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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

It has been another interesting week for me and my family.
My hubby went back to Indonesia for a while but my mom stays in NYC until December, yaaay :). We went strolling around Manhattan with my Mom as well. Including Lego store, my kids' favorite :).

way too expensive for a toy "___"

Bo et Obi were so sad when daddy was leaving, but in no time he will be back here to NYC.

have fun in Jakarta love...

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Mama, Meet Robonator

"Mama, meet Robonator," said Bo that night as I arrived at home from work.
It was almost bed time and the kids were apparently waiting for me. He held  the Lego, his Robonator, that he just finished building.

Mama, meet Robonator :)

"Woooow, Robonator? What exactly is it, Bo?" I asked him back as I took a closer look at it.

"It is a robot that is a terminator, alligator and tofunator all at once, Ma. This robot is so powerful, it can terminate all its enemies, strong like an alligator and like me, loves to eat tofu," explained Bo excitingly.

And I couldn't help but smiling.
My son certainly knows how to use his imagination. And Lego helps him channel it out.
Seems like robot, alligator and tofu can be a perfect match :).

Lately we have been battling whether or not to give my kids some times with gadgets. I know it is somehow almost impossible to shun it away from kids nowadays but so far we manage to give them some time only on weekends to use gadgets or computers for games. Rasanya susah atau bahkan hampir tidak mungkin ya untuk benar-benar melarang anak-anak untuk tidak menggunakan gadgets sama sekali. Jika digunakan untuk berbagai hal dan kegiatan yang tepat secara terukur, tablet, telpon pintar dan perangkat canggih yang menjadi bagian dari hidup kita sehari-hari pun bisa membawa banyak manfaat bagi anak-anak. Tapi memang salah satu tantangan terbesar yang kita hadapi adalah bagaimana memastikan anak-anak tidak kecanduan dan bisa mendapat manfaat dari itu semua. Tidak terkecuali anak saya, Bo et Obi.

They of course can use computers to check MyOn, the student web where they check their homeworks and reading list. But not for Minecraft or online games. Besides, Bo needs to practice his trombone. 

At first, it's not that easy to cut those gadget playing times. Bo et Obi  keep asking and whining why they are not allowed to use my hubby's or my phone. But then as my hubby plays Lego together with Bo, he complains less. I occasionally play with them but I have to admit I need more and more practice :). While Obi is back to her colored pencils and paper. She love drawing very much, especially princesses.  Even now Bo uses more of his time to play with his Lego alone. 

the Robonator and its 'pet' :)
This interlocking toy bricks have certainly smitten many kids and adults as well. 
Permainan bongkar pasang yang menggunakan bongkahan plastik kecil warna-warni dan beraneka bentuk ini memang sangat menarik and mengasah kreatifitas. Apalagi saat ini sudah semakin banyak tema dan karakter terkenal di kalangan anak-anak yang diusung oleh perusahaan asal Denmark ini. Tidak heran kalau makin banyak yang menggemari, bahkan kecanduan, dengan permainan ini. 

I don't intend to list the benefits of playing Lego for kids as we have so many articles writing about it. Just google it :). I just want to add it up to the list that Lego is indeed fun and beneficial for kids and parents. Dan memang ada banyak artikel yang telah menuliskan manfaat bermain Lego bagi anak-anak, salah satunya artikel yang ditulis Mba Lia a.k.a Lidya Fitrian. Mama Pascal dan Alvin, yang biasa disingkat Calvin ini, memang rajin menuliskan berbagai cerita dan pengalamannya mengasuh dua jagoannya yang cakep ini. Dan kalau teman-teman membaca beberapa postingannya, bukan rahasia lagi kalau Calvin menggemari Lego. Sama seperti Bo et Obi :).

some of the characters that Bo plays with most of the time.
Saya ingat, kalau Ade, panggilan sayang Alvin, bahkan sempat memenangkan hadiah piala untuk menyusun Lego sesuai dengan tema dan imajinasinya. Bravoooo Ade..pasti mama Lidya Fitrian yang selalu mendukung kedua anak cerdasnya. Bahkan kalau tidak salah, Calvin dan Bo punya kaos Lego yang mirip ya :).

Kalau Bo et Obi berbagi kegemaran bermain Lego dengan Pascal dan Alvin, saya menimba banyak ilmu blogging dari Mama Lidya. Salah satunya adalah konsistensinya dalam blogwalking. Terus terang, untuk urusan yang satu ini, saya angkat topi dan acungkan jempol. She's the queen of blogwalking indeed. Rasanya di semua blog yang saya hampiri, Lia sudah duluan memberi komentar. Kalau sudah begini, rasanya semangat bersilahturahmi dengan teman-teman di blog jadi makin tinggi. 

Oke, kalau begitu saya blogwalking dulu yaaaa.
Dan Bo et Obi, jangan lupa mainan Legonya dibereskan yang rapi :).