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Kebaya in Aotearoa - Kebaya Goes to UNESCO

Kebaya in Aotearoa - Kebaya Goes to UNESCO

One of my favorite Indonesian traditional attires is kebaya.

13 Indonesian ladies, posing with various kebaya and Indonesian traditional kain

In many occasions, be it special or something casual, I wear kebaya in different materials, forms, colors, and with different accessories. I wear it with kain or any Indonesian traditional fabrics like Batik, Tenun and Songket, or simply with trousers and skirts. 

I just love it and I feel special whenever I wear kebaya.

happily wearing my orange-and-purple kebaya with gold and purple Tapis Lampung

Kebaya is the top part which usually cut in feminine shape. In Indonesia, kebaya comes in various models, using different materials. Some of the common models we have in kebaya are Kebaya Kartini, Kebaya Encim, and Kebaya Kutubaru. We certainly have more but those three models are what I have in abundance. Kebaya is made from different materials or fabrics as well, namely the lace, silk, cotton, organdy, and more. It may be adorned with embroideries, beads, applications and more.  

As kebaya has been used by Indonesian women since ages ago in different stages and  celebrating particular events in lives , kebaya has been identified as one of the cultural identity for Indonesian women. That is why we are now campaigning for it to be recognized as one of UNESCO Intangible Heritage. And from Aotearoa, we are proud to wear our kebayas and showcase it to the world.

So in one windy afternoon, together with the female staff of the Embassy as well as the spouses of the staff and the Ambassador, we had a photo sessions in three different landmarks, namely our Embassy, the Beehive, and Wellington Cable Car. Here are some photos we took along the way and what a lovely day it was, despite the depressing weather. We wore colorful kebayas combined with Tapis lampung, Songket Bali, Batik, Tenun Ikat Maluku, Songket Palembang, and more. I have to admit all the ladies look fantastic and brilliant!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and cheers from Aotearoa!

Do you like wearing kebaya as well? When and where do you usually wear it too? What type of kebaya is your favorite? Share with me in the comment.

WW: Hunting Endek and Songket Bali, Balinese Traditional Fabrics

Songket Bali, Balinese Traditional Fabrics
Songket Bali, Balinese Traditional Fabrics

 One of my long-time passions is collecting Wastra Nusantara or Indonesian traditional fabrics.

I have been collection various kain or clothes/fabrics from many parts of the country. Be it Tapis Lampung from my beloved hometown Lampung, or Tais from East Nusa Tenggara  and Ulos from North Sumatra. Not to mention Songket Palembang and Brongsong from South Sumatra to Sarung Donggala from Palu and tenun Lombok.

Endek and Songket Bali, Balinese Traditional Fabrics
one of the traditional Endek Bali

As you have probably known, Indonesia is bestowed with amazing arrays of cultural beauty. One of them is reflected in the incredible patterns, colors and shapes of Indonesian traditional fabrics. Every province, every tribe, every area has its own unique traditional clothes. All of them are lovely indeed. That is why I have been smitten since the very first time I laid my eyes on those wastra nusantara  and when I could actually afford them. Some of these kain or fabrics cost you quite a lot as well and require proper treatment.

So when I get a chance to visit some store in Bali selling tenun and songket Bali as well as Endek Bali, I just couldn't help but buying them and adding my collection. I can say I have a soft spot for it. So I managed to get 1 hand-made songket Bali in purple, 2 embroidery kamen Bali, and 6 pieces of tenun Endek Bali. Enough damage for one short visit to the store lol.

And here's what I have and what I enjoy while picking up some of my favorites.

Songket Bali, Balinese Traditional Fabrics
Songket Bali from Sidemen

Songket Bali, Balinese Traditional Fabrics
More hand-made Songket Bali in Balck and Green

Tenun, Bordir and Songket Bali, Balinese Traditional Fabrics
Kamen Bali in various colors

Endek and Songket Bali, Balinese Traditional Fabrics
Endek Bali in purple, blue and white

Aren't they all beautiful? Which one do you like?

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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls - Jakarta Chapter

September is here!
Really, 3 months to go before 2018 ends.
Well, I am enjoying my stay in Indonesia and 1 month goes away quickly without me missing New York City LOL.

Replica of Borobudur's relics in The Phoenix Jogjakarta
Well, I do miss NYC but I really enjoy Jakarta and Indonesia as a whole.
By the time I wrote this, I was in Jogjakarta for a meeting.
How I love to come back here and enjoy the unique surroundings and ambience only Jogja has. I should share those beautiful places in my blog and I will!

Meanwhile, join me on Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls this week.
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Vivi Zubedi for New York Fashion Week 2018

Here we go again!

New York Fashion Week is back!
Once again the Big Apple is filled with those colorful parades of edgy, impassioned, romantic, beautiful, whatever-you-call-it fashion and vibrant works of art!
And look who’s joining NYFW The Show this coming weekend! 

Proudly welcoming Vivi Zubedi (check her on Instagram @vivizubedi) with ‘Urang Banua’ for NYFW 2018!

Showcasing the raw, indigenous beauty of original fabrics from South Kalimantan, or famously known as Pagatan Tenun (or Woven) and Sasirangan, Vivi . Both originating from this exotic province of Indonesia, the intricate techniques used in the process of making these fabrics makes them so special. Urang Banua, the locals who have known as passionate artisans, produce these beautiful pieces of arts which will be the soul of Vivi's ardent works. And with the touch of romantic glam, Vivi shows that modest style and Hijab ,- the head-covering Muslim wear, can be as sophisticated as others.

Vivi is indeed ready to show more of Banua’s beauty to the world at New York Fashion Week The Show 2018. And she is supported by HIJUP as well as Wardah Beauty, two Indonesian leading companies in fashion and halal cosmetics.

I will be proudly and happily joining the show on Saturday, February 11, 2018, 3 PM, at Industria, 775 Washington Street, NYC, NY, 10014.

Check out more info on Vivi Zubedi at and @ifg_nyc, Indonesian Fashion Gallery in NYC, and for sure I will be back with more stories and photos.

Go, Indonesian Fashion! 
Viva Wastra Indonesia!