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Bo et Obi's Story: homework time #1- purple home..

Needless to say, my kids are having fun at school here. And they have many home works and project to work on as well.

A few weeks a go, Obi, my daughter, started learning about family and home. After a fun session learning about family members and making family tree, Obi was assigned to make a house. Well, it proved to be a fun project as we are free to make whatever house we have in mind. Soon this work involved everyone in the house, including mama, Bapak and Bo :).

We used the shoe boxes and cardboard to create a two-story house comprises of one living room and one bed room ( no kitchen and no toilet, as complained by Bo et Obi :) ).

With the help of construction paper, some gift wraps, crayons and markers, plus glue and a huge amount of enthusiasm, voilaaaa....our purple (surpriseee surpriseee :) ) home was ready!

here's the 2-story house :)

Obi was so eager to work on the details as well...
We taught her how to use the scissors safely and she seemed to enjoy it. But for some tiny pieces, Obi let mama do that :)

Wanna see some details? Here they are...

First, here's the living room, where we have 4 chairs and coffee table and some pictures on the wall...

We have lovely paper rocking horse that mama got from Pinterest :). Just click the link, follow the steps and you will have this beautiful bright-red rocking chair. Obi loves it :). 

Then we have our pictures on the wall. Well, knowing how we love posing in front of the camera, it shouldn't be surprising to have this section in our cardboard house :p.

Mama, Bapak, Bo et Obi :)..

On the second floor, we have one bedroom, complete with the cupboard, and TV in the corner :). Aah, and one greeny table as well :p.

Well, well...that's what we have for a 3-hour work as a team, although it was Obi's homework :). Obi was so happy to bring this labour of love to her school that day. Enjoy your purple home, Obiiii :)