WW: Harry Potter - A History of Magic Exhibition

Helloooo, Harry Potter lovers!
Raise your hands if you think  you should be back to Hogwards and live among the Boy who lives, Hermione, Ron and the gank.
Or remember all those handy charms and spells like Wingardium Laviousa or Lumos or Accio or even the lethal one, avada kadabra?

Join me then!

I just came to Harry Potter - A History of Magic Exhibition in the Big Apple :)

I literally sneaked out of my meeting in order to get the ticket of the last entry of the day at 5.15 PM.
Considering the traffic from UN Headquarters in Midtown Manhattan to New York Historical Society in Central park West, I asked permission to go at 4.45.
I arrived just in time and had less than an hour to actually see and enjoy the exhibition.
Well, it's better than  nothing at all, right?

The exhibition is quite compact and not too crowded when I went there.
But for sure, it's interesting and as the exhibition of conducted in collaboration with the famous British Library as well as Harry Potter Wizarding World.
That's why I couldn't miss it for the world!
Too bad we can not take pictures of the exhibition itself but I took some from the public display outside.
Here are a few photos from Harry Potter - A History of Magic Exhibition is held in New York Historical Society. 
Will be back with more story for sure, so just stick around!

do you like my new glasses?

the cute postcard with Fawkes, Dumbledore's Phoenix :)

Do you like Harry Potter as well?
Which house do you think you will be? Gryffindor, Slyterin, Ravenclaw or Hupplepuff?

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Under the Blue Sky

Going back to New York City is wonderful.
Although I spend most of my time at the UN Headquarters and my previous office, Permanent Mission of Indonesia to the United Nations, I was blessed to be able to breath its fresh (and cold) air and enjoy the clear blue.
Well, although technically it's Fall, but the weather has dropped to single digit Celsius when I'm here. 
Looks like my plan to escape Jakarta's soaring heat works really well. 
Too well, as a matter of fact :)
It's not that easy to adjust from 39 degrees Celsius or 110 degree Fahrenheit to just 8 degree Celsius or 48 degree Fahrenheit, in just a week!

Mini me and I before the meeting 

Here are a few snaps that I took in between my meetings.
And tell you what...no matter how many photos I have taken (perhaps thousands of them), I can never get enough of the beauty of the sky.
Those clouds... never fail to amaze me!
Do you like watching the sky as well?

Mini me and I have been working too hard :)

one fine day..

UN Headquarters

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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Cheering for a life free of cancer! 

It's the month for Breast Cancer Awareness!

As I have shared before, I was so lucky to be back to New York City and participated in Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2018 in Central Park.

Stay healthy, everyone!
Super happy to be back here!
The walk was great, the energy was amazing and the crowd was incredible.
It was my 5th walk in a row!

I'm a survivor!

I tirelessly reminded my dearest ladies friends to do the self-exam check, mammogram and sonogram as needed.
It will be a lot easier to cure with bigger chance of full recovery if we have the early detection. So ladies, don't forget about it!

Moreover, I'm here for the UN Third Committee meetings and it feels like coming back to my old playground. 

Cheers from the UN HQ
We have a lot of issues to cover and work on  and I gotta say I'm sooo excited!
Wish me luck!
I need to kick this crazy jetlag out.

ready with my statements!

mini me says hi..

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