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The Frakarsa's on the road: Hola Espana Trip: Parc Guell, Barcelona

Does Gaudi ring a bell to you? 
Yuup, Antonio Gaudi.

Frankly, I just stumbled into this famous name when I prepared my petite family trip to Spain. It was back in 2010 (almost 8 years ago) and we were still living in Geveve, Switzerland when we started the trip. And even before arriving at Barcelona, looking at all those photos and stories on the web, we know Antonio Gaudi was indeed a GENIUS!

Born in 1852, Gaudi has been world-widely know for his Catalan modernism, highly inspired by nature and  religion. To him, nature comes with the best shapes and colors. Some dubbed him as the 'God's  architect' for his incredible works, including Sagrada Familia, famous church in Barcelona as well as the most visited monument in Spain. And his works there is incomplete! So, no wonder we planned to see three amazing places in Barcelona created by Gaudi.

One of his famous masterpieces is PARC GUELL, in Barcelona.

Undoubtedly, Parc Guell is one of the most impressive parks I have visited so far (and I'm one of park's biggest fan :D). 
It has been world-wide famous for being Gaudi's great masterpieces, as the park is adorned with so many unique elements.

Di hari kedua road trip kami di Barcelona, kami memutuskan untuk mengunjungi Parc Güell yang asli ngetop banget. Pokoknya kalau ada kesempatan main ke Barcelona, jangan ngga mampir ke sini ya. Taman luas yang terdiri dari beberapa kompleks ini memang unik. Seperti yang saya ceritakan di atas, Gaudi memang bener-bener luar biasa dalam merealisasikan aneka bentuk unik dari alam. Dan taman ini adalah tempat pertama karya Gaudi yang kami nikmati di Barcelona. Kesan pertama memang jawdropping! Mencengangkan! Bikin menganga.

His attentions to details continued to wow and amaze me, Udi et Bo while we  got an opportunity to stroll around the city of Barcelona to see his magical works. 

Alhamdulillah, amidst flowing tourists, warm January and packed park, we managed to take a stroll around the park, starting from Casa - Museu Gaudi. We didn't get inside as the park itself is huge but we took a few pictures in front of this house/museum.

Then we walked up to the main part of the Park.
Parc Guell consists of several parts, including the famous Dragon (or 'gecko') stairs, the Greek Theater, Casa-Museu Gaudi, and Casa del Guarda.

really comfortable and unique...Gaudi ooh Gaudi...
As you walked into the area, you can immediately see Gaudi's signature.
Amazing details with out-of-this-world designs and shapes.
The park has been known for its famous 'gecko' (although some say it's the dragon) and incredibly comfy bench filled with quilt of ceramics tiles as well as stunning view of the city of Barcelona.

strolling around the 'forest' of asymmetrical columns...

When we continued to stroll around the park, especially, the upper part, we found the forest of unique columns.
More interesting spot to enjoy.

clear blue sky....
They are indeed unique as the columns are not even straight.
They are strategically positioned to frame the clear blue sky and trees in the park.

Even the roof along this promenade looks like natural caves, at least for me.
It feels like getting lost in the forest of brick columns.

Waktu kami sekeluarga menjelajahi taman ini, ada bagian yang seru dan unik serta tidak terlalu ramai. Di bagian ini ada jalan setapak dengan kolom-kolom dari bata yang terlihat alami dan uniknya tidak ada yang lurus.  Paling tidak terlihat alami dan seperti karya Gaudi lainnya, tidak ada garis lurus. Karena tidak terlalu ramai, seperti bagian taman lainnya di Greek Theater dan Dragon's stair, kita bisa puas foto-foto di sini.

let's take a walk :D...

The next part that we love so much is the gingerbread house. It's like those whimsical houses  popping out of children story book. 
Take a look at these photos and tell me what you think!

Jaw-dropping ceilings with intricate designs can be found in the Greek Theater part. Those mosaics in different colors and shapes will be interesting to look. I can't stop thinking how they actually built all this amazing park. There has got to be special techniques being used to get all those curves and colors.

The ceiling and its colorful constellation...

Wanna see more of Parc Guell ?
Enjoy some more photos we took during our trip to Parc Guell, Barcelona

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

amazing details indeed...mosaic of colorful tiles and patterns...

I love the shapes and their vibrant colors....yet, they serve their functions normally ...

in front of one of the houses...nice blue, yaaa...

we were not the only admirers of Gaudi works :D...
Here's the map of the Park.


Do you like visiting the park as well? 
What is your favorite park so far? 
Will you visit this park if you get a chance to visit Barcelona? 

See you in the next story and happy traveling!


Homey Casa Battló, Barcelona, Spain

"What is that, maman?" asked Bo, pointing to the façade outside of the famous apartment redesigned by Gaudi.
Those windows are indeed extraordinary.
"It looks like bones! Like fish bones!" exclaimed Bo. 
"You're right! Those windows remind me of fish bones," my hubby said.
That morning, we were stepping into out-of-this-world architecture situated in one elegant corner of Barcelona, Spain.
And our trip to Gaudi's world has just started.

So, it's time for #throwbacktuesday.
I kind of miss a few posts for these series due to the crazy schedules of meetings at UNGA High Level Week.
Let me now, take you to Barcelona, Spain, then.
To be exact, another trip to Gaudí's out-of-this-world creation.
And what I have here is Casa Batlló.

inside the fish bone hall :)

We visited beautiful city of Barcelona back in 2009.
Flying from Geneva with Bo et Udi (Obi hasn't been born yet), we stayed for 10 days in Spain and our road trip started in Barcelona. It was our end-of-winter trip, escaping the cold weather Geneva and heading south to Spain.
We had planned 9-day road trip starting and ending in Barcelona, exploring Madrid, Toledo, Zaragoza, Sevilla, Granada, Valencia, and back to Barcelona.
Quite ambitious but my hubby and I were super excited!

The cute roof we have here..
So, any of you are familiar with Antoni Gaudí?
Or you have visited Casa Batlló yourself?
 Who's Gaudi?

To me, Gaudí's brilliant, one-of-a-kind technique is a vivid example of his incredible imagination. This architect was born in 1852 in Reus and has long been famous for his indigenous creations. Claimed to be 'prodigious' on his era, Gaudi had been presenting unique works of art which beautifully blend into functioning designs and details inspired by nature. His original works in creating those concepts and spaces have won the hearts of many important figures in Spain and his works can now be enjoyed in many forms.
 The first time I saw his work in many parts of  Barcelona, including the one-and-only Parc Güell, Casa Millà dan Sagrada Familia, I can't help but admire his works.

The windows! super cute right...and look at the 'bones' structure

Only a few blocks from La Pedrera,
Casa Batlló ,- a lavish yet unique apartment, is another proof of Gaudi's amazing interpretation of Art Nouveau.
And this time, it's reflecting the 'underwater world' in a broader sense.
Underwater world.
My fave!
Underwater world duly applied to the apartment design.
Well, at least that's what I heard on the audio guide .

the lights...
The roof has a lot more interesting shapes, colors, and textures

So, I wouldn't mind at all to stay in this wonderful apartment.

And of course, the details are amazing.
Still with Gaudi's signature, no straight lines.
Can you incredible building with no straight lines!

It took us around 1.5 hours to see many parts of this apartment.
From the main hall, the Noble Floor, bedrooms, kitchen, staircases and ceilings, to the laundry room and the roof!
I have to admit the great attraction was the roof, with  a lot more intereting shapes, colors, and textures.
Somehow the chimney and the top of the roof reminded me of garlic and the dragon!
Weird combination, I know, but it's strikingly reminding me of these 2 items as we spend some times and take tons of pictures on the roof of Casa Battló.

Let's take a look at it closer.

the lights on the ceiling.. you see the ceiling is nothing ordinary

Bo having fun at the roof..

The chimneys :)..with garlic-inspired cross.
Don't miss Casa Batlló if you get a chance to visit Barcelona
Its address is

Have you seen Gaudi's works before?
Do you like them? 

I hope you enjoy traveling and happy to share #myitchyfeet story.
Bon voyage!

WPC: Zig-zag

For this week's Weekly Photo Challenge, zig zag is the theme...

So I was thinking of this..

Simply no or little straight lines..and that's zigzag for me..
All the masterpiece of the genius Gaudi, taken during our visit to Barcelona back in 2010..
So out-of-this-world, brilliantly one-of-a-kind..

The Frakarsa's on the road: Hola Espana #Barcelona 3

Continuing our family trip in Spain, particularly Barcelona :D...

I certainly hope I don't bore you with Gaudi's masterpieces as I have written in the first 2 blogs in our family adventure... me to introduce Casa Batllo this time....

another vivid example of  Gaudi's out-of-this-world creations...

Only a few blocks from La Pedrera, this apartment is another proof of Gaudi's amazing interpretation of underwater world..duly applied to the apartment design..

well, at least that's what I heard on the audio guide :D..

So, I wouldn't mind at all to stay in this wonderful apartment..
man, the details are amazing...

Still with no straight lines, yet it's pretty unique...

Built in 1904 - 1906, Antoni Gaudi was commissioned by Mr. Joseph Batllo to build and adorn his apartment...
The veranda....what do you have in mind seeing this :D..

Along with Bo, Udi et big flocks of Gaudi lovers (aka tourists :D), we strolled and continued being wowed by Gaudi in the legendary Noble Floor (used to be the former residence of the Batlló family, incredibly unique and spacious), 

The interior design is also mesmerizing....

even the vase and the window are out of this world :D...

look at the wall.....and the window...
then the Loft (the former store rooms and laundry rooms which I love to see...the washing room is soo cute :D), 

Of course we went to the Roof Terrace with its mythical Chimneys (where you will see the famous backbone of the dragon slain by Sant Jordi, or Saint George where I took tons of photos with Bo et Udi), 

My fave...the cuteeee.....

and the fabulous building well (once the communal stairwell...please see the details underneath :d...breathtakingly beatiful ;) ). 

inside the tiles dominating the wall..

Loveeee it.....and hope you share the same feeling, too :D...

Meanwhile....we have more photos to share 

So enjoy and cheers....

Bo enjoying his tea in the back....

The ceiling... pretty unique....

weellll...what do you have in mind....

spacious living room...nice view....

da stairs.....

more of the stairs.....

the elevator.....

we are hereeeee....from INDONESIA....:D....