Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Hearts Girls

The long weekend is here!
Although not exactly a long weekend for me as the UN still has some meetings during the President Day as well as the Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating it!
Gong Xi Fa Cai

These are some fun photos we took while celebrating the Chinese New Year in Paris back in 2010. Always fascinating to see how colorful the world cultures are! We were traveling with a big group of people,- our big family in Geneve I have to say,- who love photography as well What a fun trip indeed!
And I really missed it! 

I have been using the time to upload some photos on my social media accounts.
Well, some photos are taken during our trips dated back in 2016 and apparently untouched!
Let alone the stories piling up in my drafts :).
Well, I guess I will have to do them one draft at a time!

It's not easy to juggle between my family and kids,  full-time job, and appealing New York City! So much to, so little time.
Especially as I'm counting down to going back home to Indonesia this summer.
Do you sometimes feel the same way?
Like you don't wanna miss anything but you know you are tired and just need to pause for a bit. Well, I bet I will soon work it out!

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WW: Lower Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona

Happily sharing more photos from Lower Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona for this (almost) Wordless Wednesday.

Well, we went there in 2016 but with breathtaking beauty and amazing landscapes, I have tons of unpublished photos from this trip alone.
Read the story at Spring Break 2016: Deeper Underground at Lower Antelope Canyon

Page, Arizona

Hope you like it as much as I do!
Feel so small standing amidst these naturally shaped rocks.

after thousands of years..

with a bit of ray of light

indigenous shape and colors..

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun with the links! 

Sunset at St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The trip was made in May 2017 but I still remember vividly how beautiful the sunset at St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

The golden sky is such a a pretty sight!
I literally held my breath, unconsciously, while taking this photo :).
This one is taken from my hotel, Mariners, Arnos Vale, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Coming out to the French Verandah, this is what's welcoming us.

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the magnificent sky from different part of the world!

Vivi Zubedi for New York Fashion Week 2018 - The Story

Vivi Zubedi for New York Fashion Week 2018 - The Story.

"Attention, everyone. Please take your seat.  The show is about to begin!" 

Dearest Lori and Nicole from Riviere agency firmly announced that to the buzzing audience who were taking selfies, pictures and snapchats, exchanging hugs, kisses, and excitement among friends and familiar faces. Rushed to their seats, audience immediately fell silent and held their breath, waiting for the show

Urang Banua, Vivi Zubedi's collection for NYFW 2018 runway, was about to start.

An hour before, a long line was snaking outside of Industria, the venue for Vivi Zubedi's show that night. As the clock reach 2.30 PM, the security allowed those with seated invitation to enter the building, to be followed by those who had different invitations. Soon the room was quickly packed with invitees, spectators and fashion enthusiasts. All gathered to see how special Urang Banua is.

outside of Industria..

And the lights went out.

The first model graciously walked the runway, wearing Abaya-inspired dressed made of Pagatan tenun, Indonesian traditional weaving fabrics from South Kalimantan. Vivi's trademark of elegant silhoutte and gracious details are vividly shown in this abaya-only collection. 

The touch of Sasirangan and Pagatan tenun definitely brings out the homey feeling and unique flair to those dresses . Playing with a lot of earthy, natural colors, plus romantic black and white, Urang Banua collection will surely satisfy those loving the modest, neat style.

Velvet looks beautiful with Pagatan

More opulent looks comes as more models were walking on the runway.
I love the details on the Pagatan tenun, or as labelled by the designer Tanah Bumbu, where these hand-woven fabrics are mixed with velvet, beads, stones, laces, ribbons, embroideries and pieces of small mirrors. 

Seating there on the front row gave me a great access to the show. 
But I was so excited my photos were blurred! 
Well, but iPhone is a huge help indeed :).

With dearest friends Hengki Kawilarang, Indonesian leading designer, Gina from whatthedoost, and Angel Tan plus Irene

The shapes and cutting Vivi played on the long sleeves, sides, capuchon, collars and  more made those dresses even more special. 
Every detail rocks.

And Vivi Zubedi joins one of the most riveting Fashion Show on earth on some rock-hard missions, to make modest fashion mainstream and solidify women empowerment! Starting in 2016 with Anniesa Hasibuan, modest fashion, particularly those chosen and  worn by Moslem women, have become a integral part of NYFW. A great welcome indeed, adding to the diversity of looks and styles being showcased in this prestigious runway.

As you know, strong ladies back home in Pagatan, South Kalimantan, who made these incredible pieces of tenun are literally struggling to make ends meet.  With their skillful hands, all these colorful fabrics are created and produced through diligent and meticulous process. No wonder Vivi was so touched to see these hardworking women and decided instantly to bring their beautiful pieces and spirit to the international arena. To show their inspirational works to the world. Great job, Vivi! 

And it seems, modest fashion is here to stay.
I can see the overwhelming response from the floor for this abaya-inspired collection.
Can't wait to see the next work of Vivi Zubedi or other Indonesian fashion designers here in New York City! 

Vivi has been fully supported by Hijup and Wardah, Indonesia leading halal cosmetics, that I love sooo much!
Its beautiful matte and cream lipsticks are one of my fave!

with the Indonesian ladies from my office :)

Here's to Urang Banua, 
Vivi Zubedi for New York Fashion Week 2018 - The Story