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Kebaya in Aotearoa - Kebaya Goes to UNESCO

Kebaya in Aotearoa - Kebaya Goes to UNESCO

One of my favorite Indonesian traditional attires is kebaya.

13 Indonesian ladies, posing with various kebaya and Indonesian traditional kain

In many occasions, be it special or something casual, I wear kebaya in different materials, forms, colors, and with different accessories. I wear it with kain or any Indonesian traditional fabrics like Batik, Tenun and Songket, or simply with trousers and skirts. 

I just love it and I feel special whenever I wear kebaya.

happily wearing my orange-and-purple kebaya with gold and purple Tapis Lampung

Kebaya is the top part which usually cut in feminine shape. In Indonesia, kebaya comes in various models, using different materials. Some of the common models we have in kebaya are Kebaya Kartini, Kebaya Encim, and Kebaya Kutubaru. We certainly have more but those three models are what I have in abundance. Kebaya is made from different materials or fabrics as well, namely the lace, silk, cotton, organdy, and more. It may be adorned with embroideries, beads, applications and more.  

As kebaya has been used by Indonesian women since ages ago in different stages and  celebrating particular events in lives , kebaya has been identified as one of the cultural identity for Indonesian women. That is why we are now campaigning for it to be recognized as one of UNESCO Intangible Heritage. And from Aotearoa, we are proud to wear our kebayas and showcase it to the world.

So in one windy afternoon, together with the female staff of the Embassy as well as the spouses of the staff and the Ambassador, we had a photo sessions in three different landmarks, namely our Embassy, the Beehive, and Wellington Cable Car. Here are some photos we took along the way and what a lovely day it was, despite the depressing weather. We wore colorful kebayas combined with Tapis lampung, Songket Bali, Batik, Tenun Ikat Maluku, Songket Palembang, and more. I have to admit all the ladies look fantastic and brilliant!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and cheers from Aotearoa!

Do you like wearing kebaya as well? When and where do you usually wear it too? What type of kebaya is your favorite? Share with me in the comment.

Vivi Zubedi for New York Fashion Week 2018 - The Story

Vivi Zubedi for New York Fashion Week 2018 - The Story.

"Attention, everyone. Please take your seat.  The show is about to begin!" 

Dearest Lori and Nicole from Riviere agency firmly announced that to the buzzing audience who were taking selfies, pictures and snapchats, exchanging hugs, kisses, and excitement among friends and familiar faces. Rushed to their seats, audience immediately fell silent and held their breath, waiting for the show

Urang Banua, Vivi Zubedi's collection for NYFW 2018 runway, was about to start.

An hour before, a long line was snaking outside of Industria, the venue for Vivi Zubedi's show that night. As the clock reach 2.30 PM, the security allowed those with seated invitation to enter the building, to be followed by those who had different invitations. Soon the room was quickly packed with invitees, spectators and fashion enthusiasts. All gathered to see how special Urang Banua is.

outside of Industria..

And the lights went out.

The first model graciously walked the runway, wearing Abaya-inspired dressed made of Pagatan tenun, Indonesian traditional weaving fabrics from South Kalimantan. Vivi's trademark of elegant silhoutte and gracious details are vividly shown in this abaya-only collection. 

The touch of Sasirangan and Pagatan tenun definitely brings out the homey feeling and unique flair to those dresses . Playing with a lot of earthy, natural colors, plus romantic black and white, Urang Banua collection will surely satisfy those loving the modest, neat style.

Velvet looks beautiful with Pagatan

More opulent looks comes as more models were walking on the runway.
I love the details on the Pagatan tenun, or as labelled by the designer Tanah Bumbu, where these hand-woven fabrics are mixed with velvet, beads, stones, laces, ribbons, embroideries and pieces of small mirrors. 

Seating there on the front row gave me a great access to the show. 
But I was so excited my photos were blurred! 
Well, but iPhone is a huge help indeed :).

With dearest friends Hengki Kawilarang, Indonesian leading designer, Gina from whatthedoost, and Angel Tan plus Irene

The shapes and cutting Vivi played on the long sleeves, sides, capuchon, collars and  more made those dresses even more special. 
Every detail rocks.

And Vivi Zubedi joins one of the most riveting Fashion Show on earth on some rock-hard missions, to make modest fashion mainstream and solidify women empowerment! Starting in 2016 with Anniesa Hasibuan, modest fashion, particularly those chosen and  worn by Moslem women, have become a integral part of NYFW. A great welcome indeed, adding to the diversity of looks and styles being showcased in this prestigious runway.

As you know, strong ladies back home in Pagatan, South Kalimantan, who made these incredible pieces of tenun are literally struggling to make ends meet.  With their skillful hands, all these colorful fabrics are created and produced through diligent and meticulous process. No wonder Vivi was so touched to see these hardworking women and decided instantly to bring their beautiful pieces and spirit to the international arena. To show their inspirational works to the world. Great job, Vivi! 

And it seems, modest fashion is here to stay.
I can see the overwhelming response from the floor for this abaya-inspired collection.
Can't wait to see the next work of Vivi Zubedi or other Indonesian fashion designers here in New York City! 

Vivi has been fully supported by Hijup and Wardah, Indonesia leading halal cosmetics, that I love sooo much!
Its beautiful matte and cream lipsticks are one of my fave!

with the Indonesian ladies from my office :)

Here's to Urang Banua, 
Vivi Zubedi for New York Fashion Week 2018 - The Story

Fashion Culture NYC 2017

It was another great week in fashion here in New York City.
Especially for Indonesians :).
As New York Fashion Week is riveting with head-turning designs, colors, celebrities and more, we are welcoming more talented and super young Indonesian designers. 

Fashion Culture was held by Indonesia Fashion Gallery, NYC, at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York City. 
Together with Wardah, Indonesia's leading halal cosmetics, IFG features wonderful works of Barli Asmara, Catherine Njoo, Dian Pelangi, Doris Dorothea, Melia Wijaya, Vivi Zubedi, G. Liem as well as two young designers, Geraldus Sugeng and Dwika x Aqil.

I have written about  Barli Asmara, Catherine Njoo, Dian Pelangi, Doris Dorothea, Melia Wijaya, Vivi Zubedi, and G. Liem in Indonesian Diversity Runway Show SS 18 in New York Fashion Week First Stage.

But it's very heartwarming to see the works of Aqil and Geraldus Sugeng. They are only 15 and 17 years old and their works are lovely!

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

We also enjoy some great performances from Saung Budaya, the cultural troupe of Indonesian dances and arts which resides in NYC. They beautifully performed Tanjidor Kahot and Gending Sriwijaya. Love them!

Then the show continued with showcasing collections of more Indonesian designers we have coming for New York Fashion Week First Stage SS 18.

Get more great Indonesian Designers collection at Indonesia Fashion Gallery, New York City.

So, which one is your favorite?

Indonesian Diversity Runway Show SS18 Collection - Photo Gallery

More photos for you all :)
Indonesian Diversity Runway Show SS18 Collection - Photo Gallery

Catherine Njoo for NYFW First Stage

All photos were taken by me using iPhone 7 Plus and Ztylus lenses.

Catherine Njoo 'Legong' with Head piece by Grace Liem

Caterine Njoo for NYFW The First Stage