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Vintage Lovers and Foodies, Don’t Miss Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak

Cheers from the Frakarsas!
Hi there,

Looking for a cool place to hang out with your family, beloved ones or your wonderful friends?
I just find the right place for you then.
Especially to those loving delicious Sundanese cuisine, endless photo sessions in vintage setting, and friendly services. Not to mention wonderful packages that they have will surely make you smile as it doesn't rob you or your bank.

Vintage Lovers and Foodies, Don’t Miss Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak Rawamangun!

Gurame goreng yang enaaak iniii
Sebenarnya aku udah lama banget pengen review tempat ini.
Lokasinya yang deket banget dari rumah, makanan Sunda yang enak dan less MSG, plus dekorasi vintage dan booth photo yang asli lucu membuat tempat ini kontan menjadi tempat favorit keluargaku. 
Lucunya, kami sering banget melewati tempat ini setiap keluar dari kompleks rumah dan memutar ke arah Rawamangun, namun baru sempat mampir beberapa bulan lalu.  
Dan sejak itu restoran ini jadi tempot favorit kami sekeluarga.
Pas deh untuk kumpul - kumpul merayakan hari istimewa maupun sekedar makan sina tau makan malam bersama orang - orang tercinta.

So, let's see what's on the menu!
For sure, they serve traditional Sundanese (tribe from West Java, Indonesia) cuisine which is quite famous in Indonesia.
They have the package called Liwet (for 2 or 3 people) and a la carte menu as well.

Nasi Liwet is the specially prepared steamed rice, cooked with a mixed of traditional herbs like lemon grass, bay leaves and salted fish. The complete package also include ayam goreng basah - fried chicken with traditional spices; tahu and tempe goreng; cimplung or the potato fritters, sambel dadak and sambel hejo - the famous chili sauce; and peda bakar or the grilled salted fish.

You can also have them a la carte, per item or per portion.
Some additional menus like vegetable sautée with tauge and kangkung as well.
Our favorite is also the fish menu, different kind of gurame,  or the carp fish. They do excellent grilled or fried fish on the spot. 

The package for 2 persons costs you Rp 75.000,- , while the package for 3 persons is Rp 120.000,-. Complete information on the menu and its prices can be checked at . The outlet that we visited is the one in Rawamangun.

Here are some photos of the menu we enjoy in this place.

sambel hejo sambel dadak
Cimplung and sweet corn fritters
the famous sambal dadak

tumis tauge

rendang mengkol, anyone
fried tempe and tofu

Sambal hejo or the green chili

Don't forget to check my video at YouTube channel for more stories and photos of those delicious menu plus lovely vintage setting.

And that's not all folks.
Besides those yummy food, they also have free vintage photo booth, complete with all the properties and costumes.
We definitely love it!
The setting is like a traditional hub in the middle of the rice field, complete with paddy, vintage utensils, and more.
Check it out...we had so much fun taking those pictures.

Mbo Jamu Obi :)

Now you know why we love this place sooo much.

If you get a chance to come and visit, here's the complete address. 

SHSD Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak Rawamangun
Jl. Cipinang Baru Utara no.35
RT.9/RW.3, Cipinang, Kec Pulo Gadung, Jakarta Timur, Jakarta 13240

Have fun and enjoy your visit.
Bon appetit!