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WW: Playing with Nemo while Diving at Tanjung Putus, Lampung, Indonesia

Nemo at Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung, Indonesia

I can't get enough of diving!

It is always fun to go down underwater and enjoy the beauty of it!

While joining underwater flag hoisting ceremony with my Corona diving club, we took the liberty to dive around the area. Although I didn't go far, I had so much fun playing with nemo and the colorful fish there. I should have gone further but even this place only was very lovely.

Here are some of the photos I took during that dive.

Nemo at Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung, Indonesia

Nemo at Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung, Indonesia

Diving  at Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung, Indonesia

Diving at Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung, Indonesia

Diving at Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung, Indonesia

Nemo at Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung, Indonesia

Nemo at Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung, Indonesia


And don't forget to breathe :).

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On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Indonesia, my beloved homeland, I joined my diving club in Lampung to conduct flag-hoisting ceremony underwater.


Twenty members of Corona Diving Club (yes, the name is CORONA J) Lampung chapter has decided to do it at Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung. This place is an amazing snorkeling and diving spot so many of us were super excited.


It took us around 1.5 hours boat ride from Puri Gading beach, where we started the journey. You can definitely embark from different ports like Ketapang, Mutun and Sari RInggung beaches. We headed to Green Bay Tanjung Putus, where you can stay overnight as well as it has cottages and big meeting room for gatherings. Not to mention clear turquoise water and amazing underwater world right in front of the cottage for you who love snorkeling and diving. You can also spend the night and just simply enjoy the white sandy beach in this island.


So, we arrived at Tanjung Putus at 11 AM. We started with the ceremony at the dock before going underwater. At 12, 20 of us went down around 7 meters deep and did jockey seat underwater to pay respect and give salute to Merah Putih, Indonesia’s flag. 

It was very solemn indeed. After about 20 minutes being underwater and taking pictures as well as video, we went diving around before taking our lunch break and enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Putus island.


It was really an unforgettable experience for me!


Bangga jadi warga negara INDONESIA


Dengan keindahan alamnya, keunikan budayanya, keramahan penduduknya, kelezatan makanannya, dan semangaaatnya untuk terus maju!

Dirgahayu INDONESIA.

Jangan menyerah untuk gapai asa gemilang




How do you celebrate your independence day?

WW: Klara Beach, Lampung

How I miss going to the beach!

Now that we are implementing social distancing and independent isolation in the attempt of curbing Corona virus outbreak, we took the liberty to stay at home and try to be as productive as can be. For traveling lovers like us, it is quite painful to stay at home for quite some times. But for the benefit of our very own health and safety, as well as others, we dutifully stay at home and implement distance learning as well as work from home.

Nevertheless, with the extra time we have, I try to manage the photos and videos I have.
most of them are coming from our trip in 2018 and 2019. Even before that!
One of them is our trip to Klara Beach in Lampung
Klara is actually an abbreviation in bahasa Indonesia, that is Klapa Rapat.
Literally klapa means coconut (tree) and rapat  means close. So, basically it's the beach where the coconut trees are planted close to one another.

We went here during the weekday and  that is why the beach was empty.
It was just us and we definitely enjoyed it.
My kids and my niece as well as my mom who joined us had so much fun swimming on the deserted beach.

Here are some pictures taken around this place and I sincerely hope we can go back here again soon.

The traditional jetty

Clear blue sky!

the 'floaters' :p

My happy Nadine..

view from the humble shack provided

So, that's our last visit to Klara Beach, Lampung.
Hope this Corona Virus will soon be gone so that we can revisit this lovely beach.
Here's the map for its exact location.

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Back to Tegal Mas Island, Lampung

Snorkelling time!

Snorkeling time!
It becomes sort of a tradition during Lebaran Day break for us to go to the beach.
Or in our case, to the island.

The first day of Lebaran is always filled with family gatherings as well as visiting the graves of deceased family. 
Not only one or two, but we might visit 4 - 5 houses as well as graves. It was fun but at the same time tiring. But again, Lebaran Day is only once a year and it worth a celebration!
Not to mention the food!
Oh my, glorious food so rich and delicious and sometimes it's only available in this super special occasion!

Cheers from our family..

And now ... back to snorkelling.

As you can see in my previous posts, whenever my family and I go back to Lampung, we always manage to go hopping the islands or snorkelling. 
I have to say it becomes sort of a habit that we all love so much.

Back to Tegal Mas Island...
This time, we decided to go back to Tegal Mas Island.
The last 2 visits we went to Spot Sari near Sari Ringgung beach as well as Tegal Mas. I shared that in WW: Tegal Mas Island Lampung - continued and WW: Tegal Mas Island Lampung in a glimpse.

We went early from home, around 8.30 in the morning.
Even that early morning, we were already stuck in the traffic LOL.
It was a long queue on the main road heading to the beach as people are heading to the beaches dotting along Lampung Bay. It was a bit frustrating in the beginning but we just enjoyed the trip with movies and books.

The elephant statue...

Once we arrived in Sari Ringgung beach, we directly went to our rented boat as we had booked for it. Good thing we have our usual boat renter, Romi, standing by at this crowded beach. We brought all our stuff, including food, drinks, and snorkelling gear, to the boat and off we went to the island.

It took us 20 minutes to cross the bay and reach Tegal Mas Island.

It was super packed with visitors indeed!
Well, it was Lebaran Day, so it's as expected. Besides, Tegal Mas has decent accommodations so we have people who have stayed in. We saw boats coming and going off the island as well, bringing more visitors.

When we arrived, we directly found the spot where we put our stuff and getting ready to swim. My kids were super ready and they plunged themselves on the ocean. For sure they enjoyed the sun, the weather, the ocean. 

Here are some photos from our last adventure.

Nemo and watch underwater..

it was a lovely day!

Will get you more details for you all.
See you on the next story!

WW: Launching of Lampung Krakatau Festival 2018

I was joining the launching of Lampung Krakatau Festival 2018 last week, held in Soesilo Soedarman Hall, Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia. 

It feels great to be back home and directly involved in the preparation of one of the most colourful Festivals in Indonesia. 

I was impressed by the beauty of Lampung being displayed in various videos, photos, and live entertainment.
It all brings back such great memories I have when I was a kid and being raised in Lampung.

The Festival was officially launched but the Minister for Tourism of Indonesia as well as the Governor of Lampung.

And the food!
How nostalgic and yummy at the same time.

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Gearing Up for Lampung Krakatau Festival 2018

Lampung Krakatau Festival 2018

That smiley face turned to me as I stood bravely at the end of the boat.
"We're finally here!" I cried in my heart.
The wave was strong but the sea breeze gently touched my face. 
The sun kissed my skin in a relaxing mood.
My diving gear was all set, oxygen tank was full and my cameras were already, but I couldn't take my eyes off the vista in front of me. 
Afar, Mount Krakatua and Anak Krakatua (Anak means child in bahasa Indonesia) stood tall and proud, hugged by the fluffy cloud.
We both back rolled to the inviting deep turquoise water.
As the cool water engulfed my body and school of fish lazily swam in front of me, I know this is the place I wanted to be.
"I'm home."

Then Obi's call woke me up.
Opening my eyes, I realized that I'm truly home!
We are already in Indonesia!

snorkelling in Tanjung Putus, Lampung, one of my favourite pastime 

Last year, I might have the same dream when I was still peacefully sleeping in Astoria, New York City.
Imagining myself taking the boat trip to Krakatau, the majestic volcano which won its famous reputation after such an incredible eruption occurred in 1883.
Having a diving trip near Mount Krakatau has been on top of my list for quite some times.
Until the very last minute before my family and I flew to the Big Apple, I know I can never say goodbye to Lampung.
Beautiful Paradise lies more than 10 thousand miles from where I stand now.
My homeland, forever.
Dan sekarang rinduku terbalaskan.

Going back home to Indonesia is probably something that I would love to do since I arrived in NYC. And I have not done so, successfully, after 4.5 years living here in the big Apple.

And now, while enjoying Indonesia since the last 2 weeks,


Lampung Krakatau Festival is here again!
Can't wait to join the celebration but I guess I still have to wait until next 2 weeks 

 I'm inviting my dearest friends and family to celebrate the beauty of Lampung during this annual Festival. Series of events will be held, including Duta Kopi Lampung or Coffee Ambassador Pageant, Lampung Tapis Carnival, International Seminar, Lampung Bay Fun Run, Photo Exhibition, and the Trip to Anak Krakatua. Considering the latest status of Anak Krakatau, the trip there will be adjusted to the safe zone only.

I was so lucky I got a chance to join the launching of Lampung Krakatau Festival 2018 held in the Ministry of Tourism, Jakarta.

The Minister himself officially launched the Festival and the Governor of Lampung also participated in this launch.
We are optimistically hoping to welcome around 25 thousand tourists to come and participate in this year's Festival.

The Governor of Lampung gave opening remarks during the launching

Lampung Festival Krakatau 2018 bakal berlangsung selama beberapa hari, sejak tanggal 20-26 Agustus 2018. Beberapa kegiatan bahkan telah berlangsung di awal Agustus dan minggu ketiga Agustus 2018. Acara punck memang akan diselenggarakan pada tanggal 24 - 26 Augustus 2018. Festival tahunan yang digelar Pemprov Lampung didukung sejumlah pihak, termasuk Kementerian Pariwisata (Kemenpar) ini mentargetkan menjaring sampai 25 ribu orang pengunjung.

One of my favorite events during this Festival is the Lampung Tapis Carnival.

Judging from my fellow bloggers' photos from last year, this Carnival is indeed glamorous, colourful and grand, while at the same time showcasing the beauty of Lampungnese tradition.  

photo is taken from

Prosesi pelepasan Pawai Budaya LKF 2018 akan digelar tanggal 26 Augustus 2018 dan  dimulai pukul 1 siang, dilanjutkan pemilihan 5 peserta pawai terbaik sore harinya. Parade Lampung Tapis Carnaval ini akan diikuti oleh marcing band serta gajah dari Taman Nasional Way Kambas, plus so many beautiful participants showcasing various traditional Lampungnese costumes. Sepertinya  rute paradenya sama seperti tahun sebelumnya, yatu mulai dari Lapangan Saburai ke Jalan Ahmad Yani-Jalan Kartini-Jalan S Parman-Raden Intan-kembali ke Lapangan Saburai. Rute ini diperkirakan sepanjang 2,8 Km. I'm super excited to see how wonderful this Carnaval will be!

Selain serangkaian acara di Lapangan Saburai, Bandar Lampung, LKF 2018 juga akan disemarakkan dengan acara yang menjadi ciri khas utamanya yaitu tour Gunung Anak Krakatau (GAK). The tour to Anak Krakatau Mountain is one of the highlights of this annual Festival. This year, we will have an international seminar about Anak Krakatau mountain.

Another interesting event in this year's Festival is Pemilihan Duta Kopi 2018 or Coffee Ambassador Pageant Show. As you know, Lampungnese Coffee is one of the best in the world and you should definitely try it. It's about time to have one dedicated representative of 'ambassador' to promote Lampungnese Coffee to the world.

Moreover, Lampung Bay Fun Run will be held in August 19, 2018.

To those who love running for 5K and 10K, this is the event for you.
They will have  Instagram contest, free goodie bags and door prizes for those joining the run.

Here's a bit more information on the event and for sure I will be back with more details and photos.
Enjoooy and hope to see in Lampung for Lampung Krakatau Festival 2018!
Don't miss the beauty of Lampung, the Treasure of Sumatra

Let's have fun at #LampungKrakatauFestival2018 #PariwisataLampung 

My Beloved Lampung - The Treasure of Sumatera

"Indah, tell me where is that diving location you've talked about in your blog. Is that your hometown?"

One of my dear friends startled me with her questions in the middle of our meeting at the UN Headquarters here in New York City. Apparently she just read some posts about my diving trip in Tegal Island, Lampung, I made years ago. One of the remedies I took whenever I miss my beloved hometown. Put all those photos and pour my heart out in the stories. Longing soulfully for my home.

On another occasion, I have more friends cornering me during our Diplomatic reception at the Indonesian Mission to the UN here in New York City.

"Look at that fantastic fabrics you are wearing, Indah. What is it called again? Tapis?" Their hands were eagerly touching that beautiful handwoven Tapis in gold and purple, my favorite colors. Then the night was filled with my stories of how beautiful my hometown is. And how I keep missing it, wherever I am.

My name is Indah Nuria Savitri and here's my little story about a hidden paradise called Lampung.

Have you been to Lampung before?
Have you heard of this hidden peace of paradise called Lampung?

Well, I have to admit that Lampung is no longer 'hidden' paradise as we welcome more and more people who love spending some precious  times in beautiful beaches dotting along Lampung Bay.

Lampung is located in the southern most part of Sumatera island. 
Strategically situated as the Gate of Sumatera, Lampung enjoys robust and dynamic development. 

Its fertile terra has produced world-wide famous coffee beans, cocoa beans, pepper, cloves, coconuts, pineapple and more. And in line with this progressive improvement, Lampung now consists of two autonomous cities, Bandar Lampung and Metro (where I was born :)), as well as twelve regencies spanning from the southern most part to the west, east and northern part, bordering with Bengkulu and South Sumatera provinces.

Surrounded by oceans and dotted with pristine islands, Lampung has so much potential in fisheries as well as tourism, particularly. 

Amidst the long list of beautiful things you can find, feel, taste and enjoy in Lampung, I will only focus of three most astounding features Lampung has: its gorgeous natural landscapes, rich and colorful cultures, and delicious culinary experience.

The gorgeous natural landscapes

Frankly speaking, I don't even know where to start as there are so many beautiful spots that we can enjoy :).

Lampung has long been famously known for its pristine islands and beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal clear and turquoise water. Stretching out from Lampung Bay to the western part of Lampung, this province surely can cater all beach lovers' dream of enjoying pristine, beautiful beaches with such ease.  

Pahawang, Kelagian, Tegal, Legundi, Balak, Tanjung Putus, Mutun, Kiluan, Tanjung Setia, Pisang, Sebesi and Sebuku are only a few examples of beautiful islands and beaches located in Lampung, winning the hearts of locals as well as foreign visitors.

me enjoying Kelagian Kecil island :)

Not to mention its wonderful underwater world. 
Being a diver myself, I can never get enough of it. 
Enjoying the colorful underwater world filled with various unique schools of fish, corals, and sea creatures in vibrant colors and shapes is always be on top of my itinerary whenever I come and visit my hometown. 

some of my amateur underwater snaps in while diving Lampung
I even have a short video, dancing with nemo or the clown fish,  from my last diving trip in Tegal Island, Lampung, back in 2014.

Don't have a diving license? Don't worry.
Even snorkeling  or strolling around the beach in one of the islands scattered along the Lampung Bay will bring joy to you and your family.

Tanjung Putus, where you can freely snorkel with this happy school of fish

pipe fish, taken during my snorkeling trip in Tegal island

Kiluan Bay is another great spot for all mother nature lovers, particularly as you can see wild dolphins freely roaming and swimming around by your side.

dancing around with the wild dolphins at Kiluan Bay

Mount Krakatau  is indeed the famous icon of Lampung. Majestically situated in Sunda Strait, between Sumatera and Java islands, Krakatau or Krakatoa, as the world names it, has literally shocked the world due to its cataclysmic eruption in 1883.
This active volcano, complete with Mount Anak Krakatau or the Child of Krakatau as part of the three volcanic peaks,  continues to steal peoples' attention and admiration for its unique geologic and geographic features. No wonder if  the Government of Lampung galvanizes this world-famous volcano into its annual cultural festival.

Moreover, Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park provides more wonderful mountainous area with green lush forests and wild animals. And don't get me started with falls and lagoons, as again Lampung has abundant choices for that.

Pulau Balak, one of our favorite underwater destinations

But that's not all.
Lampung is indeed bestowed with more unique and amazing natural landscapes.
Take a look at Karang Hiu beach, for example. Located in  Pegadungan Beach, Kelumbayan, Tanggamus, Lampung, this rather newly found spot has instantly become most sought area among landscape photographers due to its fantastic layout and beauty.

Photo is taken from

Or the Way Kambas Elephant training center.
This iconic outdoor adventure will surely boost up your adventurous spirit as you get closer to the nature's wonder and fantastic creatures, the elephants.

And one more thing.
I am always blessed with amazing sunset whenever traveling back home. 
Whether it's on our way back from diving trip or island hopping, or simply while waiting to harbor in Bakauheni on our car-and-ship trip from Jakarta.
Such a breathtaking view!

I can go on and on and on when it comes to all those fantastic spots mother nature has in Lampung. If you don't believe me, you should then go and see them yourself :).

The rich and colorful cultures

For sure, Lampung is also bestowed with rich and colorful cultures. Being famous as Sang Bumi Ruwa Jurai or the divine home of two,- the original Lampungnese and pendatang or the newcomers, Lampung is one of the laudable examples of harmonious lives among communities, adorned with traditional values and norms.

Adat istiadat or the traditional values are still dearly hold, as you can clearly see in the daily lives of Lampungnese, projected in their philosophy, traditional language, songs and dances as well as socio- cultural structures.

One of the most prominent aspects of this cultural wonder that I'd like to showcase here is its traditional fabrics.

Have you ever heard of Tapis Lampung before?
A beautiful mix of hand-woven gold threads, ancient patterns such as siger (traditional Lampungnese regal headpiece), kapal (boat)  and traditional umbrella, and vibrant colors, Tapis Lampung surely becomes one of the most-wanted keepsakes from this beautiful land.
I myself have a few pieces of  Tapis Lampung and proudly wear them in many special occasions wherever I am, including here in New York City.

Proudly wearing Tapis Lampung at the UN and Indonesian Mission

I sincerely hope you can get your own Tapis Lampung and adore them as much as I do.

The delicious culinary experience.

And your visit to Lampung will not be complete without having the culinary adventure. 
Like many parts of Indonesia, Lampung offers fantastic cuisines that will surely satisfy your appetites. 

Try Seruit and tempoyak, traditional Lampungnese plates made of fermented durian usually mixed with fresh chili, shallots, salt and sugar. Eat them fresh with grilled fish, fresh vegetables and a bowl of steamed rice, together with your family and friends. Heaven!
You can also try pindang, or fresh, sweet and sour fish soup adorned with fragrant kemangi leaves. For dessert, have a bite of geguduh or sweet banana fritters and a glass of traditional Kopi Lampung, the world famous robusta coffee beans. 
I bet you will be addicted to it. I am literally drooling as I write this!  

Not to mention various cemilan or snacks such as lempok, dodol durian, kerupuk, kemplang, keripik pisang, keripik nangka, keripik singkong, sambal Lampung, and so many more.

some of the delicious snacks from Lampung

Away from home does not prevent me from enjoy all these great food.
I am extremely lucky to have my dearest family and friends sending those packages of love to New York City as we crave for those traditional food.
And I am inviting you all to give them a try and tell me what you think about them.
I have to admit I really want to go home to Lampung now :).

Lampung Krakatau Festival

Photo is taken from

And to celebrate all these glorious nature and cultural diversity, the Provincial Government of Lampung has been conducting an annual Lampung Krakatau Festival.
Care to know more about it?

For 2016, Lampung Krakatau Festival will be held from 24 - 28 of August, 2016.
There are series of events you can enjoy during the Festival, including Jelajah Pasar Seni, Jelajah Layang-layang, Jelajah Rasa, Jelajah Krakatau and Jelajah Semarak Budaya. 
Various activities such as art exhibition and seminars, talk show, photo contest, culinary bazaar and food festival, as well as will be conducted during the Festival, including the iconic jubilant Lampung Culture and Tapis Carnival as well as the Investor Summit Dinner.
Now that's a festive event we have here.
And for sure you all are invited to join this festivity!

Make sure you check the complete schedules and more details on

Photo is taken from

How I wish I could be there and witness all these jovial gathering!
But for sure, wherever I am, I will always have Lampung in my heart.

My name is Indah Nuria Savitri and I proudly say I come from Lampung, the Treasure of Sumatera.


Lampung Krakatau Festival 2016,
Suku Lampung,
Batu Karang mempesona di Pantai Pegadungan