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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

It's been quite a week for us.
We went to Bo's spring concert and watched him play his trombone together with the fourth grade band.

Spring concert :)

They played two scores and it was lovely indeed.

congrats Boooo :)
After that we had a lovely Greek dinner in one of the tavernas near our house.
It was very yummy and healthy indeed. I really enjoyed the greek salad, grilled calamari and the lemon chicken and rice soup. Delicious :).

Greek salad, anyone..
I was not feeling very well last week.
My condition dropped thanks to the fever and horrible sore throat :(.
I took some medicines and spent 2 day almost sleeping and resting.
After quite sometimes never felt like it (it's kinda remind me of my chemo session), I had some rest and thank God I got better in two days.

So now, let's get ready for our weekely party here :)

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Throwback Tuesday: Davos in Summer

Summer is coming...
Surely the heat is hitting the NYC for the last 2 weeks and many surely cheer for that.
After wondering around the super cold spring, suddenly the weather is super warm down here.

And speaking of summer, we have such  beautiful memories of Davos in summer.
Have you heard of Davos?
Many of you are probably familiar with this famous city in Switzerland.
Annually hosting World Economic Forum (WEF), Davos is beautifully situated in Canton Graubunden, south-east part of Switzerland.
Davos is also well-known for its ski resorts as well as other winter sports like ice skating and ice hockey.

But for us, Davos is epic during the WEF.
This super special event is the annual meeting of global leaders from many parts of the world and from different walks of life, including top-notch CEO, celebrities and Head of States/Governments, standing next to each other  with no entourage. It is very special because the Forum is uniquely inviting all those VVIP without their usual 'entourage',- be it security personnel, assistant, protocol or whatsoever. Acess is extremely limited, restricted only for the VVIPs :).
 Every winter, usually January, Davos turns into an extra special global stage as the eyes of the world are on it. I remember vividly all the efforts we have to take in order to prepare visits of our dignitaries.
But I won't talk about that now..
I want to show you Davos in summer :).

Welcome to Jakobshorn, Switzerland...

I got a chance to visit Davos in summer 2008 with Udi et Bo.
We stayed there for 5 days and although I was in the middle of series of meetings, we got a chance to enjoy this beautiful city while the sun is still up there.

We visited Jakobshorn, taking the funicular and stayed up for a while.
Up there, it's beautifully serene and peaceful indeed.

And the vista is amazing..
the peak...minus the snow :)

We even saw some people tracking near the Jakobshorn.
It is one of the mountains around this area.
In winter, it has 14 pistes for skiing. But it looks beautiful as well in summer.

let's have lunch :)

Bo, Udi and I also strolled around the village, enjoying the green scenery and crystal clear river flowing around the Rinerhorn. I love it!

At the last day, we enjoyed Davoz Platz and its street arts.

Taking pictures here and there with Bo :)

And we met some llamas and Bo (as well as his mom) couldn't resist to take pictures with them :) 

Do you have any beautiful memories to share with us?

Throwback Tuesday: Hiking with Bo at Gstaad

Another Throwback Tuesday is here and another piece of beautiful memories is ready to be shared.

Switzerland has been known for its breathtaking beauty.
For sure, Bo and Obi, who was born later in 2010 in Geneve, had a wonderful time here. As you know, our #itchyfeet started here, as a matter of fact :).

In one occasion, we were lucky enough to have a lovely trip to Gstaad in Spring 2009.
Being utterly famous as one of the royal families and celebrities' favorite hideouts and weekend gateway, Gstaad is indeed breathtaking.Not to mention the famous international boarding school  and the five-star ski resorts beautifully scattered here.

Situated in Bernese - Oberland canton, it took around 2 hours to drive here from Geneve.
You can definitely take train as well as SBB, the Swiss train system, has trips to Gstaad from different part of the the country.

I was actually there for work. That means meetings :).
We had a two-day discussion related to the issue human rights but as it was done almost on weekend, I decided to bring my petite family here as well. Obi wasn't born yet so it was just me, Udi et Bo. 

While I was in meetings, Bo and Udi had a chance to stroll around this beautiful city. And went hiking as well. When they came back, they showed me these beautiful pictures of Bo and the breathtaking landscape of Gstaad.

Here are some of our sweet moments in Gstaad.

the remaining snow in spring :)

Beautiful Gstaad in Spring

By the lake..but I forgot what's the name :)

look who's enjoying the walk :)

I am freeeee :)

the scenic route and its lovely dweller :)

Gstaad in spring...wonderful isn't it :)

What's the lovely memories you like to share with me today?

Bo's Winter Concert

Have I told you before that Bo joined the school band and played trombone ;)?

Ahaaa.. Trombone it is :).

It all started last fall when Bo's music class offered any kids who were interested to join a band or a chorus. Bo chose the band. And when he came home with the permission slip, he told us that he wanted to play trombone. The other choices were flute, clarinet, alto sax, and trumpet. Seruuuu ya :) #langsungterbayangfullband #NewOrleansmodeon 

Well, he played recorder in the 3rd grade and Udi, my hubby, has introduced him to guitar as well. Sementara mamanya teuteup dengan tamborin andalan dan suara altonya hehehe. Kalau Obi, asyik dengan suara cemprengnya dan suling Abang yang ditiup sekenanya. But trombone? Never crossed our minds :).

pilih yang manaaa ayoo :)

Singkat cerita, perjalanan musik Bo pun dimulai. Karena trombone bukan alat musik yang murah dan sebagai percobaan, oleh guru musiknya Bo, Mr. Blake, kami diminta untuk menyewa tenor trombone untuk Bo.  Dengan begitu, kalau ternyata Bo berubah pikiran pun, kami tidak perlu menghabiskan banyak biaya.

We went to Laconia Music in for renting the trombone and as always, I always love to see all those musical instruments.

I just to see them all..

Dan bicara tentang trombone, alat musik tiup yang satu ini memang khas sekali. Baik bunyi yang dihasilkan maupun cara memainkannya. Dari hasil ngintip di Wikipedia, trombone sendiri berasal dari bahasa Itali yang artinya terompet besar. 

Dan entah mengapa, dari sekian banyak alat musik yang tersedia dan ditawarkan oleh sekolah, Bo memilih trombone. Saya bolak-balik tanya, beneran Bo mau coba trombone. Mamanya masih ngg percaya kalau anaknya bisa jadi trombonist atau pemain trombone hehehe. Orang alat musiknya aja hampir seukuran Bo tingginya. Tapi tentu saja, I have faith in Bo for sure.

Dan ternyata tidak mudah memainkannya ;). 
It is definitely note that easy at all to play it. I tried it several times, with the instructions from Bo, but still not succeeded. Fail..again and again. It is not just blowing it like when we play a recorder, but you have to do it with a slow, smooth air. Whatever that means LoL :).

But Bo manages to play it. And I guess he nails it ;p.
They practice twice a week during school time, particularly in the preparation of the concert.

Bo and his trombone :)

So, after 2 months of exercise, using Standard of Excellence 1, the school band held its winter concert.
Seperti tahun sebelumnya, band sekolah Bo pun mengundang para orang tua untuk hadir dalam konser musim dingin. Tidak hanya orang tua yang anak-anaknya ikut dalam band, tapi semua. Ramai juga yang hadir, karena auditorium sekolah Bo penuh. Dan tepat pukul 7 malam, konser dimulai.

let the concert begin :)

Konser terbagi menjadi 3 sesi, yang menampilkan band kelas 4, kelas 5 dan kelompok band terpilih. Karena Bo bergabung di kelas 4, maka Bo dan grupnya tampil lebih dahulu. Seperti yang disampaikan Mr. Blake, guru musik mereka, jumlah anggota band kelas 4 kali ini memecahkan rekor terbanyak selama ini karena antusiasme anak-anak yang tinggi. Mau lihat video pendeknya? silahkaaaan...

Meskipun komposisi musik yang ditampilkan masih terbilang sederhana karena pada prinsipnya mereka baru memulai latihan dan rata-rata baru pertama kali memegang alat musik yang mereka mainkan, tapi bangga melihat anak-anak tampil dengan penuh percaya diri mengekspresikan kecintaan mereka pada musik. Saya sendiri ngga bisa memainkannya karena memang susah :).
I am soooo overwhelmed to see them up there. And my eyes watered :). 
Maaf kalau mama Bo et Obi jadi cengeng yaaaa ;p #ambiltissue #sedotingus

bravoooo Bo :)

Untuk band kelas 5, mereka menampilkan komposisi musik yang lebih panjang  dengan selingan beberapa lagu natal. Sementara untuk band pilihan, bahkan mereka memainkan Wrecking Ballnya Miley Cyrus dengan komposisi mereka sendiri. Baguuuus lhooo..

So, all in all, konser musim dingin kali ini seru sekaligus membanggakan. 
Have you watch the school concert like this as well?

My Birthday Boys


Happy happy birthdaaaay to my dearest, coolest boys in da hood :).

Yuuup.. It's another round of happy, blessful birthday for my petite family.
This time, it's my son's, Bo :)

He is officially 9 today.

Pramudita Darurazqi Frakarsa.
Lovingly called Bo.

Time does fly when it comes to birthdays and watching your kids grow. 
Witnessing all those profound changes taking places, I guess, like many other mothers, Bo will always be my baby boy. He might be growing big and tall but deep down inside, I feel like holding him all the time and tousling his hair :)

Don't blame me if I keep looking at all those pictures and see how he grows all these years.

Seperti baru kemarin, saya menelpon mama di Lampung minggu malam waktu Melbourne tanggal 17 Desember dan lapor kalau air ketuban sudah pecah dan sedang siap-siap ke rumah sakit. Berdua dengan Rudi, jauh dari orang tua dan keluarga besar, kami berdua bersiap menyambut babak baru dalam kehidupan kami. Menjadi orang tua.

Saya masih ingat kalau kita diantar teman ke Monash Medical Center, padahal saya (merasa) masih gagah karena memang walaupun ketuban pecah tapi belum ada kontraksi. 

Kalau ingat susternya bilang waktu itu, "Sudah.... Kamu pulang aja dulu, paling masih hari Selasa anak kamu lahir. Ini yang pertama kan?" serunya sambil menenangkan saya yang kebingungan karena sudah pecah ketuban tapi malah disuruh pulang :). Padahal koper dengan segala isinya, mulai dari baju dalam, baju ganti, dan segala perlengkapan bayi sudah siap sedia.

But long story short, that Monday afternoon, December 18, I held you in my arms for the first time.

Mama juga masih ingat suara lantang Bapak mengazanimu, Bo, dan serunya kami berdua memandikanmu untuk yang pertama kalinya.

And look at you now..
Fit as a fiddle and growing strong. And happy, too :).

Add caption

Tak putus doa kupanjatkan untuk pria kecilku ini. 
Bujang mama yang tidak pernah lupa peluk dan cium pipi mamanya setiap mau tidur. Yang rajin telpon mama hanya untuk make sure mamanya segera pulang ke rumah. Yang semangat ambil telur,mentega dan nasi lalu masak nasi goreng bareng mamanya. Yang penuh semangat menggoes sepeda bareng Bapak meskipun cuaca dingin dan berangin. Dan penuh gelak tawa bercanda seru dengan Obi sampai capek atau berantem :). 

Aaah kiddos... 
Those precious moments we have with you are the continued blessings from the Almighty and we are forever grateful for that.

Joyeux anniversaireee, Bo.
Live a meaningful life and never forget your Rabb in every path of your life, Nak.

happy birthday, Baaang :)

And never forget, we will always love you.. I said, I have three birthdays in a row this month.

For my one and only munchkin, may Allah SWT's blessings will continue to be bestowed upon you. 

With tons of love ...