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Great Places to See in Barbados in 4 hours

welcome to Bridgetown, Barbados

Exploring Barbados in 4 hours? 
It might sound too optimistic, but sure you can!
That's exactly what I did when I had a 6-hour transit in Barbados, after finishing my meeting at Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
And there are great places to see in Barbados in 4 hours indeed!

I was super lucky, in a way, that I have to have to transit on my way back to NYC.
From New York, I was flying to SVG through Trinidad and Tobago, but it was a short transit so I did not go outside of the airport. 

But heading back home is another story.

I had an early flight at 7 AM with Liat Airlines from SVG, transiting in Barbados, then headed back to NYC with JetBlue. I arrived at Grantley Adams international airport (BGI) at aroun 8 AM. Super early but I have no complaints. 

Since I haven't been to Barbados, I was super excited!
I know 4 hours is the maximum time I can get, and perhaps I can't go swimming or snorkeling, but at least I can just relax for a while and snap some pictures here and there while exploring this beautiful city. I have done a bit of browsing and consult Trip Advisor, where I am one of its Level-6 Top Contributors ;), as well as one of my newly acquainted colleagues who are posted in this very country .

Determine where you want to go and what you want to see will definitely help maximizing your limited time while visiting one place. And as I was traveling around alone this time, I just list down the places I'd like to see, compare the prices for renting the car and the local guide (I guess I had a great one), and pray for the best!.

So as I got my luggage, headed out to the arrival gate of the airport, I directly went to the taxi stand and asked around. They actually have the list of the official taxi rate, which is very helpful. But I directly asked whether there was someone who could take me around to see the city in 4 hours. 

That's when I bumped into Keith, a lovely grandpa of 4 who has been in the tourism industry in Barbados for the last 30 years :). As soon as I had a short conversation about what I wanted to see and how much time I need, he understood completely and he agreed for Barbadian Dollar 150 or USD 75 to take me around for 4 hours! That's quite a bargain I guess :). I took my luggage to his van, set all my cameras and off we went exploring Bridgetown, Barbados's capital. And Keith is such a sweetheart!

Meet Keith, my guide :)

I have set my heart on seeing some of the beautiful places Barbados has to offer and with Keith's help, here they are!

First destination ... to the beach!

Our first stop was actually to the ATM, as I have no Barbadian Dollar :).
But right after that, we went straight ahead to the Pebbles Beach, right in front of the Government Building or the Cabinet Office of the Barbados.
Can you imagine working at the office right across beautiful white, sandy beach with clear, turquoise water?
I was sold! I would definitely miss my work or move all my meetings to the beach :)

Here at Pebbles beach, I was just standing there, enjoying the breeze and dip my feet to the water. I was super tempted to go swimming but my back was still hurt and burn after my almost full day swimming and snorkeling at Bequai, the Grenadines.

I certainly took a lot of photos and videos here. 
And feeling those powdery sands on my bare feet and looking at the clear blue sky making me missing INDONESIA, my homeland, more and more :).

Independence Square

The next stop is the Independence Square!
As the name suggested, this is where Barbados' Independence was pronounced.
Such a beautiful garden in the middle of the city, with perfect view to the Heroes Square and the Parliament Building right across the street.

The Constitution River is flowing to the sea, across the Chamberlain Bridge.

From the Independence Square, we can see the Parliament Building right across the street.
The Chamberlain Bridge and Parliament Building a far..

Parliament Building and Museum

So we continued exploring the city and as I mentioned to Keith, my guide, I need to buy some souvenirs as well. He then parked the car at the Heroes Square and showed me the way to the shopping center, the Cave Shepherd. But before shopping, he pointed the Parliament Building and Museum which would be interesting to photograph.

Keith had been looking at my gears and ensured that I didn't miss those photogenic parts of the city!  

There is a museum near this complex but as time was limited, I skipped it and headed to the store to grab some souvenirs.

Down town shopping

And voilaaa...there I was!
Around the Broad Street, you will find Norman Centre and the Cave Shepherd, the duty free, as well as local shops for you to enjoy.

Comfortably stepping in the Cave Shepherd (I love the name!), I was cooly welcomed by the full blow of air conditioner. Great! I know I was just spending around 1.5 hours under the sun but already I have to cool my self down, while exercising my favorite activity, shopping!

I guess I bought a lot of stuff there and happy to bring them home!
For sure I have many fridge magnets, shooters, t-shirts, salt  & pepper shakers, and postcards with stamps, so that I can send them home to NYC as well as to Indonesia.

From shopping, I have another round to the beach.
We passed Brownes Beach, Accra Beach, and back to Pebbles Beach as well as Needhams Points. I was really overwhelmed by those beautiful beaches.

Enjoying local food at Pug's Bar and Restaurant

Finally, time to go back to the airport. 
But I was super hungry and I asked Keith to take me to the local restaurant near the airport.
Right across the airport entrance, we stopped at Pug's bar and restaurant.
There was a long line of people already as it was lunch time.
But pretty quick, we both got what we want.
Can you guess what we had?

my plate of fried fish and creamy potato! Oh my God..soooo goood!

And I tried fried king fish a la Barbados, with creamy, butter potatoes that tasted like mash potatoes, with hot pepper sauce and fresh slices of cucumbers!
Heavenly yummy for sure.

the restaurant

Happy, sleepy and full, I was heading back to the airport and started to check-in.
I was actually tempted to visit the Concorde Experience but I didn't want to miss my flight.
Beside, I still have to get stamps and send the postcards to my family and friends, including my dearest Em(b)ak Ceria :)).

Thank you so much, Keith, for a wonderful half-day trip in Barbados!

Hopefully I can come back here again one day!

Next round, it will be with my dearest family.

Do you enjoy transiting somewhere while traveling?

What do you usually do while transiting?

Picture Perfect Barbados

Merci ya Rabb for giving me the chance to enjoy Your magnificent creation.
Picture perfect Barbados

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Sea of clouds

I haven't really get a chance to write full stories of my last trip to the Caribbean. 
Not to mention our last spring break road trip ;).

But for sure, happy to share some of the photos I took during my Caribbean trip.
And this sea of clouds is one of them, taken while I was leaving Barbados heading to New York City. 

Although I managed to visit at least three beautiful beaches at Barbados, it was not complete as I have so many things I want to do in this wonderful country, including its underwater world. But right now, I am happy to enjoy its shore lines and deep blue sea.
From above.

Feels like swimming in the clouds, touching them :).
Do you like watching the sky as well?

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