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WW: Tenun Karawo from Gorontalo

How I love wearing the traditional fabrics from my beloved country, Indonesia.
And I have to say I am blessed and extremely lucky to have my dearest friend, Agus Lahinta, sending this beautiful piece of Karawo dress proudly made by Rumah Saronde, Gorontalo.

Karawo is the traditional embroidery from Gorontalo, Sulawesi. 
Meticulously handcrafted, it takes months to create one, particularly with its special patterns. Most of them are in the forms of flowers and geometric patterns of colors.
Let's take a closer look ..

I haven't seen the process of making it myself, but citing it from the website of the Provicial Government of Gorontalo, the making of  this piece of art requires slicing and pulling the threads from the yards before embroidering it back with desired patterns. Not that easly for sure but it turns out beautifully.

And I am proudly wearing it to the UN :)


proudly holding my national flag :)

Get more information about Karawo from Rumah Saronde and feel free to see those colorful patterns on their Facebook page and Instagram @karawosaronde

Have you seen or worn Karawo?

Rumah Saronde
Jl. palma 71 LibuO
Kota Gorontalo, Indonesia
Phone: +62 813 55992999