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PS 122 Dance Festival

It's certainly the time of the year again when we have our annual dance festival at Bo et Obi's school.

How exciting!

Musim panas akhirnya tiba. Setelah NYC penuh dengan kegalauan cuaca yang membuat kami berpikir kalau musim dingin tidak akan pergi, akhirnya matahari tidak lagi malu-malu bersinar. 

Seperti biasa, musim panas identik dengan kegiatan outdoor dan aneka festival. Termasuk di sekolah anak-anak. Kali ini, seperti juga tahun lalu, PS 122 kembali menggelar festival dansa tahunan yang melibatkan seluruh anak-anak dari kelas pre-K sampai kelas 8.

Pasti dong! 
Apalagi karena diadakan di halaman sekolah plus di tengah bulan Ramadhan, bagi kami yang menjalani :).

Last year, we have the same festival and Bo participated in that collosal dancing exercise. Obi was still at her pre-K in Mushroom Daycare at that time so she didn't join this event.

But this year, both of them are participating in the festival and they love it, although they never wanted to practice that at home as they didn't want to 'spoil the fun."

The theme for this year's dance is Beach Party Bonanza.
Hmmm.. What would you like to have in this beach-themed dance? I suppose they have all those up-beat songs and properties 

We have two sessions of the festival.
One started at 8.45 for Pre-K to the 3rd Grade, which include Obi's kindergarten class. The big classes' performance started at 9.45. So we had an interval in between.

And how we loved the show.
Tell you something.. In an event like this, parents are flocking since early morning and some of them have brought folded chairs and sat there in the front part. I came on time but it was considered late so that I couldn't get the best spot for taking pictures and recording videos. Lucky me, there's a bench near the yard so I stood up there and got a better view :). 

Obi was dancing to the song "Twist your frown upside down" from the Teen Beach 2 movie.

I can see Obi really love to dance. Although she was busy keeing her blue hat from falling but she was dancing alright. Good job, Obi :).

And our DJ was surely having fun that day, making sure all those lovely beats accompany the steps and movement of our kids.

Next, we had the big kids' performance, starting from the 4th grade, including Bo's class.

So, don't you think we all were having fun in this dance festival? We sure were!
And we just can't wait what the kids will have next year.

Do you have dance festival as well in you kids' school? How do you like it?

Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

It's been quite a week for us.
We went to Bo's spring concert and watched him play his trombone together with the fourth grade band.

Spring concert :)

They played two scores and it was lovely indeed.

congrats Boooo :)
After that we had a lovely Greek dinner in one of the tavernas near our house.
It was very yummy and healthy indeed. I really enjoyed the greek salad, grilled calamari and the lemon chicken and rice soup. Delicious :).

Greek salad, anyone..
I was not feeling very well last week.
My condition dropped thanks to the fever and horrible sore throat :(.
I took some medicines and spent 2 day almost sleeping and resting.
After quite sometimes never felt like it (it's kinda remind me of my chemo session), I had some rest and thank God I got better in two days.

So now, let's get ready for our weekely party here :)

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PS 122 Cultural Night

PS 122 Cultural Night is back!

Remember that I posted PS 122 Cultural Night event last year?
I posted the story here, culture night at PS 122.

And we all are more than happy to join the fun again this year.
Like last year, we have Indonesian table during the event.
And it was fun, fun, fun.

This year, my dearest friend and neighbor, Dita, join me in the food department.

with Dita @ditut :)

Dita, the famous food photographer, stylist, and illustrator (go check her Instagram @ditut :)) and  made 2 trays of delicious bakwan or vegetable fritters. Super yuuum indeed.
While I prepared 2 trays of bakwan jagung or corn fritters and 1 big tray of mie goreng or fried noodles. Truly Indonesian favorite food and we hope everyone will enjoy that, too.

So, amidst the crazy never-ending UN meetings I have, I managed to ask permission to leave the office early on that  Friday dan headed back home. Hurrily changed my clothes in purple kebaya and Tapis Lampung, Bo, Obi et Udi have got everything ready.
Off we went to the school yard and prepared our table.
It was supposed to be alphabetical order and clearly somebody took our table first :(.
After I spoke to the committee, they let me use whatever table available and we started tidying up our table. 
I didn't take long as I just throw all those colorful tenun and traditional fabrics from Indonesia and set the food.
And at 6.30, the Cultural Night started.

We have many  people coming to our table and tried our food.
Some of them even come back for more and love the fritters :)

sweet corn fritters for y'all..

We also had the raffle tickets.
I donated two bags of Indonesian traditional handicrafts for the raffle this year. They even have more prizes like hampers, chocolate boxes, gift vouchers, bags, perfumes, and more. 
Isn't it exciting?

try your luck :)

For the entertainment department, this year we have dances and fashion shows. 

Unlike last year, the Fashion shows was firstly introduced this year.
Not really really a fashion show but we did have red carpet there in the basketball yard where kids (and parents ;)) can gracefully walk displaying their traditional costumes.
Obi and I joined the show, with me wearing Tapis Lampung and purple kebaya while Obi wore Baju Bodo from Makassar, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

the fashion show that day :)

As all of the Indonesian food we have were gone in the first hour, we managed to look around. There were many countries participating, but just like us, most of the food were already gone in the first hour as we had so many visitors.

There are several stands which are the same as the previous year, but for 2016, we have a manga corner.
Do you know manga comics?

Meet Ms. Takashima...

we're on the list :)

For sure we all have a blast during PS 122 Cultural Night.
And I have decided to join again next year :).
Do you have cultural night as well in your kids' school?
Do you participate as well?

Check out more of my stories at #Steller :)

Movie Night at Bo et Obi's School

We had movie nights in Bo et Obi's school last week, organized by the PTA.

The movie we watched was Disney's Descendants. It surely fits the Halloween theme we had this time.

As usual, we aways come and join as it's the PTA charity event and they always have great pizza ;).

For the last two years, PTA always has the movie night around Halloween time. And this year, they are inviting us to wear costumes as well for the night. No wonder my kids get sooo excited. They keep calling me at the office to make sure that I gi back home slightly earlier so that we won't be too late.

Good thing that we have our costumes ready. This year, Obi wants to be Rainbow Dash, while Bo is the ninja and mommy is the pinky-purple witch.

As I had a crazy day at the office, we arrived a bit late and the movie has started. And the first batch of pizza is gone already! They sure loveeees those pizzas ;)

But we managed to reserved some slices from the next batch and everyone was happily watching the movie at the school's auditorium munching their pizzas. And they ran around playing with friends as well ;). was fun indeed.
Do you have movie night at you kids' school as well? What is the movie played this year? Do you and your kids enjoy it?