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WW: Strolling around during the Independence Day Holiday

Happy 76th Anniversary Indonesia
Happy 76th Anniversary, Indonesia

August 17th is the Indonesia's Independence Day.


Since we are still in the pandemic and have some strict movement arrangement, we cannot go places or even go back home to Lampung. Before the new normal, we have so many activities conducted during the celebration of Independence Day. Traditional games such as panjat pinang, lomba bakiak, balap karung and more. How I miss fun fares and more entertainment for public, wherever we are. But of course, during the pandemic, we are shifting to the virtual or hybrid mode. This year has been the second year we are celebrating it this way. 

Anyway, as we have the holiday on this particular day, we decided to stroll around during the Independence Day Holiday. I rode the motorcycle with my hubby in the morning to hunt for Indonesian food, especially those famous for breakfast. We went out at 7 AM, as 10 AM we would follow the national flag hoisting ceremony in Presidential Palace virtually.

We bought bubur ayam or chicken porridge and ketoprak, or a melange of rice cake, peanut sauce, bean sprout, fried tofu and kerupuk. 

We then stopped to to buy kue pancong and kue ape, Indonesian traditional cakes made of rice flour, grated coconut, and sugar, plus pandan for kue ape.  We certainly decided to have a little party at home! After we got everything, we just went back home.

Once we were at home, we just relaxed and enjoyed the flag hoisting ceremony from YouTube. I decided to rest as I do need to bounce back after a back-to-back COVID-19 strikes. I guess I deserve it.  But before that, I took some photos of merah putih, the red-and-white flag, that we had at home and the surroundings. 

Well, again, happy birthday, INDONESIA! 
Love you so much and stay fabulous!
Indonesia Tangguh, Indonesia Tumbuh

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COLORFUL INDONESIA - 17AN (TUJUH BELASAN) – The Notes from the Celebration of Indonesia’s 75th Anniversary with Google Local Guides


Colorful Indonesia - the Celebration of Indonesia's 75th Anniversary

COLORFUL INDONESIA - 17AN (TUJUH BELASAN) – The Notes from the Celebration of Indonesia’s 75th Anniversary with Google Local Guides


Hello everyone...

Hope everyone is safe, happy and healthy amidst the pandemic that still run rampant around us.

August is almost gone and I have to admit that this month has been very colorful

 If you were asked, what you have done to your country, what would be your answer(s)?

That you have loved it with all you heart and soul?

That you have defended it in various occasions and platforms?

That you have tried to do your best to make your country proud?

That you have studied hard to ensure you can give the best to your country?

That you have contributed, in your own way, to the progress on the ground?

That you have promoted your country wherever you go?

That you have proudly speak your national language and teach it to your fellow foreign counterparts?

That you have loved its tremendous culture and be proud of it?

That you have always cooked your national or traditional food you love so much?

That you will continue to look for ways to improve your skills and share your passion about your beloved country to the world?

The list can go on and on and on obviously.

And that’s why, in the spirit of making the celebration of our Independence Day more meaningful, Jakarta Local Guides, together with Indonesia Local Guides, convened a special meet – up, COLORFUL INDONESIA17an (read: TUJUH BELASAN).

Welcoming the 75th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, Local Guides throughout Indonesia proudly invited all Local Guides to participate in the Virtual meet up which was held on the August 17th 2020 at 07.00 PM Indonesia time.


We celebrated Indonesia’s 75th Anniversary or the Independence Day together with Local Guides from Indonesia as well as from different corner of the world. Friends from India, Thailand, Peru, Malaysia, Pakistan and others join our celebration. Some friends from Indonesia even joined the meet - up while they were in the middle of the road, heading back to Jakarta.

Google Local Guides from India, Thailand, Peru, the US, Malaysia and others joined the virtual meet - up on Indonesia's Independence

It was fun, hassle-free and joyous celebration, filled with interesting history, fun-fact about Indonesia and its struggles for independence, quizzes and songs, and endless photo sessions.

We started the meeting at 8 PM by singing our national anthem, Indonesia Raya. The music was played and the lyrics were provided so everyone who attended, including those who are not Indonesians, could follow and felt the vibe.


Nothing beats the feeling of patriotism and the love of your country while you are singing the national anthem! For sure, my dearest Indonesian colleagues sang the anthem with their hearts, I myself was choked with mixed feelings of pride and optimism.



It was super special as well as we invited Local Guides who participated to wear Indonesian traditional costumes. As the theme for this celebration is "Colorful Indonesia", we were very grateful and appreciative as the meet-up participants wore or showed traditional clothes during the meet-up. Of course it was not mandatory but I managed to wear Siger Lampung, the traditional headdress from Lampung, Indonesia (my beloved hometown) with its famous and elaborate Tapis Lampung, the hand-woven traditional fabric from Lampung, using golden threads and colorful patterns in purple, red and gold. 

Meanwhile my dearest co-host   Radja Sitanggang looked super cool with his Bataknese attire (from North Sumatra, his origin) in black and gold. Rahmat, our super talented and super helpful friend (to whom we owed his amazing works for presentations and videos) wore Udeng, a special headdress for male from Bali.   Jean looked beautiful in Balinese attire with that lovely frangipani on her hair. Mas Brian   from Malang was showcasing a special head scarf from Java I believe. Many wore Batik, our UNESCO-World-Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity like Pak  Budi and many others.

Siger Lampung worn by Google Local Guides @indahnuria during virtual meet up


We had presentations from Munawar of Aceh and Jean as well.

Munawar eloquently talked about the beauty of Aceh and all its famous coffee, food and of course, the beauty of Acehnese ladies. I couldn’t wait to come and visit Aceh myself!

And Jean successfully made us crave to go to Bali and enjoy its endless beauty. Never get enough of it.


Together, we shared more of what independence means to us and how colourful Indonesia can stay united after its independence in 1945.

We walk through some highlights of beautiful Indonesia, particularly to historical places (mostly in Jakarta and the surrounding cities like Rengasdengklok) to see its amazing stories and landscapes. Some historical buildings in Jakarta are the witness of Indonesia’s struggles towards independence.

Presentation during the virtual meet - up of COLORFUL INDONESIA

In addition to that, we celebrated the cultures, particularly the ones that become sort of traditions during the 17an or the celebration of Indonesia’s independence, like decorating the gate in your neighborhood with Red-and-white theme, fun traditional games with prizes, parade, flag-hoisting ceremony, and so much more. Although the pandemic is still rampant and in many cities these traditions were not done this year, but we still have vivid memories of how fun those games were during 17an. How it brings me back to my childhood with all those fun – yet – hilarious games. Not to mention culinary, traditions and friendly people, including Indonesian Local Guides :). For sure, these are wonderful aspects that Local Guides from all over the world will certainly enjoy and cherish! Again, Rahmat had done a brilliant job for preparing the presentation. 

Then we also had photo competition where Local Guides were invited to send their favorite photos showcasing Indonesia or following the theme of Indonesia’s Independence Day. 

Some of the entries for photo competition during the virtual meet up of COLORFUL INDONESIA

We had many cool entries and the winner is Nabhan Ahmad Ludihanto! Yaaaay...congratulations.



Winner of the photo competition during the virtual meet up of COLORFUL INDONESIA

Of course, the meet-up won’t be complete without any quizzes. We had fun throwing trivia questions from the presentation, like how many islands Indonesia has, the names of Indonesian heroines from Aceh, the names of beaches in Bali, and so many more. For the prizes, they got tumblers, t-shirts, and packages of traditional food and coffee from Lampung! Then, we had Kahoot quiz as well, packed with Indonesian – related questions. Fun, fun, fun.

Winner of the Kahoot quiz during the virtual meet up of COLORFUL INDONESIA


In addition to that, we actually had a challenge for non-Indonesia participants. You know what the challenge was? To sing any Indonesian songs or any songs related to Indonesia for us. Just like a gift to Indonesia. But perhaps the challenge was too hard LOL, none could finish it. Except @Ant_Bad_Yogi     who sang Happy Birthday to us, and I guess to me as well who celebrated my birthday on August 11. Thanks Ant for the fun! Then we had @gurupriya , my dear @anil and Ma @RosyKohli for joining us as well together with others.

We managed to sing together as well. Tanah Pusaka was the song we chose, as we were so moved by its deep lyrics. I almost cried singing it together with my fellow Indonesian Local Guides. It was indeed a great moment.

For us, our homeland will always stay in our heart. 

Borne in our soul.

And stay there till the end of time.

I personally have been traveling and residing in many parts of the world.

But my heart belongs to INDONESIA.



Seperti syair lagu cantik ini, Tanah Airku

Walaupun banyak negeri kujalani
Yang masyhur permai dikata orang
Tetapi kampung dan rumahku
Di sanalah ku rasa senang

Tanah ku tak kulupakan
Engkau kubanggakan

Tanah ku yang kucintai
Engkau kuhargai


And here's the free translation to the lyrics:

Even though I have traveled to many countries

The famous ones they said, beautiful and prosper

But my home, my village and my homeland

That's where I feel happy

My land I will not forget

I'm proud of you

My land that I always love

I will always appreciate you


Happy 75th Anniversary, Indonesia celebrating Indonesia's Independence in Switzerland

All in all, it was a great meet-up!

Thank you so very much for joining us, dear Local Guides and friends!

Hope we all can benefit from this meet-up and see you around on the next one!



Happy Independence Day, Indonesia

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia

Happy 74th anniversary, Indonesia

So, this is the day.
Today, 17th of August 2019, Indonesia is celebrating her 74th anniversary. 
It might look young in terms of independence but we certainly are blessed with so many incredible things after the Independence Day.

This is our second year in Indonesia and we have a blast in celebrating the Independence Day. As you have probably remember from my post last year, we had the ceremony at the office, the flag hoisting ceremony, which were held early in the morning led by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Indonesia herself, H.E. Mrs. Retno Marsudi.

The Minister leading the ceremony

This year, we have the similar commemoration. But of course with different theme and different decorations. For sure I am wearing a different costume as well LOL.

Vienna, my junior, and I wearing Lampungnese Tapis

Last year, I wear the Lampungnese dress with white kebaya, Lampungnese Tapis, and a full set of Lampungnese Siger from Pepadun tribe. It was fun indeed, but as you can probably imagine, wearing traditional costumes is not always that practical at all LOL.

This year, I decided to wear the red kebaya adorned with Lampungnese Tapis as well, paired with red-green-and-gold Tapis and slightly smaller Siger or the head dress. It proves to be more wearable for me for the whole morning. Not as heavy as the previous Siger I wore last year. And for sure it looks beautiful as well.

Wearing red this Mas Riaz, my senior

So I came to the office at 6:30 AM, which is quite early,  In order to ensure that I don’t miss the ceremony. When I arrived, the field that we use for the ceremony was already packed with people wearing colorful traditional Indonesian costumes. It is very heartwarming to see the beauty of diversity that my country is embracing, and that’s only from the costume alone. I see those wearing costumes from various parts in Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and also Papua.

 We have the usual flag raising ceremony proceedings, starting with welcoming the inspector of the ceremony, which is my minister, followed by reading out Pancasila (our 5-principles state philosophy), the preamble of our constitution, the flag hoisting process, and the presentations of various token of appreciation for those who have been working for 10 ,15, 20 or more years in my institution. Finally, the ceremony was closed by praying together and then singing some national songs.

But obviously that’s not all. We had fun photo sessions with the Minister and all the high rank officials from a ministry at the field and in front of Gedung Pancasila, One of the historical an iconic buildings in Jakarta where Pancasila our states philosophy , was inaugurated.

some members of the big family of Multilateral Affairs


Colorful Indonesia!
the colleagues from my batch, Sekdilu 28!

Snacks and food are available as well and we definitely enjoyed them. After that I’m heading back home and rest for a while before joining my neighbors who are conducting some traditional games, like makan kerupuk, balap karung and panjat pinang, to celebrate Independence Day. 

Get more stories from my YouTube channel as well about this ceremony.

So that’s my story on the independence day.
What’s your story?

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia

The 73rd Anniversary of Indonesia's Independence

Happy 73rd Anniversary of Indonesia's Independence!

Posing with Lampungnese traditional attire against the backdrop of our First President, Ir. Soekarno, declared Indonesia's Independence

August 17 is celebrated as the national day for my beloved Indonesia.
Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta, the founding fathers of Indonesia, proclaimed Indonesia's independence on this day after being colonised by the Dutch for around 350 years and by Japanese for around 3.5 years.

After celebrating it in New York City for the last 4 years, we are now celebrating it at home!
In our beloved Indonesia!
We were super excited.

My office invited all of its staff to join the flag-hoisting ceremony starting at 7.15 AM.
My kids already had the similar events a day before as their schools were off on the D-day.

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia. Picture from pixabay

I went to my office for the flag-hoisting ceremony that morning and we were requested to wear Indonesian traditional costumes. As Indonesia is indeed rich in cultural heritages, being a proud home of more than 700 traditional tribes (or may be even more!), we believe that showcasing those traditional costumes during our national day will be a perfect occasion to deepen our love and respect towards our historical roots and independent struggles. 

The ceremony started at 7.15 AM and we finished at around 8 AM, as the Minister needed to be at the Palace to join the celebration with the President of the Republic of Indonesia, which started at 10 AM.
The ceremony was conducted in a semi-military arrangement, with flag-hoisting team marching to the flag pole and hoisting Merah Putih, our national flag, while the participants sang Indonesia Raya, our national anthem, together.
It was such a solemn and proud moment, as we all continue fighting for Indonesia's priorities and needs, wherever we are.

As you probably know very well, I chose to wear the wedding attire of Lampung, where I was born and raised. 


You don't know how proud I was wearing the almost-3-kg Siger or the traditional crown as well as the complete set of the costume which includes 2-kg Tapis Lampung or the hand-woven traditional fabrics from golden threads. 
It was indeed a great experience, considering that it was a hot and humid morning :).

Siger Lampung
The Siger, traditional crown of Lampungnese bride
The flag-raising ceremony is taken place in so many parts of Indonesia as well as the representatives of Indonesia all over the world.It is usually followed by Pesta Rakyat or people's party, packed with sports and fun contests as well as endless entertainment. While we were in NYC, we never missed the ceremony as well as the Street Festival conducted in the following weeks.

Long story short, the ceremony in my Office in Jakarta was solemnly done and afterwords, we had fun photo sessions here and there, as always.
I even took the photo near the mascots of Asian Games 2018, Bhin Bhin, Atung and Kaka.

Enjoy some pictures I took with my phone during the ceremony and once again,


Maju terus, Indonesiaku tercinta

72nd Anniversary of Indonesia's Independence

Happy 72nd Anniversary, Indonesiaku

August 17.
That's when Indonesia celebrates its Independence Day.
After being colonized by Dutch for approximately 350 years, finally, Soekarno and Muhammad Hatta proclaimed our independence on August 17th, 1945.

This year is my 4th year celebrating our Independence Day in New York City.
You know well how different it feels to celebrate such auspicious day when you are away from home.

This year, we have the morning celebration at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in NYC.
Certainly, my family and I went there to attend the celebration.
Although early in the morning I have the kick-off breakfast for Making Strides against Breast Cancer at Marriott Marquis Hotel Times Square, but I managed to meet my mom and the kids before heading to the Consulate General.
We made it right on time, when the ceremony was about to begin.

The morning celebration is open to all Indonesians and friends of Indonesia who would love to attend.
Back home in Indonesia, we have the ceremony all across the country.
We usually have the flag-raising ceremony, including in the Presidential Palace in Jakarta, but in NYC, as we are doing it inside the room, we have different protocol arrangement.

After solemnly celebrate the Independence Day, we continued the gathering with photo sessions and enjoying the refreshment.

with the big family of Permanent Mission of Indonesia to the UN and the Consul General

My mom, Obi, and I wore the red ensemble adorned with Tapis Lampung, the traditional hand-woven fabrics from my hometown Lampung. The traditional pattern of pucuk rebung is the one we chose. My mom and Obi wore dresses while I wore kebaya kutu baru as my top.  Kebaya is also one of our national dresses.

In red, beautifully adorned with Tapis Lampung.

We certainly have the traditional Nasi Kuning with all its condiments (read the RECIPE here :)) and some other Indonesian traditional munchies. 

I was so busy catching up with friends and colleagues, I didn't take really take picture of those yummy food. But most importantly, we all gathered with the same spirit to continue our fight for our country, wherever we are

 We all are grateful to have the independent Indonesia and amidst the fact that we have been independent for quite sometimes, we still have a lot of home works at home.
We will continue to strive for a better future. 
For a better Indonesia.

Dirgahayu Indonesia
My beloved homeland, always.