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Throwback Tuesday: Hiking with Bo at Gstaad

Another Throwback Tuesday is here and another piece of beautiful memories is ready to be shared.

Switzerland has been known for its breathtaking beauty.
For sure, Bo and Obi, who was born later in 2010 in Geneve, had a wonderful time here. As you know, our #itchyfeet started here, as a matter of fact :).

In one occasion, we were lucky enough to have a lovely trip to Gstaad in Spring 2009.
Being utterly famous as one of the royal families and celebrities' favorite hideouts and weekend gateway, Gstaad is indeed breathtaking.Not to mention the famous international boarding school  and the five-star ski resorts beautifully scattered here.

Situated in Bernese - Oberland canton, it took around 2 hours to drive here from Geneve.
You can definitely take train as well as SBB, the Swiss train system, has trips to Gstaad from different part of the the country.

I was actually there for work. That means meetings :).
We had a two-day discussion related to the issue human rights but as it was done almost on weekend, I decided to bring my petite family here as well. Obi wasn't born yet so it was just me, Udi et Bo. 

While I was in meetings, Bo and Udi had a chance to stroll around this beautiful city. And went hiking as well. When they came back, they showed me these beautiful pictures of Bo and the breathtaking landscape of Gstaad.

Here are some of our sweet moments in Gstaad.

the remaining snow in spring :)

Beautiful Gstaad in Spring

By the lake..but I forgot what's the name :)

look who's enjoying the walk :)

I am freeeee :)

the scenic route and its lovely dweller :)

Gstaad in spring...wonderful isn't it :)

What's the lovely memories you like to share with me today?