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#Bo et Obi's diary: First day of school

It's September 4th...

First day of school for kiddos here in New York City and the surroundings...

As we just moved in last May, so this is going to be the first time for Bo et Obi attending classes in public schools in NYC.

How exciting!

After the immunization shots at the pediatrics, back-and-forth trip of school supplies shopping and loooong queues for registration (I will share that one another story here :) ), the D day has finally arrived...Duum dum duum (here comes the famous soundtrack :) )

Bo went to PS 122...within our zone...

Since the night before, we have prepared everything...clothes to wear, school supplies, menu list (for the lunch box ♡♡♡), shocks and shoes, even practicing a short speech of introduction for cool is that :)..

look who's getting busy preparing things :)
Since the school supplies are quite heavy, we decided to split them into 2 bags. Mama will bring the heavy one of course :).

some of the school supplies :)
So, the morning arrived peacefully we all woke up at 6.15 am that morning. A bit rush for our morning prayer, then the rituals begin..

Bo had his bowls of favorite cereals, while mama prepared his favorite turkey sandwich, with a bowl of seedless grape and apple. All went to his light blue lunch bag :)
Then Obi finished her glass of milk then watched TV briefly while waiting for Bo finishing his shower.

Everyone was ready at 7.30!

Yaaay...quite a record after that loooong lazy summer break :). 
And alhamdulillaaaaah,  no fuss! Seriously, mama has expected some reluctant faces and no-shower-please plea :). But it all went well... 

getting ready to go to school...

waiting for the gate :)
Bo' s  school gate opens at 8, unless he wants to have that free breakfast at school where he needs to come at 7.35 am. And we have to go through the auditorium gate, not the cafetaria one, if arriving at 8 am.

We arrived at Bo's school at 7.45 as it took only aroun 7 minutes drive from home and already we had a big crowd. 

Guess we're not the only one welcoming the 1st day of school with excitement :). Some friendly faces from the registration time showed up as well and many returning students are flocking together.

crowded gate..and it's not even open :)

Bo was a bit anxious and asked lots of questions like where to go first, how if no one helped him find the classroom, who's gonna picked him up, or even whether I could come to the class with him.

Well, I won't blame him for having cold feet as this is the first time ever for him to join school here. After answering all the questions and convincing him that everything is gonna be alrite, Bo was all smiley again..

We even managed to take our wefie photos :)...with Obi :)


all smiley et bubbly :)
Then exactly at 8 am, the gate was open and the kids storming in. Some teachers were ready to help the kids, including those with big school supplies bags. One last hug and wave and off Bo went inside for his 1st day of school.

And mommy got teary eyes :)... 
I don't know...I felt like crying watching my baby boy is now on the 3rd grade and he just bravely brisked in to his new environment. 

Bravo kiddos...sooo proud of you..
And's Obi's UPK time..

Hmmm...what's UPK?
I will be back with more stories and photos, fellas :)