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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Welcome, February.

I just can't believe the second month of 2016 is here. Many have said that this is the month of love. And love is certainly in the air :). As I fall in love with this Onigiri with beef rendang inside :p.

Onigiri with beef rendang...
Have you tried onigiri before? This traditional rice ball from Japan is indeed yummy and popular. But the one that I tried recently is different, because it was made a la Indonesia. With beef rendang inside. Super yuuuum.

wanna try some?

Deliciously prepared by chef Priscil or Priscilya Princessa, one of the contestants of Masterchef Indonesia who reaides in NYC now. Under @ladaladaNY, Priscil et Vicko, her boyfriend, try their luck in the culinary sphere of NYC. And judging from this yummy rice ball during Astoria Market pre-valentine pre-sale, hopes are high :).

Best of luck, Priscil et Vicko, et now, time for Wonderful Wednesday and let's have a great party yooo :)  

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Sup Kimlo - Kimlo Soup

A bowl of delicious, hot soup is certainly my favorite during these winter days.
And Kimlo soup will be perfect.

kimlo soup for you :)

I know many of us are having fun with all those Valentine-related food but I guess I will stick to my heartwarming soup :). And Indonesia has tons of variety of delicious soups, including Kimlo soup, that I'm about to share with you.

Sup Kimlo kerap menjadi bagian dari menu perayaan-perayaan istimewa di tanah air, termasuk pernikahan dan pertemuan-pertemuan istimewa seperti ulang tahun, arisan atau reuni. Kalau saya tidak salah, sup Kimlo berasal dari Jawa Tengah ya. Hmm..atau Solo? Namun demikian, karena rasanya yang lezat dan cara memasaknya yang mudah, I guess kimlo soup has win the hearts of many of us. Ini salah satu sup favorit kalau saya menghadiri pesta pernikahan. Soalnya selain memang rasanya enak, segar banget dimakan dengan potongan cabe rawit atau sambel pedas. Oh my, I myself am drooling over this :).

And now, for another easy breezy Indonesian traditional soup recipe, let's start with the ingredients.

You will need:

Chicken breast - for broth then cut in cubes
Vermicelli - soaked in hot water till soft
Dried mushroom - soaked in water and sliced 
Dried lily flowers - if desired, easily found in Asian/oriental store. Soaked it in water as well
Carrots - cut in cubes
Scallion - thinly sliced
Garlic - crushed 
Onion - thinly sliced
Salt and pepper
Nutmeg powder - if desired
Fried onion

Bahan-bahan yang dibutuhkan pun relative sederhana dan mudah didapat. 
Dan terus terang, ada beberapa versi yang pernah saya nikmati. Biasanya setiap sup kimlo selalu ada jamur merang dan wortel serta soun. Ada yang menggunakan daging ayam ada juga yang menggunakan bakso ikan. Selain itu, ada pula yang mencampur bunga sedap malam, namun ada juga yang menggunakan kembang tahu. Intinya, bebas-bebas saja. Yang penting campuran yang dipakai memang disuka. Saya agak kesulitan mencari kembang tahu di sini, tapi bunga sedap malam yang kering ada. So that's what I use here.

How to cook:

Boil the chicken breast and water in a pot to make chicken broth. Once it's well-cooked, cut the chicken breast into cubes and add garlic, onion, salt, pepper and nutmeg powder if desired. Put the carrots as well and boil until it's cooked. Once it's boiled, put the dried mushroom and dried lily flowers. Don't cook it too long as the mushroom and lily flowers tend to be tender easily. If you like, you can also saute the onion, garlic and cube chicken breast before you put them into the soup then bring it to boil. And..that's it, the soup is ready. Super simple right :). Put the vermicelli in the bowl, pour the soup and fried onion on top. Slices of fresh chili will be great if you like it hot and spicy. 

Cara memasaknya super mudah kan. Seperti membuat sup biasa, dimulai dengan mempersiapkan kuahnya atau kaldu ayam. Setelah kaldu jadi dan dibumbui, masukkan wortel dan masak hingga agak lembut. Jamur merang dan bunga sedap malam yang sudah direndam air bisa dicampurkan, tapi tidak perlu terlalu lama dimasak karena nanti jadi terlalu lembut. Demikian pula untuk  soun yang sudah diseduh air panas dan lembut. Biasanya, saya menyusun jamur, soun dan bunga sedap malam di mangkuk lalu disiram dengan kuah. Dengan tidak mencampur jamur dan teman-temannya, sup akan lebih tahan lama. Once you have them all, tinggal ditabur bawang goreng dan irisan daun bawang deh :). Nyaaaam nyaaam...

bon appetite...

Enjoy the soup and hope you like it.