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WW: Teaching Nadine the Joy of Cycling

 Hi everyone…

We have been enjoying some sunny winter days here in Wellington, which are a bit rare. This July we have seen so many stormy and freezing days, although there’s no snow in windy Welly.

So, while having the sunshine, we decided to go out and had a little hike in Skyview pathway near our house and taught Nadine, my girl, how to bike. 

Yes.. biking! Nadine hasn’t really get a chance to learn how to bike properly and my hubby thought that this would be the perfect time for her to learn it properly. We have two mountain bikes at home and soon we will have the fun bike as well as part of the celebration of our Independence Day.

hold it steady, love..

Then off we went to have a little hike and enjoy the sunset while at the same time teach Nadine how to bike. She surely need to practise more and more. My son Bo has been helping a lot as well and they really had a lot of fun laughing each other 🥰

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WW: Palisades Interstate Park, New Jersey

Riding along the Hudson River

Let's rideeee :)
by the Hudson River

Love this place...sooo nice and perfect for family picnic :)

Happy me :)
Photo was taken by my senior, Uda Masni Eriza

The rocks

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