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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girl

Heloooo.. Here comes another Wonderful Wednesday, on Tuesday, with is :). 
This week has been another adventurous and great week for us, as Anniesa Hasibuan's team was still at the Big Apple. As you see on my previous posts, we have been having series of fashion shows and photo session at Sleepy Hollow.

Working behind the scene, it was fun taking pictures with the models and the whole team. 

hold it :)..behind the scene photos :)

Here are some of the photos I took with my iPhone 6 plus and Ztylus 

in pink

my fave..the golden one...

Laura Muljadi in gold...

And now, let's have fun together and link up with us.

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Pastel sayur dan ayam - Indonesian chicken and veggie pastel

It's cooking time again ;).

I love cooking but I don't always have time to do it. 
But then again I guess cold weather  successfully roared up my cooking spirit. Cold is creeping in and out and as always, comfort food is highly demanded :).

This time, I try to make veggie and chicken pie. A la Indonesia.
It's a bit different from regular pies we have here but as delicious as ever.

Back home, we call it pastel. 
It is usually filled with chicken, eggs, vermicelli and vegetables.
I can say it's everyone's favorite and again back home, it's easy to buy it everywhere.
But in NYC, we have to cook them ourselves, unless we want to go to Queens to my favorite restaurant ;).

Soooo... Let's cook then.
Are you ready?

We will have to prepare the pastel or crusty pie skin and the filling.

Here are the ingredients:

For the pie skin
250 gr of Flour
100 gr Butter or 50 gr butter and 50 gr vegie oil 1 Egg
Salt as needed
Water as needed
Parmesan powder if you like. I like it because it gives you the extra flavour. 

To prepare the crusty pie skin, melt the butter and pour the flour as well as the egg until they are well mixed.

Shape them into small balls and get the filling ready

  • Miroji  Rudiyanto

    • Dina Duff

      • Dina Duff

        • amei

        • Fie Salma Mustofa

          • amei

          • Dian Luthfiani

            • amei

              • Dian Luthfiani

                • amei

                  • Dian Luthfiani

                  • Valerie Wijaya

                    • amei

                    • Lie Erland Schendy

                      • Lie Erland Schendy

                        • amei

                          • amei

                          • mei

                            • amei

                            get the pastel ready..

                            For the filling
                            Chicken, cut or shredded into small pieces. You can also change it with mince beef or shrimp or any meat you like or even with no meat at all. Feel free, okay :)
                            Vermicelli, soften with hot water.
                            Carrots, cut in dice or sliced.
                            Green peas.
                            Boiled eggs, cut into small dice
                            Scallion, cut thinly.
                            Shallot or onion, sliced. I prefer shallot or red onion because it smells good. 
                            Garlic, crushed.
                            Pepper and salt as needed.
                            Oil as needed.

                            To prepare the filling, get the skillet/pan ready and put the oil until it's hot enough. Then put the garlic, shallot or onion and saute it before mixing it with chicken and cook it well until they soften and fragrant. Once the chicken is well cooked, put the carrots, peas and vermicelli and saute it for a while. Don't forget to sprinkle salt and pepper as needed. 

                            And there.. We are now ready to fill our pastel :).

                            Get the small ball of the dough, flatten it and put a spoonful of the mixed veggie and chicken, plus a small dice of boiled egg, in the middle. Fold the skin and shape it nicely.

                            You can shape the edge of it by using the fork and press it or like me, I pinch the edge of the dough and twisted it :)

                            There.. Once it's ready, you can fry it or bake it.

                            ready to eat :)
                            Serve it with chili sauce and pickles if you like.

                            As always, I have Bo et Obi assisted me during the process. Gladly, they did help a lot..not just messing around with the dough. And once the pastel's ready, look who's ready to devour it :).

                            Happy cooking..