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Putri Salju - Snow White Cookies

Cooking time..
And with the holiday spirit, I was inspired to bake Putri Salju, or literally, Snow White cookies :)

Have you ever heard of that?

Back home in Indonesia, we do bake special cookies and cook special food for special ocassions, like Idul Fitri or Christmas. One of the most popular ones is Putri Salju.
Putri Salju is a translation of Snow White is bahasa Indonesia.
Basically it's cookies covered with powdered sugar, so it looks like snow.
Yummy and cute :)

Putri Salju..

Although we don't celebrate Christmas but we definitely respect those who do and we share the joy and the festivity during this wonderful time of the year.

So, to bring the taste of home, I bake Putri Salju and would love to share the recipe with you all here.

Here we go...


Flour 400 gram (or as can try with a half of the recipe and cut everything in half as well here)
Cheese 250 gram or more, grated.  My fave is 
usually Swiss Gruyere, Edam and/or Parmesan. It tastes bold and yummy, and smells wonderful. Some people like to mix nuts or almond in the dough, but I prefer cheese so everyone can eat it, including those who are allergic to nuts. But the choice, is of course, up to you :).
Egg yolks 4
Butter 350 gram 

Milk powder 200 gram 
Corn starch 100 gram, for extra taste of crunchy cookies.

For garnish:

Powdered sugar as needed

You will need baking trays, dough roller, cookie cutters and parchment paper.

How to cook: 

I have to say it's super easy!
Just like any standard cookies you usually bake.

First, mix the butter and egg yolks well using mixer. It usually takes 5-10 minutes in high and medium speed.

Add the grated cheese and mix them well.
Then knead the mixture with flour and cornstarch gradually, until everything is well mixed and become soft, well-blended dough. 
The best way of doing it is using our clean hands, so you can really feel it. 
That's what I love to do :). But of course you can always use the spatula or wooden spoon for ease.
Roll the dough and cut them using cookie cutter you like. 

Place them onto the greased baking trays.
Then preheat the oven to 420 degree F (or as you usually use) and bake until it's slightly brown and cooked. Usually, they are beautifully done for around 20 minutes.
Once everything is slightly warm, sprinkle the powdered sugar and make sure both sides are covered by the powdered sugar.

And..Putri Salju, Snow White cookiesis ready!

Easy, right :). Have fun trying it and happy holiday..