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WW: Happy happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

Happy happy birthday to me!

Well, it has been more than a week but I have to share the celebration of my birthday here indeed. This year is special, as unlike previous birthday, I celebrated it while being home quarantine. It was already more than 2 weeks and I was feeling much, much better indeed.

So, there we went. 

Right in the middle of midnight, when the clock stroke 12.01 August 11, my hubby hugged and kissed me for the start of my birthday celebration. Well, the celebration continued in the morning, in the quarantine mode. So we all still wear our masks and maintain the distance. The kids shouted happy birthday from behind my bed room door and slipped the birthday cards they have prepared. super sweet of them!

I had my birthday cake, some cute double choco glaze, as well as brownies cheese cake. Well, that's sugar overloaded for sure LOL. My hubby got me the purple one and I love it so very much. Although I don't eat too much of them but I know my kids and my family will devour it. My kids do enjoy all these sweet tarts and cheese cakes.

I also have pempek or the Indonesian fish cake for this special day as well. Pempek is indeed one of my favorite dishes. Can't get enough of it. This time, I got pempek panggang, with the filling of spicy ebi or udang rebon (I don't know what the translation in English but it's like tiny tiny prawns). I have to admit I love it very much. My mom also cooked us nasi kuning complete with all its side dishes. Thank you mama, it's super delicious as well!

Here are some of the photos from the day!

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Birthday edition

Happy, happy birthday to me!

August here and how I love to celebrate this lovely month of August with a big bang! Well, just kidding. I am still in the quarantine and there is no way I will celebrate my birthday with parties or get-together. But of course, I am super blessed that even during the quarantine, for the 2nd time, I was blessed with the spirit and the strength to fight back. I was again lucky to get all the necessary medicine needed to fight the pandemic and this time, together with my hubby, we stayed at home and rest.

fancy some brownies cheese cake?

So, as August 11 came, my hubby hugged me in the middle of the night and wished me a very happy birthday. Again, although the condition is far from ideal and we both are still fighting the cough, I felt so blessed. My kids knocked our door and shouted happy birthday from outside and slipped the birthday cards to me. They wrote lovely cards and I was so happy to read them. 

Nasi kuning made with love

Later that day, my birthday caked arrived and I really loved it. It's the double chocolate mirror glaze in purple. I love it and my kids can't get enough of it either. I ordered in in one of the IG dessert shops near my house and I just love the turn out. It's a lovely cake indeed.

We then had wonderful brunch of nasi kuning made with love by my mom as well as brownies cheese cakes for extra dessert. What a lovely day indeed! I really thank the Almighty for all the blessings. 

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Birthday Galore at the Frakarsas Family

Birthday galore at the Frakarsas

Happy happy birthday!

December is a triple special for me and my family. It’s all about birthdays, birthdays, and birthdays! Plus vacation LOL.

I believe I have been telling my dearest blog readers that I am surrounded by 3 Sagitarians. My hubby, my son and my daughter. Good thing I am a Leo ♌️ so I can handle them (if you know what I mean  😉).

So this time, in this super special 2020 thanks to the pandemic, we actually managed to do things differently. We celebrated 2 birthdays in Bali (yaaaaay) and 1 in Jakarta with the my big families.

We started the birthday galore with Obi, my daughter. Although I was in the middle of preparation for meetings, we still get a chance to celebrate it in our hotel bedroom in Nusa Dua, Bali. We even had the mini birthday cake with cherries and chocolate on top 🍒.

So Happiest birthday to my baby bunny, ma mija, the brightest girl in the house (after mama hahahahaha) 🥰♥️🥰. No .. I was kidding. I bet you will be even brighter, smarter, more fun and more soleha ya love. I can’t tell you enough how proud I am to see you grow this gracefully all these years. Have blessed days head, gorgeous! May Allah SWT bless us all. Always!

Then the second birthday is super duper special as we celebrate my hubby’s born day and our anniversary as well. 16 years and still so much in love, complete with everything in between! We were in Ubud, staying in one of our favorite private villas there, and had a blast!

When people ask me how I - or perhaps ‘we’ can survive our relationship this long (9 years dating & 16 years of marriage and counting 🥰.), I might say I don’t now. I just enjoy the journey, - no matter how absurd and horrible it may be 😬🤭 , complete with its ups and downs;  be true to myself and try to ensure respect is on our day-to-day menu. Obviously, it’s not always a rose-colored glasses world we have, but it sure is colorful enough to make you realize how blessed and lucky you are to have each other. You don’t always have the privilege to spend your life with someone that makes you feel super comfortable being yourself. With Udi, I have been through hell and heaven and he still stands by me until this very moment. I sincerely hope I can do the same! Here’s to 16 (or 25 from the scratch 😙🥰) years and counting ya love 🌺♥️. 

Finally, the finale for this year’s birthday galore in the Frakarsas family is abang Bo’s. My first born son.

I still remember vividly when I came to Monash medical Center in Melbourne twice before I delivered my first born. It was quite an experience and an adventure for me and my hubby @frakarsa because it was only the two of us at the time and we were far away from home. Alhamdulillaaaah all was well and we celebrated the joy of being new parents merrily. But Bo has been a lovely and understanding kid since the very beginning as I have no trouble at all in raising him until now when puberty hits LOL. And he’s been traveling around since a tender age of 7 days, accompanying me to the boxing day sale then flew back home to Jakarta when he was only 39 days old!  

Now, he is still a soft-hearted and loving boy who is not afraid to show his love to mama, yours truly, Bapak et Obi. He hugs me before going to bed and says I love you to us. He helps with household chores and cooks well! And he’s our cats’ favorite!

Thanks for being a unique and helpful you, Bang.. here’s to being 14 and more brilliant years to come 🎉♥️! Bismillahirrahmanirrahiiim ♥️♥️♥️

Before his birthday, we had photo session taken during our last visit to Bali and during our stay in Conrad Hotel, Bali. I love all the result and really thank Conrad for these wonderful shots and beautiful memories we share in there ♥️💜♥️.

So that’s our birthday galore this year. We are so grateful for all the beautiful things Allah SWT has bestowed us. May we all be blessed. Always.

Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

I hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy wherever one is!

I have been following the news and see the continued spiking numbers of COVID-19 cases in so many countries, including Indonesia. It's sad to hear the news and some happened to somebody we know. 

As I have shared before, I have been traveling for work and this week, my family and I explored Bali. It's good to be back on the road as we all love traveling. But at them same time, we cannot deny that we get anxious whenever we meet big group of people or traveling to a place packed with visitors. Of course we are trying our best to seriously implement new normal norms and health protocol. It becomes the new SOP and standard whenever we have to make contact with others or travel for work. Hopefully that will help us prevent the spread of the virus.

Happy happy birthday, mija

Amidst the pandemic, we are blessed to spend my daughter's 10th birthday in Bali. I had a meeting and my kids had their final exam but before we started anything, we managed to have a little celebration. Just the 4 of us, in our hotel room. Nothing fancy, but we have a little birthday cake and candle blowing session. Alhamdulillah Obi, or Nadine, has healthily grown. Tons of love, mija, and may Allah SWT bestow you with abundant blessings. Always.

Here comes the kisses LOL.. look at her face!

While in Bali, we decided to pay a visit to Nusa Penida Island. It's simply AMAZING!

Kelingking beach, Broken Beach, Angel's Billabong and Chrystal Bay are on our itinerary and through a private tour for a safe and healthy trip, we finally enjoyed this breathtaking beauty. Check out some photos at WW: The Amazing Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali. More photos and stories are certainly coming!

Now, let's enjoy Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends.

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