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Review Lipstick YSL Rouge Pur Couture Pink Rhapsody

Disclaimer: this review is purely made from the heart, without any sponsors whatsoever, as I love the product. All opinion expressed are genuine and kindly note that the result on color and durability of the product may vary. 

Review Lipstick YSL Rouge Pur Couture 
Pink Rhapsody no. 57

Hello, beautiful people!
It's been ages that I haven't submitted my review on my favorite lipstick!
So, here comes the question again....What's the color of your lipstick today?

As I have mentioned in so many postings before, for me lipstick IS NOT just a piece of cosmetics you keep in your bag or pouch with you all the time.
And I really mean it when I say all the time.
Lipstick is INDEED a statement.
So for me, my lipstick is A BOLD statement of who I am and how comfortable I am to be myself.

Then from the stack of boxes filled with my favorite beauty products, I would like to introduce you to Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Rouge Pur Couture Pink Rhapsody no 57.
Yes, this time it is pink.
Not purple :).

Some of you might wonder why not purple, as my previous parade of favorite lipstick of mine. Oh ya, feel free to read my previous review like Huda Beauty in Famous, Kat Von D in Wolvesmouth (dan warna ini sepertinya udah discontinued, hiks), Kylie in Kourt K and Chanel in La Rafinee. So I guess, with so many purple shades I have, I want to have something different and pink sounds like a great idea! Besides, I can always mix it with other colors.

Sudah ada yang pernah coba lipstick yang satu ini?
YSL beauty memang sudah mengeluarkan banyak seri lipstick dan hamper semuanya Aku suka pakai. Mamaku juga suka soalnya.
Kalau sudah, mungkin dengan warna lain, kalian suka ngga dengan lipstik ini?
If you ask me, my answer is aku sukaaaaa :). 
Hampir semua lipstick yang aku review di blog adalah lipstick favoritku.
I know it might be a bit confusing as I keep mentioning so many brands and mostly I love them all! Tapi rasanya sah-sah aja kan kalau kita suka dengan beraneka merk dan warna lipstick, soalnya aku juga punya lipstick banyak aja karena pakainya pun bergantian. Tergantung mood, baju yang dipakai, dan occasion.
Betul ngga sih? 
Temen-temen juga sama kan #mencariteman?

So, ready to hear more lipstick review from me?

Here's my take on  YSL Rouge Pur Couture Pink Rhapsody


This lipstick contains of 1 (one) pure colour satiny radiance Lipstick (approximately 3.8 ml or 3.8 g or 0.13 fl. oz) as mentioned in the box. It is made in France and we can use it up to 24 months after we open it.

Let's try YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Pink Rhapsody

The price for this lipstick is USD 38 (langsung dikalikan sendiri ajaaa ya dengan Rupiah), before taxes and shipping.

I buy it in my favorite shop, Sephora, and of course you can also get in many leading department stores. You can always check it on YSL website. Aku sendiri suka juga beli di duty free shops yang ada di berbagai airport. Harganya sedikit lebih murah karena bebas bea dan pajak.


YSL has long been known as a leading fashion brand and beauty products which dominates the world's runway. With their long standing reputation, no wonder if this collection comes in 23 different shades. From brilliant red, fuschia and purple, to gradation of soft pink and nude colors.

As for the lipstick department, YSL has launched several series, such as YSL Tatouage Couture; Rouge pur Couture (the best seller); Rouge pur Couture the Slim; Rough Volupte Shine; Rouge Volupte and Rouge Tint-in Balm.

The Rouge pur Couture serie


Here's how Pink Rhapsody looks on my complexion.

And this is how it looks when I put it on my lips

I don't really feel the need to use any lip liner, because the color is already bold and it has satiny finish. But if you want to have a more dramatic and bolder look, using lip liner will definitely give a better, bolder contour. 


I love it because of it's fresh color and it's super comfortable on my lips.
I have to confess that I have been using too many matte liquid lipstick so having this satiny finish is a good change. And I love how it looks on me.

the carving of YSL initials is one of the signatures

Most of the time, we are tempted by its wonderful shades and long-lasting nature, but never forget that your lips will pay the price for it.

The shape of the lipstick helps us apply the lipstick steadily and neatly on our lips.
Once you try it you will agree with me, I suppose.

As I can read in the box,- although it took a long time for me to do so because the letters are super small,- the lipstick is made of mixture of, among others, propylene glycol dibenzoate, octyldodecanol, stearyl/PPG-3 Myristye, Ether dimer dilinoleate, neopentyl glycol diheptanoate, Isododecane, Cyclopentasiloxana, calcium carbonate, magnesium silicate, calcium magnesium borosilicate and more :).

The lipstick is made in France.

Can you actually read these ingredients? :)


I do have sort of a list of the No-No.

First, it's quite expensive. 
With so many choices  of lipsticks out there ranging from USD 20 - 30, the price of this one is higher than that. But again, people, it' YSL. And Yves Saint Laurent stands for quality and top-notch products. So, I think it is still worth it.
Moreover, it doesn't stay more than 4 hours.
I mean, it is not a long wear or matte finish, so it is easily wiped out.
Of course you can apply it again but that means you have to bring it everywhere.

Then, the packaging is beautifully made of shiny metal. It's beautiful indeed but it becomes dirty easily. I usually have my finger prints and skin oil on it :). So make sure you clean it up after holding it.

And that's it. 
So all in all, I still love it and I give Lipstick YSL Rouge Pur Couture Pink Rhapsody the score 8 out of 10.Aku tetap suka dengan lipstick ini dan aku pasti akan beli lagi, walaupun mungkin dengan warna lain.
Do you like this lipstick as well?
Which one is your favorite so far?
Ditunggu postingan lipstik-lipstik tercinta berikutnya ya.
Tons of kisses and muuuaaah muaaah from me.

Ditunggu yaaa postingan lipstick berikutnya