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WW: Postcards from NYC

Some of the postcards from NYC I sent to my Postcrossing buddies all over the world.
Anyone here loves writing and sending postcards as well?
Call me old fashion but I love it!

It feels different when you receive all those colorful postcards with hand written news and collectible stamps :).
Oh..and I do collect stamps as well!

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WW: yummy food from home

Just received this yummy postcard from dear friend Uniek Kaswarganti this morning :)..
Deliciously tempting...make me wanna eat it :)
Nasi kuning, or yellow rice, is usually offered during festivities or special events in Indonesia. Adorned with eggs, fried chicken, fried onion and in this case, spicy potato stew, it tastes super duper yummy :)

Happy Wednesday...

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