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Sky Fall...

Remember the movie?
With Adele's fabulous song as the OST?

Well.. This post has nothing to do with that :)
I just remembered that word when I saw the sky this morning. 

Astoria Park, just two blocks from my house, is like our own backyard. 
And in autumn, it looks heavenly.

So, one balmy morning I woke up and decided to walk to the park.

When I looked up,  I just love what I saw.

So blue...
So Fall...
The Sky Fall...

I have mentioned it several time that autumn is indeed my favorite season.
There is something magical when you see those leaves changing colors gracefully. The last festivities before the winter queen is coming.

truly a beautiful Fall morning :)

And the sky is the solid canvas where I say my prayers and whisper my thanks to my Rabb. 

The LIRR afar..

For this wonderful day.
For this beautiful life.

Join us sky lovers on Skywatch Friday and witness those beautiful sky from different corners of the world.