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WW: Hunting for the Vintage Collection at Napier, New Zealand

I have a soft spot for vintage items. Be it clothes, accessories, furniture, dinnerwares and tea sets, stamps, posters and so many more.

I was lucky that when I visited Napier, they have many antique shops scattered around the area and they have incredible collections! Napier is indeed heaven for those loving these antique collections.

I went crazy as I saw all those cute cups, saucers, stamps, bank notes, silver wares, and books. Not to mention costumes, posters, furnitures, toys, and more. 

Here are some of the photos I took while shopping at the Antique shop in Napier. 

I really love the trio, the bone China set of tea cups mostly made in England. Many of them are Royal Alberd and Queen's Collection. I am instantly in love with them and brought home 8 sets LOL.

We also have more here.

Tell me which one you love to have or might buy if you have the chance to come here. Next time, I will write about my new found love of the this cute tea set that I started collecting.

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