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Merdeka - Photo Session a la HUT RI


lady diplomats at my Mission

We had a lovely photo session at the office in order to welcome the 72nd Independence Day of Indonesia.

Dress code: Red and White and whatever suit them fine.

Those are the colors of our national flag, sang saka Merah Putih.
Merah or red, represents bravely we all need to fight for our independence and beyond.
Putih or white, represents the sacred feeling  of being one Nation, Indonesia.

my political division :p
I chose the red outer from Anniesa Hasibuan with its matching obi with gold jersey dress from H&M (go check it at www.h& as I got it on sale).
And the necklace is also made in Indonesia.

the boys..with me Ambassadors


serious style :)

                                          Anybody has done this special photo session as well?
                                          On the occasion of your country's independence day?
                                                                               Do you enjoy it?

WW: Indonesian Diplomatic Reception in NYC

Every year, we celebrate our national day or the Independence day on August 17.
Back home in Indonesia, we have so many events in commemorating this historical day.

Abroad, every Indonesian representatives all over the world celebrate this joyous day by convening a diplomatic reception, pesta rakyat or people's party, or Indonesian Night.

So is New York.

We usually have it in October where we have our Foreign Minister in town for the High Level Segment of the UN General Assembly week.

This year I helped the preparation of the Reception with my team.
It was fun we always try to bring home to the reception. 
To show Indonesia to the world :)

The theme this year was Sumatera Night so I chose my purple-gold-red Tapis Lampung, traditional cloth from my beloved hometown, Lampung, in Sumatera Island, as the outfit that night.

proudly wearing purple-red-gold and orange Tapis Lampung and Kebaya :)

Getting ready for the reception :)
We have many Indonesian traditional food originated from Sumatera and many parts of Indonesia as well, like rendang and tekwan. 

some of the desserts as well as appetizers...Indonesian traditional finger food :)

I am glad the reception went smoothly and we have many Foreign Ministers, Ambassadors and diplomatic community joining our event :).

with my Foreign Minister, H.E. Retno L.P. Marsudi

Hope to see you all again next year :)