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WW: Batur Lake and Hulundanu Temple, Kintamani, Bali

Batur Lake and Hulundanu Temple, Kintamani, Bali

From my last visit to Bali in October 2021, I visited Batur Lake and Hulundanu Temple, located in Kintamani, Bangli, Bali. Together with some friends from Bali Local Guides, we chased the sunrise in Pinggan Village as you can read here : Enjoying Sunrise at Pinggan Village, Kintamani and then headed to Batur Lake, located not far from there. 

Lake Batur is indeed huge and this volcanic crates lake is indeed famous for amazing views we can enjoy while exploring the area.

From here, you can get access to Trunyan, the unique cemetery where Trunyan villagers laid down under the trunyan tree without being buried underground. The unique thing is the bodies can decay until it gets white bones without causing unpleasant smell. I will share more stories about this place.

the green paddy fields and shallots

Here are some of the photos I took there. Enjoy!

the entrance of the temple

the guardian... 

the majestic Batur Mountain

it was a solemn morning indeed

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WW: Happy Batik Day 2021

Happy Batik Day, everyone.

Happy Batik Day
Happy Batik Day from indah nuria

Selamat Hari Batik

October 2nd has been declared as Batik day, since Batik, one of Indonesia's most celebrated traditional heritage, is recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity back in 2009. Since then, people's attention to Batik, be it from fellow Indonesians as well as foreigners, is exponentially increasing. 

Batik at the UN Headquarters
My friends and I at the UN Security Council, proudly wearing batik

I myself has been a big fan and collector of Batik as well as other wastra nusantara since the last 15 years. I was so lucky that my mom and my grand parents collected them as well so I do have some ancient and rare collection of these precious fabrics.

Cintai karya bangsa yang luar biasa ini ♥️♥️♥️♥️

To me, Batik is a perfect example of the labour of love reflecting the vibrant cultures, undying creativity and flaming passion. 

Ada warna - warni asa di dalamnya, yang sarat filosofi dan makna hidup. 

Cinta INDONESIA, cinta BATIK 🇮🇩♥️🇮🇩..

Batik Papua - Batik dengan motif khas Papua

Nothing else to say but I am super proud to wear BATIK wherever I go. 

It’s surely an incredible work of art, tangled with love, exquisite taste, everlasting colors, generation-to-generation wisdom and meaningful patterns, which teach you the deep-rooted lessons of life. Aaah.. who wouldn’t love and proud to wear Batik 💜

Here you will see many occasions when I, alone or together with bosses, friends & family, are so proud wearing my batik 🥰.

beautiful batik and wayang necklace

proudly wearing batik during one of the meetings at UN Office in Geneva

happy me in black, yellow, and white batik in dobi fabrics

Batik tulis Jogjakarta

with Joannes, my dearest comrad who is a batik aficionado!

Happy Batik Day 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

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Plataran The Dharmawangsa, Heavenly Place for Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

I have always had a soft spot for traditional ambience and Indonesian cuisines.

While spending some time in my beloved Indonesia, I try to explore its amazing

If you are looking for a posh, authentic Indonesian restaurant elaborated with top-notch, high class interior design in rare wooden furnitures, batik and antiques, this is the place.

Welcome to Plataran at the Dharmawangsa.

If you are familiar with the Plataran restaurant, then let's see this one.

I have been a big fan of Plataran restaurant, be it in Menteng, Senayan and here in the Dharmawangsa. They are just simply awesome!

When we arrived, we parked in the side ways and walked in to the restaurant. As you step into the area, you can see the bold and intricate design of Javanese cultures, with the replicate of statues from the famous temple of Borobudur, wood carvings imitating Rumah Jawa or the Javanese traditional house and batik, beautifully coated on the floor. In short, I love the ambience, the interior design and of course the food! The price is of course a bit higher than the average but it is worth it. Being known as the provider of authentic Indonesian cuisine in an antique and traditional setting, 

As you step in to the area, you are welcomed by rows of statues like the ones in famous temples. Then the warmth of wooden Java house is welcoming you as you sit inside. I simply love it! Well, who wouldn’t! Not to mention Batik, the original piece of high quality Batik,being coated on the floor! The food is exquisite! And authentic as well. I love soto buntut, rawon, asinan jakarta, gado - gado, bola - bola udang, dendeng batokok, and more. i love the salad and soup they have here. Some rice dishes are also wonderful. As foe tje drink, you have various choices as well. They have mushola, parking lot, and clean, artsy toilet. Well… highly recommended indeed and hope you get a chance to try the food here as well.

WW: Taman Laut Olele, Gorontalo, Indonesia

welcome to  Taman Laut Okulele, Gorontalo, Indonesia

Hi everyone.

More photos and stories from my recent trip to Gorontalo, northern part of Sulawesi island, Indonesia.

On my second day of diving trip here, we were visiting Olele at Bonebolanga area. This place is famous for its underwater garden, Olele. One of the unique underwater plants we can find here is the typical, one-of-a-kind soft coral sponge famously called Salvador Dali because it looks like Dali's famous painting. Besides, its pristine walls and soft corals are intact, providing comfy homes for various school of fish and underwater creatures. 

We drove from Amaris Hotel Gorontalo, our hotel, to Olele, for around 1 hour. The road was curvy yet beautiful as you can see the Bone river and the gulf of Tomini. 

Here are some photos I took in the area and tell me whether you enjoy it as much as I do.

The famous Salvador Dali sponge in Taman Olele. 
Beautiful sponge, don't you think?

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WW: Pasar Sunan Giri, Jakarta Timur

Welcome to Pasar Sunan Giri, Jakarta Timur

Who loves exploring traditional or local markets?
I do! I really do.

One of the advantages of going back home to Indonesia is that we are surrounded by lovely markets selling fresh produces, food and beverages, as well as items you usually find in the market. It is so colorful and mesmerizing, at least for me. 

Recently I have stopped by at Pasar Sunan Giri. Pasar means market and Sunan Giri is the name of the street around the area. The visit was of course conducted by following the strict health protocol. Well the market was not crowded either, unlike the time before the pandemic.

some of the colorful fabrics we saw

I was looking for some fabrics to match my collection of traditional fabrics. My daughter and I do need some new clothes to bring to our new post and we try to use the time we have. 

Rows of various colorful laces, perfect for kebaya

So, we enjoyed strolling around the market to see what they have in store. We bought some fabrics, buttons, pom - poms and accessories which would be used for our dresses, outers and kebayas.

Here are some photos I took during the walk.

So, what do you think? Do you enjoy visiting market as well? Do you like looking at various fabrics and accessories in colors? 

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WW: The Beauty of Indonesia

Sunset captured from Bukit Randu Hotel, Lampung
sunset at Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

I know that August is almost coming to an end and I still want to celebrate this glorious month where we all celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day.

It has been my intention since I was young to go around Indonesia and witness its magnificent beauty from different provinces. 

Flying Garuda Indonesia to Ambon, Maluku
on my way to Ambon, Maluku

So many to enjoy indeed, starting from its amazing landscape and natural wonders, incredible food and beverages deriving from its abundant and indigenous sources, wonderful handy crafts and art works, heart-warming and friendly people, intricate designs and vividly colorful fabrics, and astonishing cultures. And that's not all as you will have lovely surprises as you travel around the country.

Tenun Buna NTT
Tenun Buna, hand made with love in East Nusa Tenggara

I know that the pandemic has restricted us from traveling around and exploring its divine beauty, but I take the liberty to take 'virtual tour' through my blog, external hard drives, social media platforms and more. 

One fine evening at Puncak Mas, Lampung

It has been quite entertaining and is considered satisfactory until we can actually go out again and travel without fear. How I long for that time.

Morning view of mountains across Jogjakarta and Central Java I saw on my first flight from Jogjakarta - Jakarta

Here are some photos I took along the way and some of them might have been published here, while others are not. 

The beauty of wayang and wooden craft, Solo, Central Java

I just realized that I was lucky enough to explore some parts of the country and I really hope I can travel more at later stage. Indonesia is huge and beautiful and for that, it will take sometimes to actually explore most part of it. 

wonderful sunset at Ambon Bay, Ambon, Maluku

My hubby and I, together with the kids, simply can't wait to plan and do the road trip again. Well, We did have the plan before but it all shattered thanks to COVID-19.

So now, let's enjoy the beauty of Indonesia.

Sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu, Central Java, with Borobodur Temple afar

Climbing up Mount Krakatau, holding the national flag

the famous Krakatau or Krakatoa Mountain

one fine day at Bunaken Islan, North Sulawesi

La Rascasse or the Lion Fish at Bunaken, North Sulawesi

On my way to Pahawang Island, Lampung

greeneries along the road in Bergen, South Lampung

Morning stroll at Purwakarta, West Java

Please fee free to check out the video I have shared in my YouTube channel about Indonesia as well. 

I prepared this one for the celebration of Indonesia's 76th Independence Day. Please take a look.

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