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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, people!

Happy Earth Day, people!

I sincerely wish we all getting more and more aware of the condition of the earth we are living now. How many damages we have caused and how suffering the earth is :(. 

Well, I am not trying to blame anybody, any governments, any industries, or whatever. But as we see those piles of garbage, dirty rivers and oceans, polluted air, melting ice, deforestation and many more environmental damages,  don't we all have to do something? 

I know there are many movements and concrete actions being put forward and implemented in oder to save our planet. Our one and only earth. 

This Corona pandemic has somehow presented an opportunity for all of us to think and rethink of what we can do to 

The earth has been our home!

And in this Earth Day, I made a note of what we had done and what we should do to help the earth. I couldn't help but write this little note, not necessarily a poem, in Bahasa Indonesia. I really love to see the beauty of mother nature and I firmly believe that it is our obligation to keep it clean and beautiful. Alas, we are doing exactly the opposite!

Nevertheless, I know deep down inside we all want to do something to help the earth. Something simple that we can try ourselves and teach our children. Something concrete like using no or less plastic, using less energy, planting more trees and plants, avoiding littering and separating trash, bringing tumbler and environmental bag everywhere, and so many more.

Here's my little video, a little self-reminder to myself and how I hope I can continue to take actions to keep the earth beautiful and clean.

Happy Earth Day! Untuk bumiku tercinta... Maafkan hati dan akal kami.. yang kerap dangkal memahami cinta dan ketulusanmu menjadi rumah indah nan nyaman tempat kami berlabuh dan sandarkan harapan Kecantikanmu yang memikat seharusnya kami jaga erat agar tetap lekat untuk anak cucu kami kelak. Biru lautmu dan juga langitmu harus terpatri di kalbu agar cinta ini tak jadi sendu dingin membeku Bumiku sayang... Terima kasih untuk semua cintamu dan keindahanmu yang getarkan kalbu Meskipun ku tau ini akan jadi perjalanan panjang penuh liku Izinkan kami 'tuk terus mencintaimu Just a little note for my dearest earth! Selamat Hari Bumi Mari kita jaga dengan segenap hati Photos and videos were taken at Yonkers, NY; Bear Mountain, NY; Astoria Park, NYC; Washington Square, NYC; Central Park, NYC; Tokyo, Japan; Teluk Lampung, Lampung; Atambua, East Nusa Tenggara; Tanjung Benoa, Bali; Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia.

Happy Earth Day and let's keep our earth beautiful!