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WW: Reminiscing of the Past - United Nations Headquarters New York City

"No Violence" sculpture welcoming you to the UN Headquarters in NYC

Hi everyone.

The High Level Week of United Nations General Assembly for its 76th session has started. And some of the world's attention are directed to the Big Apple, where the UN Headquarters is located. This year, the meetings were conducted in hybrid way, a combination of online platform, pre-recorded messages and physical presence at the UN General Assembly Hall. More than 100 head of states and/or governments have confirmed their presence in this august body, together with smaller entourage obviously. For sure, strict health protocol is fully observed at all times. 

The view of Long Island City seen from the UNHQ building

Like last year, I didn't travel to New York City to attend the meetings as we have many restrictions due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, we continue to provide support from Jakarta and I have to admit, I do miss visiting the UNHQ in these crazy days.

There are times when we were constantly moving around and being mobile, exploring different corners of the UN and preparing meetings or anything that popped out. It was extremely exhausting but rewarding at the same time. I made so many friends, learnt tremendous amount of substantive issues and beneficial skills, particularly in negotiation and communication, and had the time of my life here.

So, now, I would like to rekindle my memories and share some of the snaps I took during the many sessions of UN General Assembly that I have attended so far, starting from 2014 - 2019.

Most of the photos I have here were taken during the special High Level Week session of the UN GA, where New York City, particularly the area around the UN and Midtown Manhattan, temporarily turns into a circus. It all was caused by the high-level security arrangement the US and the UN have in order to welcome and ensure the safety and the well-being of many prominent world leaders, including POTUS himself.

Some of the following pictures were taken from the UN Security Council, particularly when Indonesia was the President of the Security Council in May 2019. I was privileged to be part of the team here.

Then let me take you to the Indonesian Lounge in the UNHQ. Not many country's name was dubbed as the name of the lounge or the room in this building so I am super proud to take you here. Interested to know why it is named after my country? I wrote the story about Indonesian Lounge at the UN HQ here: Indonesian Lounge at the UN Headquarters.

And of course, the amazing art works and installations you can find around the area, be it inside or outside of the UNHQ building. The clear blue sky, the calming East River and astonishing city line are my favorite as well. Well, enjoy!

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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Grand Central Market, New York City

Welcome back and how is your week? 

I have been back to the office although with 50 percent capacity.

Happy? well, it's good to go out and be back to the office. Anxious? very. Because the statistics of those who positively diagnosed with COVID - 19 is increasing. Mostly in East Java province, not Jakarta. But most of us have been out or back to the office so the traffic is back and so is the pollution. The offices are open and employees are having some of the routines back.

indah nuria

Well, I know life must go on so pray to dear God that we will have to courage to be DISCIPLINE enough with the health protocol. Please please please, never estimate the power of mask and proper hand washing. So that we all can save ourselves and others during this pandemic as well.

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WW: Back to NYC!

Morning flight from Frankfurt to NYC

Back to NYC and I am super excited indeed!

Our annual UNGA meetings as well as the election day for UN Human Rights Council are coming and definitely we need a lot of preparation, including our trip. We have booked our trip to NYC through Japan by ANA but Typoon Hagidis hit Japan on October 12th, the exact day when we were supposed to be flying! I was so disappointed as I have been waiting for my transit in Japan for quite a while.

Long drama short, we looked for the last-minute changes and I took the Singapore Airlines which flies through Singapore, Frankfurt then New York City. 
Talking about transit!

The terrace at Frankfurt International Airport

But Frankfurt was nice to me this time. Less panic long walk from one gate to another and I can enjoy the lounge for quite some times. I do have my Schengen visa so it's easy peasy.

Cute German gnomes :)

I love the cheese one!
But all in all we arrived safe and sound in NYC on Sunday afternoon.
Lovely day to roam around  and enjoy what NYC has to offer in this autumn day.

Hello Manhattan ...

We had our late lunch at Korean Town and explored the Herald Square, one of my favorite spots. Well, Macy's and Victoria's Secrets are here, to start with :).

Jap chae, LA Gal Bi, and suntofu..

The we decided to go down town to Oculus and did a little shopping at Century 21.

Don't look at me..we have so many sales here and there.

The unique Oculus
One World Tower

Super colorful wall..

We also paid a solemn visit tot he Ground Zero or the National September 11 Memorial and Museum

It always gives me that feeling whenever I see those names silently craved on the stone. I pray to God and hope they all rest in peace.

Well, cheers from NYC and see you around soon.
Will bring more stories about my business trip this time.

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