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Throwback Tuesday: Davos in Summer

Summer is coming...
Surely the heat is hitting the NYC for the last 2 weeks and many surely cheer for that.
After wondering around the super cold spring, suddenly the weather is super warm down here.

And speaking of summer, we have such  beautiful memories of Davos in summer.
Have you heard of Davos?
Many of you are probably familiar with this famous city in Switzerland.
Annually hosting World Economic Forum (WEF), Davos is beautifully situated in Canton Graubunden, south-east part of Switzerland.
Davos is also well-known for its ski resorts as well as other winter sports like ice skating and ice hockey.

But for us, Davos is epic during the WEF.
This super special event is the annual meeting of global leaders from many parts of the world and from different walks of life, including top-notch CEO, celebrities and Head of States/Governments, standing next to each other  with no entourage. It is very special because the Forum is uniquely inviting all those VVIP without their usual 'entourage',- be it security personnel, assistant, protocol or whatsoever. Acess is extremely limited, restricted only for the VVIPs :).
 Every winter, usually January, Davos turns into an extra special global stage as the eyes of the world are on it. I remember vividly all the efforts we have to take in order to prepare visits of our dignitaries.
But I won't talk about that now..
I want to show you Davos in summer :).

Welcome to Jakobshorn, Switzerland...

I got a chance to visit Davos in summer 2008 with Udi et Bo.
We stayed there for 5 days and although I was in the middle of series of meetings, we got a chance to enjoy this beautiful city while the sun is still up there.

We visited Jakobshorn, taking the funicular and stayed up for a while.
Up there, it's beautifully serene and peaceful indeed.

And the vista is amazing..
the peak...minus the snow :)

We even saw some people tracking near the Jakobshorn.
It is one of the mountains around this area.
In winter, it has 14 pistes for skiing. But it looks beautiful as well in summer.

let's have lunch :)

Bo, Udi and I also strolled around the village, enjoying the green scenery and crystal clear river flowing around the Rinerhorn. I love it!

At the last day, we enjoyed Davoz Platz and its street arts.

Taking pictures here and there with Bo :)

And we met some llamas and Bo (as well as his mom) couldn't resist to take pictures with them :) 

Do you have any beautiful memories to share with us?