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Fish and Shrimp Fried Wonton

Hello there..

Ready for another home recipe from my Astoria kitchen?
I know the holiday season is in full swings and everyone is usually spoiling one's sweet tooth with lots of sweets, cookies and cakes. That's just wonderful. And for sure yummy :).

But since I have to be extremely careful with my sugar intake, I stick to my savory plates at home. Including in this special time of the year for those who are celebrating Christmas.

And this time I have fish and shrimp fried wonton.

Perhaps you are wondering why I keep using the same ingredients. I just love fish and shrimp. It might be a bit messy to handle but I usually process them together and then keep them in my fridge if I have some leftovers. But Most of the time, I use them all as everyone in my house like it :).

Previously,  I copy the recipe for siomay time here and this time, it will involve similar ingredients and slightly similar process in the beginning.

So let's start :).

some of the ingredients :)

You will need:

White fish fillet, 1 lbs. you can also use fish paste which you can easily find in the Asian store.
Shrimps, 1 lbs
Flour, as needed.
Eggs, 2.
Tapioca flour, as needed.
Shallot, sliced. 
Garlic, peeled and crushed.
Scallion, thinly sliced.
Carrots, grated or chopped.
Wonton skin, preferably the round one.
Fish sauce, if you like.
Vegetable oil for frying.

How to cook:

First, we need to prepare the mixture.
Grind together the white fish fillet, fresh shrimps, onion, and garlic using your blender or food processor.  After all is well mixed, add the salt, fish sauce, flour and tapioca flour little by little. Mix it well using your spatula or spoon. Add the eggs and thinly sliced scallion then mix it well again. I also like to use carrots because they give pretty colors in the mixture.
Once it's ready, it will look like this :).

Next, get the wonton skin ready and put a spoonful of the mixture in the middle of the wonton skin, press the side parts and shape it like a flower. 

It will then look like this.

feel free to make another shape and creation with the wonton skin

Get your deep fryer ready and heat enough vegetable oil on it. Fry it until it's brownish and serve it while it's hot. Feel free to deep it in any hot or chili sauce if you like. You can also eat it together with beef/chicken broth soup.

bon appetit..

Well, that's what I have from my kitchen at this moment. 
Hope you like it and happy cooking, everyone.

Thank you :)