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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls, and Friends

I just turned 43!

Hppy happy birthday to me :)

It was quite a celebration amidst the pandemic. But again, what we have to celebrate is the fact that we all are still safe, happy and healthy up until now! Glad to know my family and I continued to be bestowed with His Blessings. May Allah SWT protect us till the end of time.

Last week I had a rapid test and it was reactive. I wasn’t  feeling 100% while taking the test after my trip to Lampung. Then the swab test came back negative so I’m so relieved. I had my rapid test in my office Kemlu, then had to follow up for the swab test in Yarsi hospital. It was fast and not that painful, just uncomfortable. But it took only a few minutes. I have to wait for two days for the result and I have to admit that I was agitated. Well, good thing it ends well. I sincerely hope we all stay safe and healthy, wherever we are.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s Independence Day is coming as well!

Happy 75th Anniversary, Indonesia 🇮🇩 

Now let’s start our Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

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WW: Museum of the City of New York

Welcome to the Museum of the City of New York

Getting to know more about the city we love can't more fun than seeing its unfolding history and colorful days in this wonderful museum.

Let's enjoy some of these photos before I share more details on our visit to 
Museum of the City of New York.

Guess who he is :)

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun with the linky party :)

A Visit to Guggenheim Museum NYC

I just can't get enough with NYC fantastic museums!
So many places to see, so many fantastic artworks to enjoy in the Big Apple.
Including a visit to Guggenheim Museum NYC.

Picasso's brilliant work.

One of our most recent visits to the world-class museums in NYC is the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum. 

There are 4 Guggenheim museums in the world, which are located in New York City, Venice, Abu Dhabi and Bilboa.
Committed to support the vibrant world of contemporary arts, Solomon R. Guggenheim has been well known for his incredible collections and art exhibitions.

the building from outside

I took Bo et Obi with me to Guggenheim Museum in NYC in one cold winter day.
And of course, visiting museum during sub zero temperature day sounds like a brilliant idea!

So, there we were. 

Being awed by the architecture of the museum even before laying our eyes on its extensive collections. As soon as we stepped into the foyer lobby, we all looked up and were amazed by its incredible ceiling. Of course I have heard this famous ceiling before but looking at it myself gives you a different sensation. And the kids agreed with me as well.

By the time we arrived and got our ticket, we picked up our free audio guide. The staff here was very friendly and she showed my daughter how to operate the gadget and show her some interesting menus. For sure Obi enjoyed it so much and she was engrossed with the story about the architectures of the museum.

The audio guide

I have to admit that our attention went directly to the ceiling.
Look up and you have some magnificent view of the building up to its roof.
The architect of this building, Frank Lloyd Wright, has brilliantly designed one-of-a-kind spiral ramp that goes directly to the domed skylight.It took him sometimes to build this building before the Museum was officially opened in 1959. And as we read on its website, Mr. Wright already passed away for 6 months by the time this incredible building was inaugurated.

When we visited the museum, they were working on the preparation of the next exhibition from the artist Dahn Vo, so some floors were unfortunately closed.
Nevertheless, we still can see some permanent collections and get the reduced fare for the entrance ticket. So, not bad at all and more manageable for me and my kids.
The ticket was USD 15 per person for adults with the reduced fare, where the normal price is USD 25 for adults, USD 18 for students and seniors (65 year old up), and free for kids under 12. You can also become a member for USD 75 and get free entrance.

We went directly to see Picasso's works here.
The famous women with yellow hair, women ironing and Fernande with a Black mantilla, and more,
Here are some of the photos of them.

We also managed to enjoy other beautiful paintings from Franz Marc, Yellow Cow, which was made in 1911.

Other incredible works of art we enjoyed include Edgar Degas' Dancers in Green and Yellow,  Eduard Manet's Before the Mirror (Devant la glace), and Édouard Vuillard's Place Vintimille.

Dancers in green and yellow

Before the mirror

Place Vintimille

We also saw some sculpture collections at the same floor, particularly La Muse, the famous work of Constantin Brancusi. Made in 1912 out of marble, we found this sculpture unique and cute! It's incredible to see how one can capture the emotion in a peace of marble.

The Muse

The next sculpture my kids really like is Constantin Brancusi's The Miracle (Seal). 
You can certainly tell it reminds you of seal.

Our favorite Seal!

There was another exhibition that we visited as well, Josef Albers in Mexico.
Interesting squares, shapes and colors!

See, perfect size for a visit with the kids.
It took us around 2 hours to see the collection, took some pictures, and discussed a few of them as well. Not to forget our shopping time at the Museum's shops!
My kids love the sculptures and Picasso's paintings. They were amazed by different features of the people portrayed on the paintings. They also learn about different genre in arts, while doing scavenger hunt in this museum. The museum also provides some kids programs where they can create something inspired by the collections here and they can take home their creations.

Guggenheim museum is located at 1071 5th Avenue, New York City, New York 10128.
So if you happen to be in town, don't miss this place.

Well, I have so many drafts about our visit to the museums that I haven't finished.
But one post at a time!
How do you like the Guggenheim Museum in NYC?
Will you visit it if you're around?