5 Ways to Remember Self-Care During Recovery

Self-care is very important
5 Ways to Remember Self-Care During Recovery

Prioritizing yourself over everything else is the first and the most crucial step towards recovery because not only self-care crucial for healthy mental well being, but also indispensable when it comes to physical wellness and seeking balance.

Whenever we are recovering, we can often be tempted to quickly go back to the "normal life" but  fail to realize that rushing through the process can sometimes set us back and lengthen the recovery process. Furthermore, self-care helps to encourage happiness and self contentment with life; self care allows you to live life to the fullest, while being more present in each experience.

In the following section, we share some tips to prioritize your self care when recovering mentally or physically:

Have a routine for yourself

Having a routine can be helpful in self care and aiding in progressing your recovery. Before your schedule gets fully booked consider incorporating specific times or days in your calendar for activities that you enjoy.

Keep it simple however, as the routine should be realistic and not overwhelming so that you can turn towards it like a ritual and do it with consistency - the objective is to unplug yourself from the regular tasks and obligations, drop everything and attend to your own needs.

One example of this could be to include in your routine “wellness days” or similar dates where you will be blocking time and dedicating the time to reconnect with yourself.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

When many people think of “self-care” they think of meditation, massages or yoga, however what self-care really means is anything that triggers you to focus on yourself; activities that  bring you enjoyment which can also mean new and creative hobbies. 

By allowing yourself to explore and discover different activities, it allows you to find out what feels right for you and being open to new, unexpected adventures.

In this process of self-discovery, it’s important to put aside self judgement if those activities aren’t the same activities before your recovery - often times, these activities may no longer interest you, or it may be that your body has changed during the recovery process.

Seek assistance from a professional

When dealing with recovery, it can be helpful to have a healthcare professional on your team to help you navigate the highs and lows, and also support you mentally or physically, especially if there are new symptoms that can arise.

“In addition to helping you navigate through new symptoms, they can also help you see things from a more holistic perspective, says Dr. Sarah Bennett, a naturopathic physician at Natural Med Doc, as well as help you reframe your experience during difficult times.

Having a healthcare professional with extensive training can be beneficial in helping you balance out your current emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as balancing your self care with recovery.

Listen to yourself

One of the best sources of how we are doing from day to day  is by listening to our bodies, particularly our energy, pain levels and our emotions; paying attention to its prompts and actively attending to our needs.

If you are feeling more exhausted and irritable, it may be time to pace yourself and give yourself even more self-care, as these are internal prompts to rest and limit external stimulation.

Remember that in recovery not everything will be the same as before; embracing the physical emotional and mental changes, listening to yourself and accepting your new normal can be helpful in moving through the recovery process.

Focus on the essentials

In the recovery process, it’s not uncommon to want to get “back to normal” as soon as possible, however, we can fall prey to distractions and become incredibly busy, which can make things overwhelming and be draining towards your energy.

Simplifying and focusing on the essentials can help prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and exhausted - sit back and take a moment to inventory the things that matter to you, and only do those things that would be the most impactful on your health and wellbeing, as well as delegating tasks to others. .

"Urgent" doesn't necessarily mean vital or important, nor does it indicate that you must drop everything you’re doing to focus on it - keeping things simple and prioritizing the  essentials can help to prevent you from feeling overwhelm during the recovery process.

In Summary

When it comes to self-care, it’s important to prioritize the essentials, schedule time for yourself,  listen to yourself  and be open to the process of self-discovery.

In coming back to a new normal, it’s important not to rush the  process as it can halt your  progress, understanding that some things won’t be the same and remembering that recovery is also about finding a new balance.

Having a professional in your team can also help you by supporting you mentally, emotionally or physically and helping you to balance self-care with recovery.

This is a guest post written by Katherine (Tori) Lutz
Freelance Writer, Editor & Social Media Strategist
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Torilutz
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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Enjoy the beauty of Indonesia :)
Hello again and happy to welcome you back on another round of our weekly link party.

Just a little update from my corner, where live has pretty much continue in its usual pace.
Meetings, draftings, reports, and more meetings are pretty much in the horizon.
But I's super excited as I will be back to 'school' in a way and join the senior diplomatic training.

I have probably mentioned it to you before and I have formally submitted my application.
I am happy to have a good TOEFL score as well.
647 out of 677.
Well, not that bad at all I suppose, after being away from school fro quite some times and the last time I did the test was probably 6 - 7 years ago.
I was a bite nervous I had no time at all to prepare but I crashed the night before reading the old book of TOEFL preparation and ended up sleeping faster LOL.
All in all, I guess I am ready now and I still have series of tests before I can formally join the program.

Meanwhile, my son is getting ready for the final test.
They also have so many tests in between as well, including cooking test!
So the boys, my son and 3 of his friends, came to the house last weekend to practice cooking nasi goreng, the famosu Indonesian fried rice.
It was hilarious to see them learning how to cook when they don't even know different types of onion nor never peel an onion before. It went well though..my son was pretty much do everything as he's quite a cook hehehe. Their nasi goreng tasted good and I sincerely hope they will produce the same thing during the real practice/test at school.Too bad I didn't take pictures of their work. I should have, shouldn't I?

I am spending some times in Bandung, the capital city of West Java, for meetings and this time, I took the train to go here.
It's always fun to take the train and I love the wonderful view we can definitely enjoy along the way.

Read also: Bandung - Jakarta by Train for more lovely photos and stories from the train.

View from the train

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WW: Sunyaragi Cave, Cirebon, West Java

Welcome to Sunyaragi Cave 

Another highlight of our family trip to Cirebon, West Java, on the last days of 2019.

It was only the 11 of us (out of God knows how many of my full family members :)) but for sure it was fun.

Previously, I have shared our family trip to Cirebon, West Java in a nutshell. 
Cirebon is about 3.5 hours drive from Jakarta, using the new highway we have.
Cirebon has long been known as an important city  along the western side of Java. 
It has a very rich history, dating back from the 14th century. 
During the 15th and 16th centuries, Cirebon played an vital role as a trading hub since it is strategically located along Java sea. As many foreign merchants came and went, Cirebon bears various influences from many countries, including China and India. During the colonial era, Cirebon also threw a big fight against the Dutch and Japanese, while on the religious side, Cirebon is the home of Sunan Gunung Jati, one of the famous nine Indonesian saints in Islam or Wali Songo. You see... many interesting aspects we can learn from this astonishing city.

Our first stop after driving  from Jakarta was actually Haji Apud's  famous Empal Gentong restaurant near the highway. But I will share our delicious culinary experience on another post. This time, I will take you to Sunyaragi Cave.

It looks like a temple yet it was made of strong corals.

Built in the 15th century by the Sultan of Cirebon, Sunyaragi Cave is very unique because it was made of corals. City of Cirebon is located near the sea and I guess that's why this cave was built this way. It gives a different shape and perspective as well, noting that this cave is not really a cave but more like a combination of meditation place and water palace.  
Judging from the remaining structure of this place, you still can see some springs and pools surrounding the cave. There are areas with bale or beds and meditation corners as well.

The old architectures

Tomb on top of one of the towers

The elephant statue..

Original Dutch ceramics

One of the meditation corners

can you see the spring and the pool?

Another goa or cave..

cheers from the 4 of us..

The name of this place itself comes from the Sanskrit, Sunya and Ragi.
Sunya means sunyi or silence while Ragi or raga means body.
So this is the place intended for those looking for a quiet place for meditation.
That is why it has many spots for individual meditation.
Well, I will definitely share more on this place, including its interesting history.

Here's the map that shows the exact location of the cave.


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Thank You, 2019

Thank you, 2019

Thank you, 2019.

I haven’t really get a chance to sit down, pause, and look back to what 2019 has brought us.
A little reflection will always do us good and I 
I know we have stepped into the second week Of January in this new era.
Yet, as sadly predicted, we, or rather I, had been drowning in the usual business at the office and at home.

Well, as you have probably known as I shared it in my blog before, many beautiful moments took place in our lives. My life personally as well as my family’s.
For sure life is full of ups and downs but I have to admit that my family and I have been bestowed with the best things in life.

Enjoyable school times for my munchkins.
Wonderful trips to so many new corners of the world, including beautiful Indonesia.
Smooth financial supports.
Accomplished projects and missions at the office.
Expanding networks and professional portfolios. 
First-time experiences for so many things, ranging from traveling to sports. So much to be grateful for. 

Dulu di awal 2019, saya sempat membatin tidak akan membuat resolusi khusus, namun akan fokus pada hal - hal yang menjadi prioritas. 
Keluarga, kesehatan, dan karir. 
Tiga hal penting yang selalu mendominasi hari-hariku.

Sepintas memang terdengar biasa.
Lumrah dan jamak.
Tidak ada yang istimewa.
Tapi untuk saya yang masih menjadi 'budak kantor' dan kerap terkubur dengan pekerjaan dan prioritas kantor (baca: Pemri ), berkumpul bersama keluarga dengan tenang (dengan tenang yaa..tanpa diganggu bunyi WA yang tang - tung tang - tung menunggu dijawab saat itu juga) menjadi kemewahan tersendiri. Bahkan sering saya memaksakan diri untuk ingat menelpon suami dan anak - anak, di mana pun saya berada, supaya komunikasi bisa terus terjalin. 

Unforgettable journey as breast cancer survivor!

Belum lagi saat berbicara tentang kesehatan.
Entah berapa banyak makanan dan minuman kurang sehat yang sering menjadi teman sehari - hari di kantor maupun ruangan rapat. Menghabiskan waktu di kursi dan di depan komputer menjadi pemandangan biasa. Sedihnya, saat akhir pekan yang tidak disibukkan dengan pekerjaan kantor, saya sudah letih untuk berolahraga dengan serius. Kalau hanya mengeluarkan keringat karena beberes, membersihkan kamar dan mencuci pakaian rasanya belum cukup dikategorikan sebagai olah raga kan. 
Sementara pengobatan paska kemoterapi dan radiasi  akibat kanker payudara yang saya alami juga harus dilanjutkan. Saat masuk tahun kelima,- yang merupakan tahun terakhir untuk mengkonsumsi obat hormon anti kanker,- saya justru menghadapi berbagai anomali di tubuh, termasuk kembali bleeding padahal sudah menopause sejak tahun 2015. 

Selain itu, kesibukan saya di kantor membuat saya banyak sekali melakukan perjalanan di dalam dan luar negeri. Penerbangan di atas 9 jam yang kerap harus saya jalani bukan tanpa efek samping lho. Termasuk badan yang kaku dan nyeri di beberapa bagian tubuh tertentu. 

Banyak teman maupun saudara yang berkomentar enak banget saya sering melakukan perjalanan ke luar negeri. Memang tahun 2019 kemarin sudah seperti rekor saja saya traveling. Karena saya sempat 3 kali ke Geneva, Swiss dan 3 kali ke New York City. Belum lagi perjalanan lain ke Morcow, Russia; Tromso, Norwegia; dan juga Brussels; Belgia. In between saya seringkali mampir ke Istanbul Turki dan Singapura, bahkan mampir ke London. Tapi jangan lupa, perjalanan tersebut adalah bagian dari pekerjaan saya. Tentu saja beda dengan traveling untuk liburan, yang bahkan ke tempat dekat saja, seperti Cirebon dan Bandung, misalnya, bisa tetap menyenangkan hati karena perjalanan yang kita lakukan santai dan bersama orang - orang tercinta. Well, teman - teman juga mungkin tidak tahu kalau di perjalanan yang saya lakukan tadi, semuanya melibatkan serangkaian rapat persiapan yang panjang, dokumen pertemuan yang banyak dan tidak berseri, laporan  yang harus segera diselesaikan dan kesiapan di lapangan untuk hal-hal tak terduga.
Capek? Pasti.
Stress? sudah menjadi 'paket hemat' dengan perjalanan yang dilakukan.
Talking about living a healthy life.
I did live in a fast lane and start paying the price for it.

But I have to admit that I LOVE MY JOB.
There.. I repeat it again.

So, back to my note for 2020, I sincerely hope I can have a 'cleaner' life.
Bersih hati. Bersih jiwa. Bersih raga.
Bersih niatnya, bersih tindakannya, termasuk makanan dan minumannya, serta bersih gaya hidupnya.
Bisa kan, Indah Nuria Savitri? 
Insya Allah bisa!

Anyway, as for 2019, I try to capture the moments in one single video.

Yup, one single video.
Obviously I can’t put them all but many of the highlights from 2019 are included.
Feel free to check it out below or visit my YouTube channel.
Please like, comment, subscribe and push that notification button so that you won’t miss the next adventure. I will be happy to subscribe to your channel as well so leave me a note :).
Jangan lupa like, komentar, subscribe dan get the notification yaaa.

Nothing else to say but wishing you all a fabulous 2020.