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WW: Les Miserables in Wellington


How I miss Broadway!

One of the things that I miss the most from NYC is their all-year-round entertainment, particularly Broadway. Well, at least before COVID-19 pandemic.. and now, as it starts kicking back after the pandemic is a bit manageable. 

I remember vividly those musicals and plays my family, my dearest friends and I watched in Broadways. Kinky Boots, the Rain, Beautiful, On Your Feet, Phantom of the Opera, Sponge Bob, the Book of Mormon, Dear Evan Hansen, Jersey Boys, Chicago  and more..

So when I heard that St. James Theather in Wellington was reopening after years of renovation and series of plays and musicals will be showcased, I directly hunt for the tickets. Together with Stella, my colleague at the office, we got the tickets for Les Miserables. Super excited indeed!

welcome to St. James Theater

Les Miserables is indeed a famous play that has been performed in many corners of the world. Perhaps you are already familiar with the stories of Jean Valjean, Fantine, Cossette,Marius, Eponine,  Javert and even the hillarious crooks, the Thenardiers. We even have the last Hollywood version of it starred by Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway.

The show was packed and St. James Theater looks beautiful indeed. We cozily sit for 3 hours plus intermission and the play was amazing. The production troupe, which is mostly based in Aotearoa, New Zealand, is amazing! I really enjoyed the played and the songs, including the hits I had a dream. 

The stage..

Well, all in all I had a wonderful night and I hope I can soon go back for more performance here. Here are some photos showing you the lovely theater.

Les Miserables in St. James Theater Wellington
happy me posing with the program book

the ceiling
the ceiling

Les Miserables in St. James Theater Wellington
the best seats indeed

Have you been joining any live performance lately?
Share it with us here.

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WW: Spongebob Squarepants Broadway Show

It was a late post from Mother's Day weekend, but I love to share the fun we had.
We went together to Spongebob Squarepants Broadway show!

It was the last week before Ramadhan and just a day after coming back from Grenada when my family and I headed to Times Square and watched this worldwide famous cartoon-inspired Broadway show. I have been wanting to take Bo et Obi, as well as Udi my hubby to the show and this show was the perfect one for all of us.

It was fun!
We truly enjoyed the way Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabb and her beautiful daughter, Pearl, Plankton and Karen, Squidward and his clarinet, and even Gary the snail!
The show is really family friendly with so many great messages like  the importance of friendship, cooperation and family.
No wonder the show was packed with families and kids and it has 12 Tony Award nominations, including for best musical!

Here are some photos we took before and after the performance.
It really felt like we were underwater :)

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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

How's you week?

Summer days are always interesting, with a melange of summer activities and festivals.
So jolly!

I went to see On Your Feet on Broadway last week and then we watched Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1!

White walkers are coming!

Quite an entertaining week indeed :).
And I look forward to watching more broadways and summer festivals with my loved ones!

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Enchanted Story of Waitress

"Just one bite 

Cause the wondering...

It only takes a taste 
When you know it's good.
Sometimes one bite is more than enough 
To know that you want more of the things you just got a taste of .."

Do you love Broadway?
I do...and If I could, I would perhaps go and see all those wonderful Broadway performances here in NYC.

Well, New York City and Broadway are probably inseparable. Your visit to the Big Apple won't be complete  if you haven't laughed, screamed, cried and shed your tears enjoying at least one of the so many tantalizing performances at Theatre district, Broadway.

Welcome to Waitress!


Based on the movie with the same title written by Adrienne Shelly, the story revolves around the love and life of Jenna, along with Becky and Dawn. The three of the them of the lovely waitresses at Joe's Pies and Jenna, being the pie expert, has a lot of baking in her life. Pregnant with the first baby from her loveless and rather violent marriage, Jenna was dreaming of having a much better life by planning to join and win baking contest, while she met this handsome doctor, Dr. Pomatter.
Well, I'll stop there! I'm not going to spill the story as you get to see the play yourself.

And I have to say, Jessie Mueller, who's playing Jenna, is fantastic. 
Her acting and her voice are magnificent. No wonder she won the 2014 Tony Award and 2015 Grammy Award for her role as Carole King in Beautiful!

The casts are also fantastic. I love the cute Dr. Pomatter and Ogie, Dawn's hook-up-through-the-love-website boyfriend. And the songs are amazing as well, beautifully written and composed by Sara Bareilles who is famous for know her, right? Google it :).

So, all in all, the show is very entertaining and so true it feels like it's your stories, your concerns, your issues that are amusingly being played on the stage.

About love, life, and what matters most.
Perfect for Valentine's day, I suppose :).

It was the 9 nine of us, all the ladies from the office, watching this show as our farewell gift to Nara, one of our colleagues who soon would go back home to Indonesia as her work has concluded here in NYC. We surely had fun and go mad laughing and crying and singing and humming together during the show.

Cheers from all the ladies :)
So, what do you think?
Would you see this hilarious play as well?
Do you have your favorite Broadway show?
Will you celebrate Valentine's Day watching romantic Broadway show?

The casts at the final bow..