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Fun at South Beach, Miami, Florida

I have to admit that I have soooo many to tell you from our last #roadtrip to the Southern part of the US. When I say alot, it means so many of them.

Well, we stopped at 9 cities and crossed 8 states here in the country. 
And I only have two hands to type, haha...

So, bear with me if I seem to be telling the story on et off, pieces by pieces, as I am trying (hard) to sneak around my crazily-tight schedule at the office (and the High Level Segment of the UN General Assembly is surely approaching.. noooo ).

So, I usually started with the photos.
Haha...tons of photos we took around the trip.
Don't ask my how many photos we took for those 10 days on the road but for sure we have used 4 memory cards (some 16 GB, some are 8 and 4) and transfered them 4 times before using them again.
I just don't know..
It's always be the same story for us wherever we go :).
Take tons of photos and let's see what happens. Either you keep them in the computer, publish them, put them in the blogs, or just simply keep them as they are in the memory cards :). Anybody wants to help me sort them out?

Well, anyway....long story short, here are the photos I have chosen today..

Jumping session at South Beach, Miami, Florida ;).

We arrived at Miami the day before we hit South Beach.
That morning, we started with our brunch in La Baguette, one of the restaurants along that famous promenade.

yummy choices..
It was quite a big brunch we had ;)

kids meal with chicken fingers..

But we just couldn't resist the temptation of dipping our bare foot to the powdery sand.
So we went to the beach first before enjoying our sunny side-up and toast.
And how fun it was...

Bo et Obi
jump high Bo :)

Bo et Obi
Obi was flying as well :)

We were jumping around, taking some photos here and there..and simply enjoying the beach to the max.
Well, not really to the max...
And I guess you know why :)

We didn't swim here as we needed to continue our journey to Key Largo where I have booked a 2.5-hour snorkeling session looking down the famous underwater scene at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Garden. We just couldn't wait but while we were in Miami Beach, why didn't we make the most of it ;).

But our hearts were content..
Walking along this America's Riviera truly gives us the warm feeling of getting closer to home :).

We took some selfies as well here by the beach

Bo et Obi

While Bo et Obi just couldn't resist and play in the water ;)

Bo et Obi
the water was sooo tempting..

And after enjoying the warm salty breeze at the beach, we took some time stroling around the famous promenade, South Beach.

Stopped and enjoyed Lummus Park...

Lummus Park
Lummus Park

As well as the lovely and famous art deco buildings along the street :)

art deco buildings Miami
Look at the sky :)

Well.. Thank you, Miami..
It was surely fun to visit this city  and enjoy South Beach, Miami, Florida ;)

Have you ever been to one place that reminds you of hometown?

Morning sky at Mid Beach, Miami, Florida

Morning sky at Mid Beach, Miami, Florida

It was taken right behind our hotel in Miami Mid Beach, Florida
during our #roadtrip this summer ;) 

I edited the photo using Lightroom and preset Zoo Benches for the first and the second photo...
giving me the purple hue on the sky :)

Join us un Skywatch Friday and enjoy the beautiful sky from all over the world :)

Welcome to Miami, babe..

Back to #MyItchyFeet story for the #roadtrip this summer ;). 

After Orlando, we hit Miami and we're loving it.

It was 4 hours drive from Orlando and after a magical day in Disney Magic Kingdom the night before, we really took Miami nice and relax. 

Just chillin'.. Soaking in the pool, strolling at the beach and grabbing some yummy bites in the Marina. Saying hi to the Atlantic Ocean ;)

We stayed in Holiday Inn Ocean Front which is located in the MidBeach. It's a nice place with lovely pool the kids love.

It took around 20 minutes to go down town the Bay Marina and had some dinner there. We truly enjoyed Cuban food at Mambo Cafe at the Marina and Udi had Cuban steak while I savoured the oxtail and sipped my virgin Pina Colada. Supeeer yuuum indeed.

the Cuban steak

oxtail :)

the virgin one :)

That night we drove around the city with our car as well. Passing Little Havana et Little Haiti, the famous Calle Ocho. 

The next day, before hitting Key Largo, we visited the famous South Beach, had our brunch, strolled around the Art Deco district and took pictures here and there. 

one of the lovely Art Deco buildings in South Beach

We managed to play in the water but didn't really swim although pretty much tempted ;).

blue water...

It was scorching here, about 31 degree C, and even for us, Florida sun is a torture ;). Sun screen and lots of water help but we didn't spend too  much time under the direct sun.

Bo et Obi really enjoy the beach but we had Key Largo waiting. And we'll have pur snorkeling session and more beach down there.

One last stop in Miami was the Cuban Crafter ;).
We have a big fan of cigars here and this is the closest we got to the real Cuban cigars. The original Cuban rollers. And fresh rolled cigars.

the roller..

Rolled freshly in Miami :)

Be right back with more episodes of our roadtrip ;)

South Beach, Miami, Florida

Look up and smile...
Such a beautiful day at South Beach, Miami, Florida..
Another stop we have in this summer's road trip :).
I will get back with more stories et more pictures, promise !

Meanwhile, let's celebrate this breathtaking nature...

How can you not love the sky..
Then love its mighty Creator ;)

enjoying the beach :)

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the sky from every corner of the world ;)..