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Stunning View of Lampung at Puncak Mas Lampung

Puncak Mas Lampung

Hi everyone...

I sincerely hope you all safe, happy and healthy.
I know that during this pandemic we all need to stay at home and implement 5M in bahasa Indonesia  (no longer 3 M, guys), which are wearing mask, washing hands, keeping physical distance, avoiding crowd, and reducing mobility.

But anyway, I still have some stories from my traveling and we can definitely list it down in our itinerary once the pandemic is over or more manageable.

So, let's go to Lampung! My beloved hometown.

This time let's go to Puncak Mas, Lampung

I really love this spot... although I came here before the pandemic. We came here on the last month in 2019, not long before the pandemic. As you might have been aware of, my family and I love to go back to Lampung whenever we have time.

Puncak Mas Lampung
We came here just before sunset

So, the plan at that time was to catch sunset!
Yes, sunset in many parts of Lampung is awesome indeed.
We came here before sunset and although we didn't really get sunset view but with place looks lovely and dreamy in the evening. The twilights and blinking lights from the surrounding areas as well as Bandar Lampung city and Lampung Bay from afar looks amazing. It looks so romantic! 

View of Puncak Mas Lampung
the lovely sky and the lights

There are many tree houses available there where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Bandar Lampung city as well as the ocean view. I guess it's the Lampung Bay. the view from the heights is lovely, especially when you come at the right time.

View from Puncak Mas Lampung

We have to queue to ensure the tree house is not exceeding its capacity for the safety of us all. By the time we were there, as it was before the pandemic, the place was packed. Many of the visitors definitely want to climb up the tree houses and take pictures as well as enjoying the view from the top. I found some stairs are a bit steep and slippery for me but I still managed to climb up and go down carefully.

It has restaurants and food vendors as well, like nasi goreng, mie ayam, pempek and some instant noodles as well as beverages, including ice cream.

So all in all, it is a nice spot for family time or selfie for sure.

During the pandemic, I believe they have the arrangement for the implementation of strict health protocol. Body temperature less capacity and adjusted opening hours. It is best to check the latest updates to see the arrangement during COVID-19.

I hope you enjoy the palce as much as I do and see you on the next story!

WW: Puncak Mas Lampung, Indonesia

Such a lovely spot!

It is not that far from the city center and you get to see Bandar Lampung from top of the hill. We spent the last days in 2018 browsing around the city and we came here right before dusk. We didn't really get the sunset but the combination between the twilight, purple hazy sky and the tree houses gave you out-of this-world feeling. 

The kids love this place as well as there are many tree houses to explore and some challenging activities like zip bike.  Just lovely! Will share more details on this place on next post!

puncak mas lampung
The burning sky

one of the tree houses

It was quite packed with people!

Enjoy your day and join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday link party!