Burning Sky

Enjoying the burning sky as I headed home.
Astoria Park is such a wonderful place to see the burning sky.
Merci ya Rabb, the Most Merciful, for all this breathtaking beauty we enjoy.

astoria park sunset

This is what I saw when I stepped out of the N line at Astoria Boulevard.

"The sun and the moon (move) by precise calculation;
And the stars and trees prostrate; And the heaven He raised and imposed the balance .... So which of the favors of Your Lord would you deny?"

Al-Quran, Ar-Rahman 5-7 & 13

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the beauty of the skies from all over the world


  1. Wow - that first shot is glorious!

  2. MashaAllah...
    it's look soo gorgeous.

    But may i have a question?
    what kind of camera did you use when taking those photo?

  3. Masyaallah... Where is it Mbak Nuria? Astoria Park, i cant imagine i have to fasting at another country ��

  4. Bagus banget mbaak..kadang suka susah bedain mana sunset dan sunrise :)

  5. Setiap hari kah dirimu bisa dpt view kayak gini? Beruntungnyaa

  6. Keren mbak, saya juga suka mengamati pergantian matahari, kebetulan rumah saya agak tinggi daerahnya. Membuat kita makin ingat kalau kita tu kecil gk ada apa2nya ya dibandingkan kekuasaan-Nya :D

  7. I just can say it's so amazing... Thank you for shared nice photo shoot

  8. Wow... Ciptaan Tuhan memang tak bisa dilukiskan dg kata2 ya indahnya ��

  9. Pemandangan langit senja memang luar biasa indahnya ...

  10. It is pretty! Last night our sky was full of all kinds of colors. It stormed pretty hard, then got very yellow afterwards.

  11. I love an orange tinted sky. Very pretty photo, Indah!

  12. Looks like you made the most of your commute, especially with that first shot!!

  13. Bagus �� luar biasa memang ciptaan Allah itu


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