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Beauty - Meet Kendall Jenner, the New Face of Estee Lauder

The freshest face of Estee Lauder for Modern Muse, Le Rogue 

smileeee :)

It was indeed my lucky day.
I met my lovely friends, went to Macy's, got to my favorite corner, Estee Lauder and found out that Kendall Jenner was in town. Well, in fact.. She was in Macy's, to promote the newest line in Estee Lauder's perfume, Modern Muse, Le Rogue.

And long story short, I bought the perfume, got one of the 120 special passes given to the Estee Lauder esteemed clients, and voilaaa...

wanna meet Kendall?

I personally have been an avid lover of Estee Lauder's products. And loving them ;). At least I have its compact powder, Kendall Jenner series' lipstick, Little Black Liner and the soft kohl pencil. 

some of my favorite lines :)

I have been a big fan particularly as Estee Lauder is one fo the companies fully supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness Raising campaign :). I can't wait to see what they have for the Pinktober and this year's breast cancer awareness raising campaign :). 
Way to go, Estee :)
photo is taken from

The event was taking place at the Macy's, on the 2nd floor. 
At the Herald Square Cafe to be exact.

Herald Square Cafe

And we were served rasberry-infused water. Supeeer yum and healthy as well. 

lining uuuup :)

So after the lining up, we took the picture, got the perfume bottle signed by her, smiled to the official cameraman from Macy's (we are not allowed to use our own camera and that's why I took picture of my official photo :)), and had a little chitchat with her ;). 
Kendall was very friendly and nice indeed..

Super excited, super happy..

I proudly wore my fuschia-and-teal Lombok tenun jacket that day, adorned with my favorite shade of True Liar from Kendall Jenner's shades lipstick from Estee Lauder.

Well, all in all.. Again, it was my lucky day..
Have you met somenone famous in a special event like that? ;)