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Home Collection and Beyond

Home collection and beyond...

Tidak terasa tantangan ngeblog  tiap hari #BPN30dayChallenge2018 sudah masuk ke hari 11 ya! 

So proud (and surprised) I still continue submitting my post till now.
Even when I am away from home and now is enjoying my time in the beautiful continent of Africa, I am trying consistently working on my posts. Wish me luck!

So this time, the question is about things or gooda I collect at home.
How I love this question!
Being a hoarder (in a positive way) I certainly have tons of items that I specifically collect as hobbies.
Sebenarnya aku bingung harus mulai dari mana kalau bicara mengenai barang-barang yang saya kumpulkan di rumah. Soalnya banyak banget LOL.
Dan karena pertanyaan ini, jadi ketahuan deh kalau aku memang hoarder berat, alias tukang ngumpulin barang-barang, termasuk yang ngga jelas :).

For sure I love buying purple stuff and all those cute items, be it for me, my kids, or my home. So since most of my stuff are purple, let’s check out what I have been collecting so far.

Souvenirs from countries

I have to admit that I just can't help buying all those cute souvenirs from the cities and countries I have visited. I usually buy t-shirt, shot glass, mug, magnet, post cards, plates, accessories, dolls or toys, and anything unique from that particular place. 

You can imagine how many stuff my family has from our traveling and I haven't really got a chance to display them properly. You know, like in a special commode or closet. I just put them on my side tables and take turn on displaying different items from different countries.


I just can’t help it! 
I love cute dinnerware and I do collect them.
It feels good to put all those yummy food on beautiful plates and serve them to your loved ones.
So I have been collecting series of dinnerwares complete with its accessories.
Serving plates, salad plates, bowls, spoons and forks, cheese plates, salt and pepper shakers, and napkin rings are some of the examples of stuff I have for dinnerwares.
It's a bit problematic now as again I need a special place to store them and I haven't got one, not in our new house now.


Obviously, I have tons of them as I really like reading. My family loves reading too so I have tons of books which we bring here and there.
My passion is traveling so I have so many traveling and coffee table books about particular country, city, or culture. We also enjoy sci-fi stories, mystery, cartoon and funny stories. My hubby has a lot of books about photography and I also collect some book on Do-It-Yourself projects. 

Not to mention the magazines. I guess I better stop now :) 


Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick.
I don't intend to collect them but apparently I have to0 many it has conquered my bedroom and armoire.
Again, I won't say more about it as I think I can make one dedicated post for my lipstick collection.
Now, tell me what you have collected at home!
Do you manage to keep them well?
Will you keep them or you will do something about it?

WW: Home Sweet Home

I guess I have shared some sneak peak of our house some times ago.

Our living room. And the wooden stairs :)

Well, it's a working progress up until now as I still have a lot of boxes to open and furnitures to set up. And it's tiring LOL.

So far I really love our living room and dining room.
The vintage tiles make it unique.
Just like we wanted it since the beginning.

The vintage tiles we use

favourite we're working on the kitchen set. All white :)

A little purple touch

I really thank my hubby for considering my ideas of adding some wooden touch here and there. And voila...I got the wooden stairs plus wooden Indonesian-tradisional- vintage-inspired furnitures. Plus the tiles!

Do you like the tiles?

Well, as we have more stuff now, I just added a few homey touches here and there to our home sweet home in Rawamangun, Jakarta.
Some Indonesian traditional-inspired sofa and chairs have been added as well.

Our comfy Ikea chairs :)

So, that's what we have now.
Will share more from our home later on, including our journey during the almost-two-year renovation.
Do you like vintage-inspired home as well?

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