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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls, and Friends

4th of July Celebration, Long Island City, NYC

Last week of June and July is soon coming!

This week I have been tangled in works and activities in Google Local Guides as well as my son's 
graduation party. We are super excited indeed! After the virtual graduation we did last month (Read: Happy Graduation, Bo), they will have a drive-through type of graduation. Have you seen one before? Well, I will share it later once we have that on the 4th of July!

Speaking of which, happy 4th of July to all my American friends and families!
Independence Day will always be special, particularly as we are still in the middle of pandemic like this. I remembered watching the fireworks of the 4th of July 2017 in Long Island City, New York City. What a celebration indeed. We sat right across the UN Headquarters by the East River. Some of the photos had Empire State Building in the background. Enjoy some of the photos here.

the 4th of July celebration in New York City

I have been enjoying my old habit of singing in Smule, the karaoke application you have on your phone. I have been doing it since some time ago but then because I was busy, I didn't really have time to do it too often. Now, occasionally, when I have time, I look for my favorite songs and sing it to my heart's content. It makes me happy and I like that.

But now, let's party in this Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie, and Friends. Let's hit it!

Welcome to our 4th of July party, full of ideas and recipes, just in time to celebrate the 4th of July, the most patriotic celebration we have each year!! I hope all our kids know the reason we celebrate the 4th of July, it was the day We became America, the greatest country in the world, or at least I think so. We Love America!!

We wish you all a safe 4th of July Celebration, know matter how you plan to celebrate!!American FLag-The Red White and BLue

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Stepping Up Ceremony

"Mama, can the first grade student eat candy?" 
"Am I a big girl now?"
"When am I going to be 6?"

As always, my daughter Obi bombarded me with questions. That morning we were rushing to one of the highlights of her days in Kindergarten.
After almost a year learning and enjoying her days in kindergarten, here comes the day when she will be ready to be the 1st grader.
Or as abang Bo said, to be "the real student."

The Stepping Up ceremony started at 8.30 AM.
Early? Not really.
If only you saw the queue that morning.
Well, the invitation said so but we had to line up outside in order to get into the hall. And what a queue we had that morning! I started lining up at 8.10 and already I was way in the back >_<. Some might start lining up at 7 or 7.30.

the lining up..

At 8.45, parents and all invitees were filling up the room. The Hall is big but everyone was trying to get the best spot to witness this important milestone. Surely not easy to decide one until you were there in the room, stucked in the middle of squirming and screaming, super-excited parents and grandparents. But we managed to sit happily in the middle row :).

the invitation

We waited for a while before the students entered the room. The Auditorium had been transformed into a big stage which will accommodate 8 kindergarten classes. And while waiting, the assistant principal had reminded parents to stay at their seats and not to move forward to the stage during the performance as it will make the kids nervous and surely disturb others. We would get plenty opportunity to take pictures later after the ceremony.

before the ceremony..

So we sat tightly on our seats, enjoying the performance. After the processional march (the theme song chosen for this is You've got a friend in me from Toy Story.. Love it 💜), we have the opening part which included salute to the US flag while singing along America the Beautiful and God Bless the USA. Then a short welcoming remarks was given by Ms. Anna Prea, the Assistant Principal.

Then there came the performances.
Lovely to hear the performances of all the kids singing some of their favorite, beautiful tunes like Hello to all the children of the world; All we're meant to be; Big,big dreams; This little light of mine (one of my fave!); Who do we appreciate (2,4,6,8... Who do we appreciate? You..:)); Everybody has music inside; Sing and a wonderful rearrangement of the famous New York, New York, First grade, First Grade.
Such a wonderful song itinerary.
And Mrs. Robinson, the music teacher, surely has done fantastic jobs in preparing the kids for the performances.

Nadine, in the middle of her classmates..

After the ceremony in the auditorium, all students (and parents) were invited to join the presentation of the certificate in the school yard. It was crowded but beautiful. 

in the schoolyard..
The certificate was presented by Ms. Honahan to all the kids and it was really a bittersweet moment. All the kids love Ms. Honahan and we will surely miss her. We can't thank her enough for helping Nadine exploring her passion and learning a great deal of fun at school. Thank you so much, Mrs. Honey.

Our dearest Mrs. Honahan..

Then there came the ice cream!
Yaaaay.. Ice cream, as the kids screamed with joy.
Surely the ice cream was only for the kids as we were fasting as well.

Nadine was spending some times with her girl friends before we were heading home. It was so touchy to see all those smiley faces, Nadine, Zoe, Daphne and her twin, Eleni. And how fast they have grown up! I feel like crying again :).

the girls :)

So Nadine, ready for the 1st grade?
I bet you are!

How do you feel when you see your kids' graduation?

Happy Graduation, Obi ...

the graduation cake

"And next... 
To the girl who knows exactly what to do with paint and brush, here is our most artistic girl, Nadine Frakarsa.... C'mon down..."

Happy claps and cheers were filling the room, as my daughter Obi stepped up and received her certificate of recognition from her school, Mushroom House Daycare.

I almost broke into tears..
Happy tears..

bunny foo foo :)

I still remember.. 
Roughly 15 months before, when we rushly looked for Bo et Obi's school. 

Just moving in to NYC from Jakarta, Indonesia in May 2014, it took a while for us to get the house we wanted. After around 1 month, we finally got one in Astoria. Then the hunt for the school began... 

Or rather, we chose the house we lived in now because of the school :).

Here in NYC, they use the school zone system, especially for the elementary level. So, I have to make sure that our address is within the school zone of the school that we want. Sometimes even if you are living closely to one school, the school zone might be slightly different. Therefore, before we signed the contract, we made sure that PS 122 will be Bo's school -and soon Obi, too :).

As for Obi, as she was eligible for pre-K, we were looking for free Universal Pre-K funded by NYC near our house. They open the registration in February and we were in June already at that time. from 4 schools we applied, we finally got one spot, of two left, in Mushroom House Daycare. it was a close call but we made it ;).

So, Obi's new adventure begin in September 2014...

It was not a smooth sailing for Obi at the beginning. Huge adjustments have to be made and Obi was picking up the pieces at her speed. But with thel of Ms. Linly, Ms. Sallyan and Ms. Asha, my little girl surely learnt more and more everyday...

Obi, me et Ms. Linly :)
And how she loved her class.
Everyday there will be new story about whatever happens at school.

Obi made this, the class went to the park, Nadia did this, we sang this song, Brandon drew this.. On and on and on...

happy friends forever...Nadia, Brandon, Obi..

And now, after sharing so many beautiful moments together, the class finally said goodbye to its petit passengers.

The graduation started at 10 AM and filled with lovely songs, performances, and award presentations.

Everybody was a winner that day ;))

cheeers :)
The theme for the graduation day was creatively taken from Dr. Seuss' Oh the places you'll go... 

So lovely...

And there were many food and munchies for everyone, although my munchkin and I were fasting ;).

One lovely photo booth were prepared as well, complete with funny accessories that we could use.

With Ms. Sally and Ms. Linly :)

Cute photo book filled with colorful pages of Obi's day at school became a lovely memento, along with goody bags of stationery and sweets. Ah, and one lovely toutou as well :).

After for about 1.5 hours, the program was concluded. With mixed feelings, we all bid farewell to friends and teachers. Some will go to the same kindergarten, some will not. But for sure the friendship will stay in our hearts.

Thank you Ms. Linly, Ms. Sallyan and everyone at Mushroom House Daycare...

We are forever grateful..