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WW: One Sunny Day at Waterfront Wellington

Sunny Day at Waterfront Wellington
One sunny day at Waterfront Wellington

We're here!

We finally arrived at Wellington and passed our self-isolation period for 3 extra days after 7-day quarantine in Christchurch. 

Our swab test were all negative so we can finally go out and start enjoying Wellington, still with strict health protocol in place. We have the COVID tracer app and vaccine pass as well here.

Well, as summer is on in Wellington, we enjoyed one sunny day at the waterfront which is not that far from our temporary aparthotel in Wellington Central. We certainly enjoy it so much and it's always great to see the sunshine and blue sky again,

Sunny Day at Waterfront Wellington
dearest Obi enjoying the sunny day

Let's see what we have enjoyed so far in our first week in the city, sunny day at Waterfront Wellington, New Zealand.

Sunny Day at Waterfront Wellington NZ
one of the many cool restaurants around here

Sunny Day at Waterfront Wellington NZ
I was wondering what's on the other side

Sunny Day at Waterfront Wellington NZ
lovely day indeed

Sunny Day at Waterfront Wellington NZ
more to see and enjoy

Sunny Day at Waterfront Wellington NZ
it was windy but still beautiful indeed

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Ouen Toro Natural Park, Noumea, New Caledonia

Ouen Toro Natural Park, Noumea, New Caledonia, at a glimpse.

I found how beautiful New Caledonia is, seen from above.
And Ouen Toro Natural Park is the place for that.

I went here right after my brief yet satisfying swimming session at Iles Les Canards, Noumea. Obviously it was super hot up here, around 32 degrees Celcius or 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Quite a shock for my wintery body from NYC but I did enjoy the sun so much. Really feels like home in Indonesia!

Read more about Noumea in my previous post, 5 Instagramable spots in Noumea, New Caledonia.

Here's the exact location of this lovely place.

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WW: Tjibaou Cultural Centre, Nouméa, New Caledonia

Tjibaou Cultural Centre, Nouméa, New Caledonia

As I have shared before, Tjibaou Cultural Center is another incredible place you should not miss when you are visiting Nouméa, New Caledonia. Although it is a bit away from the city center, but the trip here is worth a visit.

Jean-Marie Tjibaou, the inspiration for this cultural center, was indeed one outstanding figure in New Caledonia, particularly from Kanak people independent movement. After he was assassinated in 1989 and New Caledonia went through some violent era, things are getting better and more peaceful after Matignon Accord and Nouméa Accord. And New Caledonia continues to develop and flourish afterwards.

Enjoy some photos I took from this beautiful cultural center.

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5 Instagramable Spots in Noumea, New Caledonia

Have you heard of the city of Nouméa?
Or the territory of New Caledonia?

I won't be surprised if not many of us have heard or visited this beautiful territory before!
Thanks to my work, I'm quite familiar with the history and the  development of this territory but I just got a chance to actually come and visit this beautiful place. It took me 2 days, literally, to reach this place, because of the access and connection from New York City to Pacific.

New Caledonia is one of the Non-Self-Governing Territories under the Administering Power of France. Situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia is indeed beautiful.
Clear blue sky, turquoise water, and warm weather are some of the beauties of this territory.

I joined a visiting mission with the UN to New Caledonia this March and got a chance to stay here for 6 days. Well, 6 days filled with works and endless meetings, not for vacation obviously,  but I managed to enjoy some beautiful spots in Nouméa.

And during those limited time, here are 5 Instagramable Spots in Nouméa, New Caledonia, that I truly enjoy

1. Promenade de L'Orphelinat

Overlooking the Orphelinat Bay, this promenade is indeed a perfect place for morning jog or just simply enjoying sunset and calm, peaceful day.

The bay has this magnificent view with doting yachts and boats in the surroundings, as Marina Port du Sud or the South Marina Port is located on the other side.

And what I like best is the statue of the seafarer. 
Marine Nouvelle-Caledonie.
With the binoculars on his face, overlooking the beautiful bay, this young marine looks so fit in his uniform, happily observing the vast ocean in front.

2. Anse Vata Beach

This beautiful beach is probably one of the most popular around Nouméa.
We saw people strolling around the beach, having picnic, and simply swimming and enjoying this beautiful, clean beach.
Along the beach, you will find big, five-star hotels, shopping outlets and restaurants.
Besides, the beach is nice, with white powdery sand along the lines.
Too bad I didn't really stay here too long at that time as the sea was not really on a conducive environment  after hurricane Hola. But I still love strolling around its promenade and get lost looking up the blue sky and clear, turquoise water. Not to forget the sunset!

Sunset at Anse Vata Beach

3. Ouen Toro Natural Park

Ouen Toro Natural Park is a lovely place to see Nouméa and the surrounding island from above. The stunning view of this beautiful city is eating for you all here. 
Faraway, you can even see the famous lagoon in New Caledonia.
The biggest lagoon in the world which is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Here you can also find some trekking paths.
Depending on your fitness level, there are a few tracks you can choose here.
Again for sure, with breathtaking view, I might be able to walk along the hill up and down.

More view from Ouen Toro Natural Park

4. Ile le Canards

This small island is so closely located from Nouméa and very accessible.
We took the boat taxi from the nearest beach and it was only 5-7 minutes trip to the island.
Very convenient, right!

Here in Ile le Canards you can do snorkeling and swimming to your heart content.
It's clear turquoise water is just perfect for a whole day swimming and just playing in the water with your loved ones. 
And the place is indeed super instagramable! 
With perfect blue sky and wonderful shore lines, I did snap a lot of pictures here!

Unfortunately I visited this place just one day after hurricane Hola  so when I snorkeled the visibility was not that good. But judging from the posters and info I read, this island is originally a beautiful snorkeling spot. So I guess it's sort of a hint that I need to be back here to do proper snorkeling and diving :).  

Tempat ini adalah salah satu tempat favoritku di Caledonia Baru.
Favorite karena cantik, gampang perginya tanpa rempong, serta murah harga taksi kapalnya (yang dibuat mirip warnanya dengan taksi di New York City :)).
Di sini juga ada bar dan cafe cantik yang seru dan menyajikan aneka makanan  fast food yang pas banget buat kita-kita yang super kelaparan setelah seharian berenang dan snorkeling in this beautiful island.

santai di sini asyik bangeeet kan

Kebayang aku serunya leyeh-leyeh di kursi pantai yang banyak tersedia di pantai dan cafe, sambil menikmati live music yang oke banget. Atau bahkan, nonton konser musik di pinggir pantai sambil menyeruput virgin bloody mary dan ngegadoin fresh fish or crab cake. 
Aaah bahagianya! Dan nikmat! 

5.  Tjibaou Cultural Center

Tjibaou Cultural Center is another incredible place you should not miss when you are visiting Nouméa. Jean-Marie Tjibao was one outstanding figure in New Caledonia, particularly from Kanak people independent movement. After he was assassinated in 1989 and New Caledonia went through some violent era, things are getting better and more peaceful after Matignon Accord and Nouméa Accord.

This cultural center highlights the incredible cultures and heritage of the Kanaki people and beautifully displayed their unique way of life. I went here and spent around 1.5 hours enjoying the center as well as closely observing the rich indigenous tradition of the Kanaki people. It's beautiful.

And the Center is uniquely designed by Renzo Piano, an Italian world-class architect, who successfully captured beautiful tradition of Kanak. And the photo exhibition is also stunning. I really love this place!

These are just some of the many interesting spots you can explore in Nouméa, New Caledonia. For sure we have so many beautiful spot here in New Caledonia and I can't wait to go back and explore more. Not to mention more incredible places in different islands. And don't forget, I haven't got a chance to go diving and snorkeling here! Plus checking out the biggest lagoon in the world, listed in UNESCO world heritage! See, I still have so many places to explore here. 

 I also managed to see the other parts of the Territory, namely Lifou in Loyalty Island, and Koné in North Island. 

We took a short flight, around 55 minutes, to those places with Air Caledonié. 

Air Caledonie..

And the view of this Territory from above is drop dead beautiful!  

Breathtaking view!

I was wondering whether they have train services as well here. 
Waktu kami ke sini, rombongan sempat menanyakan apakah ada jalur kereta api yang membawa pengunjung dan turis di Kaledonia Baru ke tempat-tempat wisata di luar Nouméa. Dengan harga tiket kereta api yang terjangkau dan jalur kereta yang cantik di sepanjang garis pantai tempat ini, pasti banyak turis yang suka dan pengunjung pun akan banyak yang berlibur ke sini. Kalau begini jadi super kangen sama Indonesia yang punya banyak jalur kereta api cantik! Dan tiket kereta api Indonesia pun masuk akal harganya serta gampang untuk membelinya karena bisa online juga. 
Perhaps this is one good practice that New Caledonia can learn from Indonesia.

So, how do you like these 5 Instragamble Spots in  Nouméa, New Caledonia?

Hope I can go back here soon to see more beauty of this lovely territory.

New Caledonia in Blue

As I continue traveling to the Pacific, arriving at New Caledonia and staying there for 6 days, I truly enjoy the serenity of this territory.

Noumea from above

The clear blue sky provides solitude for me.
Especially amidst this crazy week where meetings seem to be endless and discussion can be tense.

Just looking up, or looking down, those clear blue skies are there to admire.

From a simple morning jog, to an early morning flight, quick shopping at the local market and lunch break, I was blessed to witness this territory at its best.

New Caledonia in blue. 

the marina next to the local market

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