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WW: Burst of colors - Spring is Coming

Hi everyone.

Hope all is well and in some parts of the world, burst of colors are popping.
Well, in Jakarta, Indonesia, we are facing the monsoon. The rainy season.
It is supposed to be beautiful but it can be dreadful as well, as we face some natural disasters like floods, landslides and more. The pandemic makes it even worse. 

Nevertheless... let's keep our faith and spirit up. Here's a little burst of colors I took here and there to mark the upcoming spring. 

To me, spring means the bloom of hopes
And that's exactly what we need.
We will always have our own struggles and challenges in this life, but for sure we have to be confident that there will always be the light at the end of the tunnels!

Btw, these photos are all taken by my smart phone.
Hope you enjoy it.

have a wonderful day

WW: More Spring to Celebrate

I know many of us are now in confinement, either practising social and physical distance or even lock down policy.

Corona virus is still rampantly out there and the best way of keeping ourselves and others safe are by staying healthy and try not to get infected. I know it's so easy to say that but we can definitely try our best to do it!

Meanwhile, I have decided to celebrate spring, which is blooming beautifully out there. Again I have some photos taken years ago and I just love to put it here in my blog so that we can keep our hopes up. Seeing the colorful world is indeed my mood booster.

Jakarta has been very humid lately.
Sometimes it''s raining cats and dog although it's only fo a while.
Thunders are joining few times although it's not that terrifying. 
Except for my cats :), which seems to be longing the world outside as well.

But I love the rain.
It keeps the earth cool and hydrated, the flowers are blooming as well.
I love the smell of the earth during and after the rain.
So fresh.
And I can enjoy this wonderful, simple thing as I have some times to pause for a while and observe the nature.

Sometimes, I think what we have now is just a little break everyone , and probably everything, is needed.
The earth desperately needs a break from that shattering, non-stop abuses we do in the name of modernity and industries.
We need a break from the living -in-a-fast-lane mode that we are frustratingly doing on daily basis.
Even the sky can use this little break, too. 
Bringing back its clear, blue canvas, along with the fresh air we crave.
And life continues in a a different direction.
At least for now.

cheers from my mini front yard :)
 So I won't be complaining for now.
I will just cherish the moment that we all are rarely given to further contemplate of what the world is trying to tell us through this pandemic.
And we will stay strong and healthy until the end of this trying time.
Here's for more springs ahead!

Stay healthy and safe, everyone

What have you been doing lately?
Do you keep your productivity on top gear while staying mostly at home?
Stay safe and healthy wherever you are!                                                   

Spring time in Japan

Staying at home for two full weeks, although amidst never ending home works for the kids and my own assignment, makes me take the liberty to dig up my files and post some old photos and videos. I realised I have tons of them even from 10 years ago, when we lived in Geneva, Switzerland , and took so many photos during our road trip to more than 20 countries in Western and Central Europe. Well, let's see whether I can bring them back alive and put them in My Purple World.

One thing for sure, it is now spring in many parts of the world, particularly in the western hemisphere. In Indonesia, spring is probably all year long, as we only have dry and rainy seasons along the year. 
And I love spring.
It always brings back the colors and the fun after a long, dull, cold winter.
It brings hope for new beginning, a new chapter of life.
Something to look forward to.

Well, as we are now fighting the pandemic, wherever we are, we long for that beautiful and warm spring, don't we? But as many of us are practising physical and social distancing, some are even in lock down, let's celebrate spring virtually. 

Morning cherry blossoms walk in Ueno Park, Japan
I still have so many photos of spring that I haven't really put here.
Including those from Spring time in Ueno, Japan, back in March 2018.
I transited in Tokyo on my way to Noumea, New Caledonia in the Pacific.
It was two years ago but it felt like yesterday.
That was also my first time coming to this Land of the Rising Sun.

I just managed to make the video of my spring trip to Japan.
I's been too long but not that long enough to forget how lovely the trip was.

Feel free to enjoy the photos as much as I do and tell me what you think about spring.

I did manage to go to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden as well to see more cherry blossoms and enjoy more spring in Japan.

But hey, spring time in New York City is also beautiful.
We had so much time enjoying the cherry blossoms in Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the UN Rose Garden, and Flushing Meadow, Corona Park, Queens.

Cheers from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Now I kinda miss the UN Headquarters which looks lovely every spring due to those beautiful lines of cherry trees blooming in the Rose Garden, against the background of East River and the Queensboro Bridge. Well, you can see how I miss those places!

Happy spring, everyone!

So how do you enjoy spring in your place?
Is it your favorite season?

Meanwhile, wherever you are, stay healthy, happy and safe!
Happy spring and cheers..

WW: Spring in Washington D.C

Spring is still around!
Although we missed the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C., but we enjoyed the blooming flowers around the Mall while we went here last weekend with my aunty and my uncle.
Love to see those popping colors, mostly purple, along the way :)

cherry blossom Washington DC

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun with the linky party :)

Wordless Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Still enjoying spring?
Me, too!

Tulips are everywhere and I do love to take pictures of them wherever I see them.
Just love snapping some pictures of those colorful bulbs.
Luckily we have so many beautiful sights here in NYC and in many parts of the streets along Midtown Manhattan and beyond

New York City spring
Spring in flowery :)

And we have so many wonderful events during this late Spring.
BAMBOO FOR PEACE, the Angklung orchestra, played for the first time at the UN Headquarters in NYC, as we had this event as part of the celebration of the International Day of Cultural Diversity and Development. 

angklung NYC

Have you ever heard of Angklung before?
Or probably even play it?

We had a full house during the event which was held in ECOSOC Chamber, UNHQ!
Will share more stories and photos from the event for sure!

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