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Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali with Bali Local Guides

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia

Coming back to Bali after quite sometimes really thrilled me.

Since the pandemic started roughly in March in Indonesia, I haven't flown anywhere, be it domestic or international flights. For the benefit of us all, all traveling and gathering were cancelled and/or reschedule. Many countries have implemented lock down policy or 14-day quarantine for foreign travelers.  Indonesia is applying similar policy as well.

But as we move on and implement 'new normal' approach during the pandemic which still lasts till now, we start traveling and attending meetings in small scale. Of course under very strict health protocol. In Indonesia, we are obliged to submit non-reactive rapid test or negative swab test result before flying. We also need to download e-HAC or electronic Health Alert Card application on our phone so that the Ministry of Healthy can have proper tracking of us in case there is a spread of COVID-19 from one of our trips. I guess I will share some details about new way of traveling in Indonesia later on separate post.

Long story short, I visited Bali again in the middle of October. It was the first time ever since March 2020. Usually, by the end of the year, I would have visited Bali 3-4 times, for meetings as well as short break with my munchkins. But of course that was before the pandemic. I never thought I could go back to Bali this soon but I was super happy indeed.

I stayed in Ubud (read: The Royal Pita Maha Resort, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia) for three days before I moved to Kuta area and shared in Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. While I stayed here, I made an appointment with some friends from Bali Local Guides,- Jean, Angga, Okta and Irwin. I was super excited as we haven't met in persons before although we have met in so many virtual meet-ups. Jean and I even join some Whatsapp groups together. 

So on my last night in Bali (I stayed for 5 days and 4 nights), we planned to meet near the Sheraton Hotel In Kuta. Actually, there is a big mall next to the hotel where we initially planned to meet but since the pandemic, many places close at 8 PM. That's why we decided to look for the place near the area and voilaa... we found Warung Cuci Mata

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
welcome to Warung Cuci Mata

It is not so far from Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort and Beachwalk mall, it is very so very convenient to those staying in or visiting the area.

 It is situated by the street and you won't miss it.  It has benches and bean bags as well as booths of food vendors. There are various food being offered here,  a mix of traditional, Balinese food as well as hype, most-wanted food and munchies. 

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
One of the menus

I tried Nasi kuning campur Bali with ayam betutu (It's Balinese way of marinating and cooking chicken and duck, using Indonesian traditional herbs, 
super good and spicy), as well as sate telor puyuh or the quail eggs satay, bihun goreng or fried vermicelli, and sambal goreng tempe or the spicy fried tempe, the famous soy bean cake. We also ordered Korean cheese and garlic bread, grilled sausage and churros. All of them are yummy indeed. 

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
the yummy nasi kuning with ayam betutu..

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
Korean Garlic Cheese Bread, everyone..

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
The Cheese fries... yuuum

The price is manageable and friendly, like around 2oK Rupiah for a complete set of Nasi Bali and french fries for 15K Rupiah or USD 1. We still have more menu as well here such as fajita and kebab. We all enjoyed our order and loved them all.

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
Angga, Irwin and Okta from Bali Local Guides

The place is mask - mandatory and you have to clean your hands before entering and temperature checked. Seats are placed in safe distance. The five of us were sitting in one corner with disinfected desks and chairs. 

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
Let's play..

We had so much fun chatting and exchanges gifts. Not to forget taking tons of pictures, including in the playground area which is pretty much Instagramable and cute. The five of us holding various banners and signs from Google Local Guides and posed. Click.. we got series of photos in this very spot.

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
The five of us.. Jakarta and Bali Local Guides 

When we came here, there was a live band playing. Lovely indeed, although it didn't stay that long like it used to be. The place was packed but safely distance from one another. We used our masks all the time, expect while eating and drinking. So I guess this place is highly recommended as it is safe, clean, has lovely menu with friendly price, and open air as well. 

Thank you so much Jean, Angga, Irwin et Okta for making our short but sweet rendezvous so enjoyable and memorable as well. 

I came here after the malls and many restaurants in Kuta, Bali, closed. I know it's a bit sad to see Kuta this deserted, knowing that this place is famous for its vibes and 24-hour vibrant communities. But during the pandemic, most places close at 8 PM. Hope seen everything will be back to normal and we can again travel as well as gather with family and friends.

Meanwhile, stay safe, happy and healthy, wherever you are!

The Joy of Doing Nothing in Bali

The Joy of Doing Nothing in Bali

Bali Rani Hotel, Kuta, Bali

I have been living in a fast lane lately, having stressful days filled with endless meetings, works and more. Coming back from New York City, Jakarta has even busier agenda for me.

So when I managed to have a little break in the Last Paradise on Earth (yes, that's what I read when I arrived in I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport :)), I know I have to benefit from it.
Shopping? Exploring this gorgeous land of Gods and Goddesses? Having culinary trip?
Or simply doing nothing and enjoying the moment?

I chose the last one.

Frankly, I have been planning to do this and that after the series of meeting we had since the beginning of the week started.
You're in Bali, right. So better visit those beautiful spots and try some local cuisines as well as shop their stunning traditional art crafts.
But at the end of the day, I just realised that I was exhausted.
I am tired.
And I missed my family terribly.
I lost my appetite for an adventurous day.

Let's chill..

So, there I was...just sitting by the pool, admiring the clear blue sky and peaceful sound of flowing water.
I really need this, just to recharge my heart and soul.
To be forever grateful for all My Rabb's bless.

And the blue sky is my refuge.

Thank you so much, Bali.
And stay fabulous!

Thank you!

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Kuta, Bali, with gratitude

No words are needed 
to explain the inescapable beauty of Kuta Beach, Bali, in one brilliant afternoon.

"Today, let us swim wildly and joyously in gratitude"


Miss you, Kuta.

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