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Meet and greet with Dian Pelangi here in NYC


I'm baaaack :)

I know I knooow...

As clearly shown from the title, I'd like to share some photos and lil stories while we have a meet and greet with Dian Pelangi. I know exactly that it should be shared weeks or even month ago, but my chemo therapy schedules truly put things off for a while.

Btw...Have you ever hear of Dian Pelangi?
Or see her creation?

In her tender age, 23 years old only now, she manages to display such cutting edge fashion designs wrapped in borderless creativity using Indonesian exquisite and beautiful fabric.

Simply mesmerizing...and I'm her big fan indeed...

You can check her blog or her website to get up close and personal with her divine creations. You'll see the creativity and boundless energy she has on those dresses.

So, last September, Dian Pelangi and team were invited to NY for NY Now.'s always great to welcome such great talents to the international stage, especially here in NYC.

She also arranged a meet and greet with some NewYorkers and bloggers as well. 
Dian planned to have a picnic at Central park, one of the  landmarks of the Big Apple. 
Sounds like a great plan, right. And the fact that the weather was perfect for picnic made me feel like joining this lovely gathering with Bo et Obi as well :). 

I didn't miss a chance to wear one of my favorite creations from Dian,  which is a loose beaded jacket made of hand woven batik, mixed with bright green Insana tenun from East Nusa Tenggara dan Kate Spade's purple dress. For the bag, I choose my purple Songket diva bag from Batik Chic. 

Dian and I :)...proudly wearing her creation :)

For that, she also invited other bloggers from NYC. We have Sana Rahid from, Ibtihaj Muhammad and Nuralaila who's famous in you tube :). One blogger, Mega Iskanti, is coming from Indonesia. We also have mba Caroline Septerita, a make-up artist from Wardah Cosmetics, one of the famous cosmetics lines in Indonesia.

While waiting for Dian, I was taking the liberty to take pictures with them. You can definitely see how gorgeous they are :)

With Sana and Ibtihaj Muhammad, with Bo et Obi enjoying their ice creams...can I have some, kiddos :)

Then we managed to walk to the nearest side of Central Park and have a lovely picnic, filled with joy and laughter as well as endless photo sessions :). I even met one of my colleagues, Nuriyeni, with whom I spent some time during our Master time in Melbourne. She's here continuing here study :). See...that's the beauty of blogging and meeting'll never know who you gonna meet :)

cheeers :)

Btw, here's the food that Dian and her team brought...Fresh fruits, cookies, chips, munchkins,   and juices. We chatted a lot and Dian was very friendly. Althoug I have to say I'm still struck by her youth but again so proud of her. :).

help yourself :)
We also had a make-up demo that day, presented by mba Caroline Septerita from Wardah. A quick one but very refreshing indeed. Too bad it was a bit dark so my pics were not that good :(.

selfie with my Caroline :)

Games and Q&A were originally planned but we ran out of time a bit and it was a bit dark when we closed the gathering. 

They continued with dinner, but I really have to go home with Bo et Obi. Besides, we gonna hit the Lego store first, before heading back home :). 

cheeers from Central park, New York....
Well, it was a fun day indeed and hope to see you all soon, ladieees :)..