Kylie Matte Lipstick and Lipliner - Kourt K Lipkit

Disclaimer: this post is purely my own review and not in any ways is compensated by any companies or agencies. I acquire the product myself and happily write my personal experience.

Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick.
Bring me one and I'll get more :).

I don't remember exactly when I start developing a new hobby of trying ,- and eventually buying and collecting,- lipsticks. 

Any new shades and formulas are warmly welcomed and I have to admit that I am thrilled to try new variants of lipstick,- or lipstain, lipkit, lipgloss, liptint and whatever names they come with,- that you can easily find in YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram.

This time, I have Kylie Matte Lipstick and Lipliner in Kourt - drum rolls, please ;p,- 

Ada yang suka Kylie Matte lipkit?
Aku #tunjuktanganyangtinggi.
Dengan segala kelucuannya dan kekiniannya, Kylie Matte Lipstick and Lipliner, atau lipkit, memang sempat heboh di Indonesia. Eh, masih ngga sih? 
Denger-denger dari temen dan saudara di tanah air, harganya juga sempat fantastis ya..hampir menembus 1 juta Rupiah untuk warna atau koleksi tertentu.

Have you tried this?

Kylie lipstick has been one of the most wanted collections. Well, at least at certain point of time when most of the collections were sold out.
Being released less than a year a go, there are times when some favorite colors are out of stock or limited edition collections are so difficult to get. I literally set an alarm when the new shades are released and focus on getting those lipsticks online. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes,  

Inget banget waktu lipstik ini awal-awal baru keluar, heboh bangeeet sekantor kalau mau pesan online. Soalnya, walaupun harga lipkit ataupun lipstick dan lipglossnya tidak terlalu mahal, tapi ongkos kirimnya lumayan ngegetok, sekitar $9 atau Rp 130.000,- sendiri. Dan lipstick Kylie hanya dijual lewat online, at least for NYC. Kalau hanya beli satu atau dua aja rugi kan, hehehe. Jadi tidak jarang saya shout out di group WA ladies di kantor untuk  mengumpulkan siapa saja yang akan pesan dan biasanya memang rame :). Kalau sekarang, setiap belanja di atas $40, biaya pengirimannya gratis. Jadi again, enakan belanja rame-rame :).

My Kourt K Lip kit.

Jadi, seperti apa sih rasanya pakai lipstik yang satu ini?
I know many of you have used it as well and here's a little review from me.


Oke...kita mulai dari Neng Kylie Jenner.

Rasanya kalau mau tau cerita lengkap mengenai kehidupannya plus her famous Kardashian Family (plus sang 'ayah' yang tidak kalah kontroversial, Bruce Jenner..or, udah jadi 'ibu kedua', Catlyn Jenner :)), you can just easily Google it.
For sure, she loves make-up, successfully released her first line of lipkit  and there she is now, developing all those colorful collection to her preferences ranging from lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner and more. 


The lipkit contains of 1 (one)  Matte Liquid Lipstick (approximately 0.11 fl oz./oz. liq / 3.25 ml) and 1 Pencil Lip Liner (net wt./ poids net  .03 oz/ 1.0g), as mentioned in the website, and the box.

The price for the lipkit varies from $29 - $30 (for new colors in holiday boxes), before shipping. As I said, the shipping is free if you purchase $40 or more for domestic shipping, and $60 for international shipping. Before that, shipping was $8.90, the same price you have to pay if you shop less than $40.

Kourt K and mini me :)

Beside the matte liquid lipstick, the lipkit comes with lipliner with the same shade as well.
It's the standard one, around 4.5 inch and weight 1 gr.

The lipliner

Basically, Kylie's collection comes in matte lipkits, matte singles/lipsticks, lipglosses and metals

There are so many shades available, particularly since Kylie released more new colors during the holiday seasons.

Originally, it was coming in Kourt K, Posie K, Koko, Candy K, 22, Dolce K, and Mary Jo. But now, we have more and more shades, ranging from Leo (another favorite shade of mine!), Dirty Peach to Maliboo, from Merry to Vixen. The complete series can be check on her website.

But, as purple is my forever favorite color (as Obi said bluntly :)), then Kourt K is one of my first Kylie collection I own. I also love (and have) Posie K, Leo, Merry, Vixen, Dead of the Knight and Reign. I know ...I know, it's a lot >_<.


As I can read in the box, the lipstick is made of mixture of Isododecane, Nylon-12, Diisopropyl dimer dilinoleate, trimetylsiloxysilicate, polypropylsilsesquioxane, silica, disteardimonium hectorite, flavor, propylene carbonate, syntetic flourphlogopite, tin oxide, and more :). It was a long list indeed and frankly I don't really understand what they are exactly. For sure it's made in USA.

The ingredients


Here's how it looks on my complexion. 

the lipstick and the lipliner

And this is when I put it on my lips, but this one without the lipliner.

I don't really feel the need to use one, it's already bold.

Dilarang protes ya kenapa semua ungu :). Dan abaikan foto kami yang seadanya pakai hape tercintah.


I love it for its true bold color and 'matteness.' Kourt K is in deep purple, my favorite color.
I know it does not always look good on others but it looks fine to me.

The brush is also good, perfect size and help us steadily apply the lipstick on our lips.

The lipstick dries quickly so it won't be messy.

The lipsticks and other cosmetics collections are not tested on animals and the shades are vegan as well.

the brush


Perhaps, because the lipstick is meant to be super matte and long lasting, it feels very powdery and tend to dry your lips. Therefore, whenever I have used this lipstick, I will directly put some gloss on and free my lips from other lipsticks as well. During winter it's more problematic for me as the weather is colder and dryer, but other than that it's manageable. Karena teksturnya yang powdery, maka lipstik ini memang bikin bibir kering. Jangan lupa pakai primer or lipgloss sesudahnya supaya bibir tidak menderita.

As it's the ultra and extremely long wearing lipstick, the color stays and sometimes it stays too long >_<. I really have to clean it thoroughly using my face and lip cleaner, with moisturizing oil on it.  Karena tahan lama, membersihkan bibirnya harus dengan seksama ya dan dalam tempo sesingkat-singkatnya.

And do not swipe it twice because it will be blotching. So better make sure that you fill the lip and swipe the brush steadily. Lipliner will be very helpful if you're not accustomed to it. 
Ini suka jadi masalah banget deh...karena warnanya yang memang tahan lama, kalau kita pakai lipstiknya agak salah or ngg pas, menghapusnya lumayan perlu perjuangan. Dan biasanya berbekas :(. Apalagi saya yang sering dan hobi banget dandan di mobil hehehe. Kalau begini, lipliner akan sangat membantu dan siap-siap bedak lagi deh untuk menyamarkan 'kelebihan' lipstik di pinggir bibir.

Well, all in all, I give the score 7.5 out of 10 :).  I still like this one and now I'm venturing more, newer shades. 
Mind if I'm coming back with more shades? 
What do you think about this matte liquid lipstick and li liner?
Ditunggu postingan berikutnya ya. 

WW: Wonderful Murals at First Street Green Cultural Park

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After watching Tiga Dara, or Three Maiden, the restored old Indonesian musical movie, I accidentally walked to this park while looking for the subway station.
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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

January has kept me busy even from the first weeks.
How about you?

one sunny, but cold morning in Astoria

Still cold and freezing, but NYC is way much better than previous weeks with some sunny , although most of us at home were down with cold. Thanks to Nadine who got the virus from school, my hubby and I were pretty much staying at home taking some home remedies during the weekend to combat those blocked nose and headache :).

But we surely have fun with friends and family, including watching Waitress on broadway with 7 others female friends (and boss) from my Mission :). I will write more about this play on my next post :).

so many great shows waiting for me :)

It was indeed fun and refreshing! 

Meanwhile, the UN continues with all those back-to-back meetings and discussion on various cross-cutting issues. So, hangin' there, Indah :)

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