short, blogging is so much fun!

But I love my job as well!
Being a diplomat is also fun!
It's not always a rose-colored glasses experience and frankly speaking, there are tons of tears, sweat, heartburn (literally) and pain along the way.
You might have seen us traveling around to different parts of the world, meeting people of all walks of life and visiting awesome places.
But behind all those wonderful achievement, smiley faces and cool pose, we must go through endless meeting, tough negotiations, sleepless night, early morning phone calls , tremendous pressure and airport trip in the middle of winter, just to name a few.
Nevertheless, seeing our national flag proudly stand along with others and knowing that you have contributed, no matter small, to the betterment of your people and other citizens in this world surely make you feel good.  
That, my friend, is half work and more like dedication, as my hubby put it.
And for that, I have to dedicate my time, my energy, my attention, and my heart of my work. 

So, back to the question again.
Full-time of Part-time Blogger? 

I guess I have to go with the part-time one considering the priorities and time management I have. I have to be realistic as well. As much as I want to be a full-time blogger, I know I still have to wait. It's not fair to sacrifice my hard-earned job as this point. At least not for now. 

But hey .. I have to say that blogging is way beyond a hobby, as I DO dedicate some time and energy to it. And even though I am not a full-time blogger, that doesn't mean I don't blog wholeheartedly. I pour my heart out when I blog. Well, not all the time, but most of the time I take it seriously. Because I love my blog and I want people to love it as well.

So, then perhaps, it's not about the question of being a full-time blogger or a part-time one. More importantly is how serious you are in blogging. How much you love your blog and what you are willing to sacrifice for your blog.

Full-time of Part-time Blogger? You Decide!

How about you?
Which one are you?

Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World and Oh My Heartsie Girls

Gunung Batur Bali
Time for holiday!

December is running on high gear!
Second week is gone and the counting down begins, I guess.

Many of my friends will soon celebrate Christmas and we will have a break as well!

As for the Frakarsas, we just celebrated Obi's and my hubby's birthday, as well as our anniversary. Soon We will celebrate Bo's birthday as well! Such a festive month!

I am still finishing the last part of my works in 2018 and serieoualy, I have tons of them waiting in libe. I might have to travel around a bit but not too far and not too long.
I really need a break.
So does my family and my kids ;)

So, while enjoying the holiday vibe, why don’t we join this week’s link part and get those fabulous tips and tricks, recipes, home design, gift guides and more here on #OMHGWW 

Cheers and happy holiday!

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