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WW: One Cloudy Day at Paris, the City of Lights

While enjoying your #stayathome #workfromhome #studyfromhome period, I took the liberty to dig up my external hard disk and boy..  I have tons of unpublished photos from my previous journey. 

Well, I do miss traveling.
But for now, I fully enjoy staying at home because I know I'm saving my self, as well as the lives of my loved ones, my family and the community. 

I cannot deny that I was quite frustrated to see, to read and to hear so many sad news here and there. I am trying to follow all the latest updates on the issue of COVID - 19, be it at home or abroad, and to do my best to contribute, by donating some fund to certain movements and platforms as well as to those around me who need assistance. Simple things like ordering food online, buying your fresh veggies from the traditional vendors who still need to go out and sell things to survive, giving free food and basic staples to those who need them, and staying at home as well as obeying the prevailing regulations will certainly help. So let's be kind and considerate. We all in this together and we all can fight it together.

Anyway, I randomly chose this Paris visit folder back in spring 2018.
Spring is here so I thought it's appropriate to celebrate it by publishing series of spring photos. In some place, spring is not only identical with blooming flowers, but also with rain.

I stayed for two days for meetings and I got a chance to see Paris in between.
Coming here for about 5 times, I never get bored (at all) with this City of Lights.
Even when rain came pouring down the whole day, I insisted to see its ageless beauty under the grey sky. 

Here are some photos I took on that cloudy-then-rainy day.
I took the metro and sopped at Trocadero and walked at the surrounding areas. In the evening, we made a round-a-bout drive along the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed its blinding lights.

Isn't she the prettiest?


In gold..

cloud and rain did not stop people from flocking around

at dusk..

I just didn't want to move..

The metro is very handy

 And when the night came..

Tell me ...  do you think Paris still looks glamorous even under the pouring rain 
and gloomy sky?

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