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WW: Mie Bakso Kocok Bandung, Rawamangun, Jakarta

Mie Bakso Kocok Bandung, Rawamangun, Jakarta

Foodie time!

I have been exploring some local food vendors near my house in order to support the local businesses. COVID - 19 pandemic has poses tremendous challenges to all of us, including the small and medium scales businesses. Traditional food vendors are amongst them.

I was lucky to live in the area where food and beverages are abundantly available. Ranging from fancy, international chain food outlets to Indonesian traditional F&B vendors which surely will tempt you to try them all.

Last week I went to warung (Food stall) Mie Bakso Kocok Bandung, meatball soup from Bandung, West Java. What's unique is that this noodle soup use 'yellow' or egg noodles and vermicelli if you like and add extra fat or lard cow besides the yummy meat balls. Well, I don't know the name but it's just delicious. And I asked it to be prepared without the MSG. Still delicious!

a simple food corner but they sell great food

The price of this bowl of mie bakso kocok Bandung is Rp 20.000,- . And I have to say it is a big portion indeed.


here's my bowl. Supeer yummy!

this is what my Mom had

So that's a little brunch story in a lovely weekend for me. It feels good to get to try this homey food and help supporting the local business.

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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday in this sweet February

Here comes February, the month of love, as many would say.

The beginning of the month is dotted with my back - to - back virtual meetings as well as my doctor visits. As I have probably shared in previous post, this year marks the 5th year of me consuming the hormones suppressant due to my breast cancer. I am so ready to stop taking Lezra if everything is well. I need to do many screening test to ensure it. Hopefully everything is fine and my cancer is NOT coming back in any ways nor forms. Wish me luck!

Back to hospital to check things out!

Anyway, I have been exploring so many local businesses near my residence and as I have shared in my Google Maps account, I have many more to try and enjoy. It is a bit tricky as we still have rampant COVID - 19 cases but as I take a long walk to have my daily exercise, I sometimes ended in those food stalls for takeaways or if it was not too crowded, I ate on the spot swiftly. Last week, my mom and I tried mie kocok bakso Bandung, a typical Bandungnese meatball soup with egg noodles and vermicelli. The other day we bought gudeg Jogja, krecek and perkedel at one of the food stalls in Rawamangun traditional market. Then we also tried es cendol, a traditional beverage from the vendor around the area. Well, it feels good to support the home-based and local business while at the same time making sure our health is well protected. How is you week so far by the way?

Mie kocok bakso Bandung
Mie kocok bakso Bandung near my house

Now, let's enjoy Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends 

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Bakso Isi Telur - Indonesian Egg-filled Meatball Soup

"Give me bakso and I will be the happiest girl in the world"
                                                                       Obi Frakarsa, 2017


Bakso has always been my favorite.

No matter what the weather is, be it super cold and perfect-for-a-bowl-of-hot-soup night or scorching hot summer days, bakso has been one of the most wanted dishes at home.  
During winter, I always have  chicken or beef broth ready, with some bakso .
My kids and I adore it!
I can eat them on daily basis, although I know too much meat is not good.

In NYC, we do have options to buy bakso from Asian or oriental groceries.
But they are usually not halal or use too much MSG :(, so really not a good choice for me. 
The best choice for me is to cook it myself.

While we're away from home, us, the Moslems, often worry about the food we eat as we are bound to at halal food. As we don't eat pork and all its derivative products, we  have to be careful with the ingredients of all the food we have. Something that we don't have to worry about when we are in Indonesia. That's why I love cooking everything myself to make sure about it. I know we share the same concern with one of my dearest friends from Em(b)ak Ceria, Isti"adzah Rohyati. She used to live in Suly, Iraq and although Iraq is pretty much
 dominated by moslems, but being away from home makes us cook almost everything. Even Isti is very good at making tofu at home! Yes, home-made tofu! How I envy here :). She's back to Indonesia now and I believe she has more relaxing time at home in Indonesia.
So now, are you ready to cook it with me?
Wanna try Bakso Isi Telur or Indonesian egg-filled meatball soup, if I may freely translated it? 

Let's start with the ingredients:

Minced beef - 250 gr. Feel free to substitute it with chicken, mutton or no meat at all.
Beef chunk - 100 gr,  for the soup broth.
Maizena - 1 spoonful
Soy sauce - 1 teaspoon
Worcestershire sauce - 1 teaspoon
Sesame oil - if desired, 1 teaspon
Salt - as needed
Pepper - as needed
Nutmeg  - as needed
Sugar - as needed
Eggs - 4
Shallots - thinly sliced
Onions - finely chopped
Spring onions - thinly sliced

How to cook:

First, boil the eggs until done and peel the shell. Put it aside. 
You can have the whole egg in one jumbo meatball or you can cut them into half or what you desire.
Boil the beef chunk for broth, add onions, salt, pepper and a bit sugar if you like, until it's nicely done and tasty. Sprinkle it with thinly slices spring onions.

Then mix the minced beef with all the sauce and spices, make sure they are all well blend.
Add one spoon of maizena to help forming the meatballs.

Shape the meatballs with eggs inside.
Cook it on a boiling pot of water, or broth will be better, until it is done and floating on the pot. Depending on the size, it takes at least 15 minutes in boiling water to cook those meatballs, but slightly longer is better so that we're sure that the meatballs are well-cooked.

Hope you enjoy this super simple recipe.
Eat it hot with some extra fried onion and chili if you like. Some also like to add egg noodles or bihun or vermicelli on a bowl of bakso.
I also like to add extra kick with apple cider vinegar.
And voilaaaa...

Enjoy Bakso Isi TelorIndonesian Egg-filled Meatball Soup