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WW: Jakarta Sky

I am warmly welcoming Jakarta's blue sky!

Perhaps, this is one of a few benefits or positive changes we all witness during the pandemic.
Clearer air.
Bluer sky.
Healthier earth.

Every end of afternoon, just before dusk, I have a new habit of going up to my rooftop. To enjoy the dramatic sky! I love it!

Do you notice similar changes in your neighborhood?
Is it bluer as well?
How do you like it?

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Bunaken, North Sulawesi - Revisited

Bunaken, here we come!

Welcome back and happy to have you all here again.

Honestly, I am not yet fully moving on from the hype of the official attempt of Guinness World Records for the longest human chain, the most people scuba diving simultaneously and the longest unfurled flag underwater held in Manada, August 1 - 3, 2019.

But then I know I have to share more beauty of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, to all of you.

As we finished the official attempts, my diving club decided to go diving in Bunaken.
Bunaken has been been long famously known for its amazing underwater park.
This National Marine Park is the home of millions of marine creatures, flora and fauna, which are not only beautiful but also rare and protected. Bunaken is also famous for its walls, reefs, underwater caves and more. 

I fell in love instantly when I visited this place for the first time in 2012 and coming back in 2013 and 2019.
I have to say I can never get enough of it and even plan to come back with my kids :).

We were lucky enough to see many turtles in the spots where we dived.

Before I share more details, let's see the beauty of Bunaken, above and under water.

Bunaken Cela - cela spot
My DM, Poxy

One of my fellow buddy, Ivan, posing in front of my camera

Manado Tua

Happily posing with my medal from the official attempt of GWR

Mini me enjoying the ride

First stop, Fukui point

Bunaken Island, lunch break

Stick around for more stories, photos and details about my diving trip in Bunaken, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

Never get bored with it!

Under the Blue Sky

Going back to New York City is wonderful.
Although I spend most of my time at the UN Headquarters and my previous office, Permanent Mission of Indonesia to the United Nations, I was blessed to be able to breath its fresh (and cold) air and enjoy the clear blue.
Well, although technically it's Fall, but the weather has dropped to single digit Celsius when I'm here. 
Looks like my plan to escape Jakarta's soaring heat works really well. 
Too well, as a matter of fact :)
It's not that easy to adjust from 39 degrees Celsius or 110 degree Fahrenheit to just 8 degree Celsius or 48 degree Fahrenheit, in just a week!

Mini me and I before the meeting 

Here are a few snaps that I took in between my meetings.
And tell you matter how many photos I have taken (perhaps thousands of them), I can never get enough of the beauty of the sky.
Those clouds... never fail to amaze me!
Do you like watching the sky as well?

Mini me and I have been working too hard :)

one fine day..

UN Headquarters

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Cuba from above

Just a few snapshots I took while flying from New York City to Havana Cuba.

Cuba from above
view from above..

As always, I love the majestic sky in front of me!
So peaceful, so beautiful.

As I have shared before, we took a direct flight from JFK to with José Martí International Airport with Jet Blue.
From above, the view is astonishing indeed.

When we arrived, I took the liberty to go to the rooftop of the N.H Capri Hotel where we stayed and took pictures of Hotel Nacional de Cuba afar.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Have you been to Havana, Cuba, before?
Do you think you want to visit Cuba one day? 

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The Joy of Doing Nothing in Bali

The Joy of Doing Nothing in Bali

Bali Rani Hotel, Kuta, Bali

I have been living in a fast lane lately, having stressful days filled with endless meetings, works and more. Coming back from New York City, Jakarta has even busier agenda for me.

So when I managed to have a little break in the Last Paradise on Earth (yes, that's what I read when I arrived in I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport :)), I know I have to benefit from it.
Shopping? Exploring this gorgeous land of Gods and Goddesses? Having culinary trip?
Or simply doing nothing and enjoying the moment?

I chose the last one.

Frankly, I have been planning to do this and that after the series of meeting we had since the beginning of the week started.
You're in Bali, right. So better visit those beautiful spots and try some local cuisines as well as shop their stunning traditional art crafts.
But at the end of the day, I just realised that I was exhausted.
I am tired.
And I missed my family terribly.
I lost my appetite for an adventurous day.

Let's chill..

So, there I was...just sitting by the pool, admiring the clear blue sky and peaceful sound of flowing water.
I really need this, just to recharge my heart and soul.
To be forever grateful for all My Rabb's bless.

And the blue sky is my refuge.

Thank you so much, Bali.
And stay fabulous!

Thank you!

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Hot Summer Day at Tokyo DisneySea

Hot Summer Day at Tokyo DisneySea!

Tokyo DisnyeSea

I was enjoying the theme park as well as its beautiful surroundings during my recent transit on my way back home from NYC to Japan.
Well, I'm truly a Disney Girl and I just didn't want to miss the golden opportunity to visit one of my happy places on earth.

So I set my heart on going here early in the morning.

It was indeed a lovely place to be with all those rides and Disney-themed attractions!
And in 2018, Tokyo Disney celebrates its 35th anniversary as well.
So you can see so many special events and celebrations here.

Mickey Mouse in different costume
Although I have come before 8 AM, the park was already packed!
It's summer break, so I kind of anticipate what will happen.
So, I took my chances and tried to get to the lines and using my fast pass as many times as possible. was super hot that day but I love it!

Strolling around the park in between queuing up, I really enjoyed the beautiful sky.
And this theme park is perfectly located in Chiba, Japan, but Tokyo Bay.
Check out some photos I took during my visit there.

Near the Arabian Coast area

reminds me of Montauk, New York!

Arabian Coast, Tokyo DisneySea

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Uraeus - Anselm Kiefer at Rockefeller Center

Clear blue sky at Rockefeller Center!

I was strolling around Rockefeller Center and enjoying another art presentation here.
This time we have Uraeus, interesting work of Anselm Kiefer.
Huge open book that has wings, with a large snake crawling up.
Interesting, isn't it?
Against the blue sky, this statue is really striking.

Here's what I got from Rockefeller Center's website regarding the work:

"The sculpture's cryptic title, Uraeus, refers to the erect shape of the Egyptian cobra, associated with the serpent goddess Wadjet and a symbol of power and divine authority. The wings evoke the headdresses and necklaces worn by Egyptian royalty in homage to the vulture goddess Nekhbet. Wadjet and Nekhbet were the guardians of Lower and Upper Egypt, respectively, and following ancient Egypt's unification, became the joint patrons of the civilization."

It is put in the Channel Garden facing the Fifth Avenue and will be displayed from May 2nd to July 22, 2018.

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