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WW: Bidding Farewell

We were having a blast while bidding farewell to my dearest friend and sister, Rima Cempaka.

Four fabulous years here in NYC and she has concluded her term with our Mission to the UN. Amidst the crazy, mad days for UN General Assembly 71st session High Level Week, we managed to sneak out on Sunday and threw her a see-you-again-soon dinner party, with a bonus of endless photo sessions, as always :).

We chose Pepsi Cola sign, one of the landmarks of NYC

Manhattan seen from Long Island City

our yummy food :) black and white in glasses :)

girls just wanna have fun :)

cheers..the 5 of us, while waiting for 5 more :)

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday  and have fun blog hopping :)

Under the Pepsi Cola Sign...

To those who live in New York for quite some time, Pepsi Cola sign might have been one of the interesting pop landmarks of the city.

Yuup..the Pepsi Cola sign :).

Look familiar?
For me, it does :)

Clearly seen from quite far and vividly visible from the United Nations, where I spent much time, the Pepsi Cola sign has added the colorful landmark of Queens, one of the boroughs in New York City. 

Built in the old location of Pepsi Cola plant closed in 1999, this huge billboard has been a familiar sight along the East River. When I say huge, it means huge :). I am still browsing for its exact measurement but I haven't been successful :).

So, after seeing it from afar most of the time, we decided to google it and go tot he exact location. It was not that far from our house in Astoria. Surprise, surprise :)...

It was one windy day in early spring (or late winter? I can't tell...) but the kids couldn't wait to enjouy their outdoorsy activities. So, packed with scooters, helmets and some water and snacks, off we went to this site.

Obi was so ready :)

Bo and his scooter...

To get the access to this infamous billbourad, you can start by enjoying the lovely Vernon Boulevard. It is indeed a lovely neighborhood, lined with hip cafes, bars and more eateries. Along with great apartment complex as well. Once you arrived here, you can see the Gantry Park facing the waterfront. It belongs to the Gantry Plaza Apartment right on that spot as well..

One cold afternoon...
On that windy and cloudy day, we just strolled around the area...

Enjoying the view of Manhattan on the other side and taking pictures here and there...

The Gantry park is really nice as well.
The kids love the park and all its 'amusement center' :)

A day filled with scootering, climbing and laughing out loud.

We were sooo ready for spring...with warmer weather..

If you notice, some trace of snow can be visibly seen on that day..

But again, we're pretty sure warmer days will come..
And under the Pepsi Cola sign, we smile...