Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

To those who live in the US, how's your long weekend?
We pretty much enjoy this week with some extra day off for Memorial Day.
Although this week I am still buried in works.
Meetings are continuous and tiring indeed.

But ever morning, I always try to walk with Bo et Obi and enjoy my brief moment of tranquility.

Being blessed for the beauty around us.

enjoying my colorful morning
Getting some string and great spirit from the kids and fresh morning air before heading to the office and the UN.

Thank you for always be there, love :*

During the long weekend, we didn't do much, but made trips to the Factory Outlet twice ;p. 
They really gave you the discount for this special day.

memorial day sale :)
We tried Astoria Pool, which was supposed to be open during the Memorial Day weekend, but the pool was still dry and empty. So the kids just enjoyed the water sprinkler in the playground on Monday. It was still fun indeed.

But now, are you ready for another round of Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls this week?

Brace yourselves...
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Throwback Tuesday: Davos in Summer

Summer is coming...
Surely the heat is hitting the NYC for the last 2 weeks and many surely cheer for that.
After wondering around the super cold spring, suddenly the weather is super warm down here.

And speaking of summer, we have such  beautiful memories of Davos in summer.
Have you heard of Davos?
Many of you are probably familiar with this famous city in Switzerland.
Annually hosting World Economic Forum (WEF), Davos is beautifully situated in Canton Graubunden, south-east part of Switzerland.
Davos is also well-known for its ski resorts as well as other winter sports like ice skating and ice hockey.

But for us, Davos is epic during the WEF.
This super special event is the annual meeting of global leaders from many parts of the world and from different walks of life, including top-notch CEO, celebrities and Head of States/Governments, standing next to each other  with no entourage. It is very special because the Forum is uniquely inviting all those VVIP without their usual 'entourage',- be it security personnel, assistant, protocol or whatsoever. Acess is extremely limited, restricted only for the VVIPs :).
 Every winter, usually January, Davos turns into an extra special global stage as the eyes of the world are on it. I remember vividly all the efforts we have to take in order to prepare visits of our dignitaries.
But I won't talk about that now..
I want to show you Davos in summer :).

Welcome to Jakobshorn, Switzerland...

I got a chance to visit Davos in summer 2008 with Udi et Bo.
We stayed there for 5 days and although I was in the middle of series of meetings, we got a chance to enjoy this beautiful city while the sun is still up there.

We visited Jakobshorn, taking the funicular and stayed up for a while.
Up there, it's beautifully serene and peaceful indeed.

And the vista is amazing..
the peak...minus the snow :)

We even saw some people tracking near the Jakobshorn.
It is one of the mountains around this area.
In winter, it has 14 pistes for skiing. But it looks beautiful as well in summer.

let's have lunch :)

Bo, Udi and I also strolled around the village, enjoying the green scenery and crystal clear river flowing around the Rinerhorn. I love it!

At the last day, we enjoyed Davoz Platz and its street arts.

Taking pictures here and there with Bo :)

And we met some llamas and Bo (as well as his mom) couldn't resist to take pictures with them :) 

Do you have any beautiful memories to share with us?

Spring Break 2016: the Death Valley

The Death Valley.

Aren't we all intrigued by the death?


What is death?

A scary concept that may haunt our consciousness?
Or freedom from all fears and failures?

When I heard the name of one of these National Parks here in the US for the first time, I was thinking that it might derive from it being a dreadful "killing field" of creatures passing over this very spot.
When we google it, for sure the image you'll find is the famous skeleton of the mountain goat's head.
Miserably stared back at you with its hollow eyes.

That is something!

The more we browsed, the more captivated we were.
That is why we decided to come and visit Death Valley, our second National Park in this spring break trip. 

Our journey this time started from Page Arizona. It took us around 6hours from Arizona to Death Valley, California. Long and hot 6 hours :)
The view along the way is lovely indeed.
Typical mysterious deserts with its beauty.

We left Page early in the morning and manage to arrive in Death Valley at noon.
And it was so hot indeed.
Death Valley is, in fact, one of the hottest points in this country.

We headed to Furnace Creek, the visitor center, to know more about this huge Park. Looking at the map given to us, Death Valley is indeed so vast, so empty, yet so simple, and so quiet.
It was very quiet we could hear our own voice echoing back.
Well, Death Valley is the hottest, the driest and the lowest National Park indeed.

One thing for sure, there is NO SIGNAL here.
NO signals, NO GPS, NO service.
We very much relied on the map and road signs as well as park newspaper which has abundant information and warnings.

There are several interesting spots in Death Valley.
Some of them are Badwater Basin, Dante's View, Devil's Golf Course, Zabriskie Point, Artist Palette, Scotty's Castle, the Racetrack and more. There are so many ghost towns as well.

Then with the time and energy we have, we were faced by our classic problem.
So much to see, so little time

For the first stop, we had Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin is the lowest elevation in North America. It was located 282 feet, or 86 meter, below the sea.
When we first stepped our foot here, all we could see was white and brown field.
Of salt and mud.

at the Badwater Basin.

The salt flat was very interesting.
We have never seen it before and pretty much interested to see closer.
It feels like in another world.

It somehow reminds me of Star Wars :).

Bo and Obi realy enjoyed the Badwater Basin.
Although it was very hot, but they were happily running around the sands flat, looking at the salt and mud formations which are very unique.

Then after that, we headed to Devil's Golf Course. Nice name, right :).

It is basically a vast field with dry mud and salt. Looks like a thorn golf course.. And maybe only the devil who can play golf here.

This place is certainly huge so it feels like it belongs to us. We have more cars and visitors in Badwater Basin, but not on the other parts of the park.

Next, we drove around the Artist Drive. This one way drive is beautiful indeed, with some dips and curves which accentuate the mountainous structure of this area. 

Then we arrived at the Artist Palette.

We took a break here and took photos until sunset.

By the time we finished at the Artist Palette, it was already dark.
And we were drop dead tired as well.
We stayed at Stovepipe Well that night.

Before heading to Yosemite National Park, we stopped at Mezquita Flat Sand Dune. 

So, what do you think about Death Valley? Fascinating isn't?

Sudah Coba Steller?

Hi, everyone..

Sudah coba Steller?
Have you tried Steller?

Sudah pernah denger Steller kan?
Sudah pastinya.
Atau malah sudah punya akunnya?
Dan aktif berbagi cerita di platform yang satu ini?

Sama dong...

Saya juga punya.
Baru saja.
Dan walaupun baru mencoba, sudah langsung kecanduan :).

Dasar tukang dongeng (baca: bawel :)), setiap ada platform baru, saya selalu tergelitik untuk mencobanya. Dan Steller, sesuai dengan namanya yang disingkat dari Story teller, cocok banget buat kita yang doyan cerita.

Saya suka banget!

Bukan karena Steller sedang naik daun.
Bukan pula karena takut tidak kekinian.
Pun bukan karena Steller ID sudah banyak penggunanya.

Tapi karena Steller memang K.E.R.E.N.

Buat saya, Steller, at this point, adalah platform yang pas.
Seperti perpaduan mini blog, foto, dan video, dengan template oke dan banyak kemudahan.
Dan tampilan akhirnya seperti membaca buku cerita. Seperti gabungan blog, Instagram, Path, juga  pinterest. Pokoknya praktis dan hasilnya oke.
Suka deh...

Buat saya yang punya banyak koleksi foto bejibun dan video a la a la, putting them in my stories at Steller is just a click away.
Tinggal pilih foto dan/atau video, masukkan kata atau caption yang mendukung et cerita kita pun siap tayang :).
Bahkan kadang tanpa cerita panjang pun, dengan mengandalkan foto dan video, cerita kita sudah tampil menarik. 

photo was taken from https://steller.co/

Yang pertama sukses mengilik keingintahuan saya akan Steller adalah @dita et @pinot
Tau dooong siapa Dita et Mas Pinot
Tetangga saya di Astoria yang super keren ini memang sudah tidak asing lagi buat mereka yang sering wara-wari di jagad media sosial. Dita et Pinot memang masuk dalam jajaran top influencers kelas dunia.

Dita adalah seorang ilustrator handal dan food photografer keren yang juga seorang stylist ternama. Coba aja cek akun Instagramnya or twitter Dita yang pengikutnya udah buanyaaaak banget. Panggilan sayangnya mamin :) dan udah buruan deh cek langsung akun Steller, IG, twitter,  dan media sosialnya. Dijamin pasti langsung jatuh cinta ;*.

Dan Mas Pinot juga samaaaa. Viner keren, yang juga animator, illustrator et graphic designer keren ini juga luar biasa. Inget video parodinya AADC 2 yang a la srimulat dan viral abis itu? Itulah mas Pinot hehehehe. Aku selalu sukses dibuat ketawa kalau lihat video-videonya dan menganga lihat sketches and motion picsnya yang asli canggih abis. 

Ini beneran pasangan suami istri seru yang bakatnya ngga abis-abis. Dan pastinya nurun ke anak-anak mereka (psssst...mereka adalah peri, putri dan the chosen one :)). 
Makanya betaaah kalau main ke apartemen mereka yang jaraknya cuma 3 blok dari rumah :). Seruuuuu dan pasti makan enak hihihihi.

Dan Dita plus Mas Pinotlah yang sukses 'memboyong' Steller ke Indonesia.

Meskipun sudah ada sejak tahun 2014, namun ternyata aplikasi Steller tidak bisa langsung diunduh di App store Indonesia. Thanks to Dita et Pinot, aplikasi ini pun kini bisa diunduh untuk para pengguna di tanah air dan as anticipated, many of the Indonesian users  fall in love  with steller and use it. 

Go check #stellerID dan seperti saya, teman-teman bisa menikmati begitu banyak cerita dan foto-foto luar biasa dari Indonesia, dan tentu saja dunia.

Steller ID saat ini :)

So, balik lagi ke Steller.
Bagaimana sih cara membuat akunnya?

Pertama, unduh dulu aplikasinya di hp masing-masing. Sekarang sudah tersedia di App Store untuk pengguna iOS maupun android lho.

Buat akunmu, bisa dengan menautkannya dengan akun Facebook, Twitter, Instagram dan email.

Setelah punya akun, siaaap deh buat cerita menarik di Steller.

Caranya pun mudah.

Saat di page home, di bagian bawah ada icon tanda tambah (+)

Silahkan dklik, lalu nanti akan keluar pilihan: 

1. choose your theme.

Untuk template ini, ada 11 pilihan keren yang bisa kamu pakai. Mulai dari yang klasik dan dreamy, sampai yang heboh dan seru seperti Bang dan mode.

ada banyak template lucu :)

 2. Select your media

Di sini kita bisa pilih maksimal 20 foto untuk ditampilkan dalam cerita.
Dimasukkan 1 atau 2 dulu juga oke, nanti sambil drafting, foto-foto lainnya bisa ditambahkan. Setelah dipilih, tap import.

tinggal pilih foto yang disuka..

3. Halaman Judul

Selesai import, maka kita pun akan tiba pada halaman title alias judul.
Lay out foto yang kita akan tampilkan bisa diedit lho. Ada sekitar 17 pilihan yang bisa dilihat pada pilihan layout untuk bagian judul, mulai dari aneka angles foto, tambahan stiker, sampai quotes jika memang diinginkan. Asyik kan :).

untuk mengedit title..

Selain layout foto, tulisan judul juga bisa diedit, mulai dari ukuran font, warna, jenis hingga alignment.

pilihan untuk mengedit..

4. Halaman Teks
Selain halaman judul, halaman berikutnya adalah teks. 
Tinggal ditambahkan teks/caption apa yang dibutuhkan di sini. Tekspun tidak harus panjang. Bisa pendek, bisa quote, bisa apa saja. Cara mengedit teks pun sama seperti di atas.

ini halaman teks..

5. New Page

Untuk menambah halaman baru, di bagian  bawah ada pilihan new page. Tinggal pilih, mau photo/video atau teks.

tinggal pilih yaaa..

Kalau sudah dipilih, tinggal dimasukkan photo/video atau teks yang diinginkan. Bisa diedit juga lay out dan alignmentnya.

6. Save dan preview 

Setelah semua teks, foto, dan video lengkap, draft tinggal di save. Pilihan save ada di bagian atas. Kalau memang  proses drafting belum selesai, draft sementara bisa disave juga. Untuk mengeditnya, tinggal diklik kembali draftnya.

Draft yang belum selesai :)

Untuk melihat draft yang sudah disave, tinggal cek di preview.

7.  Publish 

Kalau ceritamu sudah lengkap dan selesai dipreview, tinggal tap publish and voilaaaa.. Ceritamu pun sudah langsung 'mengudara' di antero jagat steller and beyond.
Jangan khawatir kalau masih ada yang mau ditambah, dikurang, or diubah. Tinggal tap edit story, and you can do that easily on your phone.

8. Share
Biar seru, jangan lupa share ya.
Ada banyak channels yang bisa dipilih untuk share ceritamu di steller, mulai dari FB, twitter, Google+, Instagram, WA, line, telegram, email and more.
Jangan lupa juga cek dan ikuti akun-akun keren dan cerita-cerita seru lainnya di homepage Steller.
Kita juga bisa republished cerita teman-teman yang menurut kita oke, bahkan dibuat dalam album khusus di bawah item collections. Belum apa-apa koleksi saya sudah banyak ajaaah. 

Ada begitu banyak inspirasi yang aku dapet di sini, terutama tempat-tempat yang pengen kujelajahi dengan #myitchyfeet.
Asyik kan.

Jadi jangan salahkan aku kalau nanti langsung keranjingan ber-steller ria. Soalnya asli seru!
Ini penampakan cerita perdana kami di Steller.

Cerita pertamaku di Steller :)

Sangking serunya, suami saya juga ikutan bersteller ria :).
You can check it out here as well.

Salah satu cerita Rudi di Steller :) 

So, what do you think?
Tertarik untuk coba Steller?
Yuk, kita coba. Jangan lupa add akunku ya :)

Check out more of my stories at #Steller :)