Spring in Blue

Spring in Blue

After months of bitter cold weather, we finally get to enjoy clear blue sky, sunshine, and beautifully blooming trees and flowers.
Spring is finally in the air.
These are some snaps I took this morning as I walked with my hubby and Obi to here school.
Such a glorious day indeed.

Wishing you all an enjoyable spring, wherever you are.
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5 Tips to Follow when Traveling with Kids

5 Tips to Follow when Traveling with Kids

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Traveling with infants comes with its challenges. But, parents know their child, and if they keep them on their schedule and try to limit their exposure to excess activity, they usually manage well. Let’s face it. If you can find a quiet bathroom, you can usually get a 2 month old to take their bottle and drift off to sleep.

When you child is over 3 or 4, traveling is an entirely different experience. They want to see and do everything. They get bored in the car, train, or plane. They will test their (and your) limits. But, with some preparation, you can have a successful trip with your child. We will give you some tips to help you accomplish this. These are tips written not by doctors and professional child therapist. These are tips from real life moms and dads who love their kids and know the reality of raising them.

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Even the odds
You will find that the minute you board a plane you child becomes the spawn of a superhero. They are like Spiderman. They can climb to places that you would think are impossible. They can reach an object that you are sure they cannot possibly get. This is why we suggest you never travel with less than one adult for every two children. When you have three children, it is very difficult to take them to the bathroom at the mall. Traveling to a place you are unfamiliar with is asking for trouble.

Hunger and thirst is your worst enemy

An adult gets cranky when they are hungry and in a situation where they cannot eat. A child does not know they are getting hungry. Their bodies surprise them. They are happily playing one minute then in a second, their expression changes to one of near panic and they shout, “I’m hungry!” It is important that you take snacks and drinks with you.

Bonus tip: this is one trip. They will not die if they are allowed to eat a little extra sugar or drink soda if that is what you can get. Sometimes giving them a sugary treat gives them the burst of energy that holds them over until you can feed them.

Take their favorite shows with you

No matter where you go, there will be extended periods of time when your child needs to be entertained. If you are going to another state or another country, take the shows they like along. Take a tablet or use your smart phone (don’t forget the chargers), and download or access the shows electronically.  

Make it an adventure

Before you leave home, tell them about where you are going. Tell them stories of what they will see and what they will do. Check to see if there are any Children's Theatre and Dance Festivals or costume balls you can take them to. But first make sure you take with you all the necessary equipment, such as dance costumes and accessories, so they can dress up for that occasion. You can also print coloring sheets of the sites and take them along with crayons so they can color them. If you make the adventure exciting for them, they will be easier to manage while on the way. You can talk to them and ask them questions afterwards to see how much they remember.

Take their security

It doesn't matter what it is. Maybe they have a blanket they have always slept with. It may be faded and have mystery stains, and maybe you would rather not take it on a plane. You will be glad you did when they cuddle up with it and fall to sleep. Remember, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks You will probably never see those other passengers again anyway. So who cares if they think your 5-year old would give up his stuffed monkey with a missing tail.

The key to traveling with kids to make them as comfortable and involved as possible, The only thing you have to do is keep your focus on them and enjoy the memory you are creating as a family. So, whatever the challenges might be, never forget to enjoy the trip with your kids and your loved ones. Have fun!

Have fun!

This is a guest post from Ashley Lipman, The Blog Frog. 
Feel free to check more posts at theblogfrog.com

Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Enjoying April? 
Me, too!
With the yo-yo weather, we're trying to enjoy whatever Spring bring us!

We had some sad news from home, though.
My dearest Grandma from my late father side passed away and we were all far, faraway from home.
Sending all the prayers to her, can't never thank her enough for all her kindness and great lessons of life she shared to me and my family. She was the one teaching me how to cook, sharing her passion to delicious meals and Indonesian traditional recipes.
May you rest in peace, Nenek.
Allah SWT loves you.

RIP, Nenek
We managed to visit the Chocolate Museum and Experience at Jacques Torres cafe in SoHo.
It's interesting to see all the stories of chocolate and taste some of them, plus seeing the chocolate-making demonstration with yummy ganache filling.

aren't the mould cute!

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NYC Subway Art - Mosaics at Lexington 63rd Station

I have been fascinated by the artworks adorning the subway stations in New York City.

It is wonderful to see those mosaics and certain themes displayed in those subway stations.
One of the most recent addition is the mosaics at Lexington 63rd Station at Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

I took a stroll with my son in one lovely Saturday and took a lot of photos.
Can you guess what the mosaics is all about?

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