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WW: Cape Palliser Lighthouse at a Glimpse

More outdoor session here in Wellington and the last time we had beautiful days during the weekend, we went to Cape Palliser in Wairarapa Region.

It was around 2 hours drive and we certainly enjoyed the fantastic weather in balmy  summer and lovely landscape along the way. Before that, we stopped by at Putangirua to see the famous pinnacles that had been used as the movie set for the Lord of the Rings - Return of the King. 

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WW: Putangirua Pinnacles Reserve, Wairarapa

Here comes another trip to one of the movie sets of my favorite movies of all times, the Lord of the Rings

After Rivendell in Kaitoke Regional Park, the set for the house of the elves in LoTR was built for the movie, now we are looking at the place where one of the segments of  the final trilogy, Return of the King, were made.

Putangirua Pinnacles Scenic Reserve, Wairarapa
Welcome to  Putangirua Pinnacles Reserve, Wairarapa

Welcome to the Putangirua Pinnacles Reserves, or ‘the Path of the Death’ as the they call it. I have to admit that the name is rather terrifying but it matches with the journey taken by the Army of the Death from Moldor. Oh, you really need to see the movie again and admire those amazing details. 

The pinnacles are indeed unique. It looks like rock towers carved distinctly, nothing similar to one another. Surrounded by loose rocks and gravels in dominant grey, this place can look so eery. I guess that is why it had been chosen as the location for the path of the death. 

the pinnacles

Let’s see how it looks like and I will tell you more about this place.

Putangirua Pinnacles Scenic Reserve, Wairarapa
really matches what I have in mind about Moldor

We choose the stream way to reach this spot instead of climbing up for the lookout. From Google Maps, I can see that the aerial photos taken from the lookout is amazing. But we were planning to visit the Cape Palliser Lighthouse right after this place so we saved our energy. 

Putangirua Pinnacles Scenic Reserve, Wairarapa
happy me..

Taking the stream way, it was a beautiful, sandy path with streams and river along the way. Rows of pampass grass, the tall graceful grass you will definitely love to take as the background of your photos, as well as other indigenous flowers along the path make the hike enjoyable. 

Putangirua Pinnacles Scenic Reserve, Wairarapa
such an amazing area... many beautiful photo spots too

By the time we reached the area, we took photos together and admired this unique, natural landscape. For sure, we made another memorable print there. Hope we can have more coming in the future.

Putangirua Pinnacles Scenic Reserve, Wairarapa
the map of the area..

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WW: Strolling Around New Regent Street, Christchurch, New Zealand

Strolling Around New Regent Street, Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi everyone.

I hope everyone is safe, happy and healthy wherever you are. I know Omicron is rampantly lingering and even in Indonesia, my home country, some of my family members are contracted by it and have to stay in isolation. Again, please remain vigilant and make sure to observe the health protocol.

Anyway, I would like to share some  short stories and photos from my last adventures in Christchurch. Being the second most populated city in New Zealand after Auckland, Christchurch has a lot to offer. After taking tram city tour in Christchurch and incredible culinary experience in Riverside market Christchurch, let's join me on the other side of the city.

Welcome to New Regent Street

This time, I will take you all strolling around New Regent Street, Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Being the central part of the city, New Regent precinct offers many unique shops, boutiques and cafes that become major attractions for tourists and visitors.  I strolled around and checked cute shops and eateries, including book shops, record store, opticians, souvenir and local artists. I know why this pedestrian mall is becoming people's favorite. Moreover, the pastel - dominated Spanish architectures dotting the area makes the street becomes highly "Instagramable.'

Meet my newly acquainted friend :)

the lovely ceramics dotting the shops along New Regent St.

One of the cafes that I stopped by in this area is Belle, cafe and micro roastery

I really love its interior design, lovely services they offer, and the scones. I tried their flat white, cheese scones and the ice cream.  As it was raining cats and dogs during our visit, we stayed inside then got to the terrace to get fresh air. While sipping my coffee and munching my scones, I saw the legendary tram passing through. Well, here are some photos I took from the cafe.

Upside down paintings on the roof

Love all the colors!

cute faces sitting on the coffee machine

Fancy the painting?

My take - away cup..

So, will you explore this lovely precinct? 
I bet you will enjoy strolling around and shop some of  the locally made items or grabbing your favorite food and beverages.

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WW : Skyline Walkway at Karori, Wellington

Another weekend is coming and we are so ready to go outside again!

This time, we did not go far as in the back of our house, we have Skyline Walkway. It’s the walkway that goes through some parks and areas in Karori, the place where we live now. 

welcome to Skyline Walkway

So we decided to stroll around the hills, with its ups and downs, then headed to the bushes and the forest. The path can take us to Karori and Makara Park or to Mount Kaukau in Johnson Hill. 

The weather was nice and not too hot. That's what made us got carried away. What was planned to be a 30-minute walk turned out to be a 2-full-hour trekking around the path, the bushes and the forest near our home. Super exciting.

Along the way, we saw some people riding their mountain bikes and enjoyed the dirt downhill tracks. It was awesome to see them riding those wheels! And scary as well LOL. But my hubby can not wait to try once our bikes arrived in Wellington.

going up and down along the walkway

As we continue our walk, we finally arrived in Karori Park and took the Uber to go home. Well, we were super tired already and the idea of walking up the hills again to reach home is just way too much for amateur walkers like us.

Here are some more photos I took along the way.

So what do you think? Very enjoyable indeed right. I guess we will be more than happy to try other pathway around the area as apparently we have tons of them here.

Wishing you all healthy and beautiful days ahead.

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WW: Seroja Cafe and Indonesian Restaurant in Wellington

Missing food from home is no longer a problem for me and The Frakarsas. 

We have Seroja Cafe and Indonesian Restaurant in Wellington !

Located at the posh corner of the city of Wellington, the Waterfront area, Seroja Cafe is indeed a lovely place to enjoy Indonesian signature dishes, like rendang, bebek and ayam kremes, nasi goreng, batagor, tempe mendoan, ikan bakar or grilled fish and more.

Here are some food we managed to try while visiting this lovely place.

ayam kremes

Special ice tea!

The cafe is located at Clyde Quay Wharf Accessway East, Te Aro, Wellington 6011 and you can definitely check more info and delicious menu at

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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

 Back to Bali and I am sooo thrilled!

I can never say no whenever a trip to Bali is on the table. This time, I stay for about 6 days for 4 different back - to - back meetings. I know that it's going to be tough, demanding and for sure tiring, but hey, Bali and its wonderful perks are just waiting around the corner! So here's to meetings, drafting, and enjoying the land of the Gods and Goddesses.

the beauty of Bali

We are lucky enough that most of the meetings finish at around 5 PM so that we have time to enjoy dinner in various places, especially those cute cafes and interesting places like spa and shops in Canggu and Seminyak. I have been visiting 5 so far during this trip, surely with health protocol being observed. I have Como Beach Club, Santorini, Bodyworks, Seminyak Village, Tepi Sungai and more. I can't wait to explore more. There is so much that Bali can offer and as everything is improving, the international passengers are be able to visit Bali again. I sincerely hope that this will bring all the benefits to the local people who have been suffering a lot from COVID - 19 since early 2020. Cheers to Bali and all of us as well.

sunset at Bvlgari Resort

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