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And I am blessed...

I just had a magical day...

Starting with midnight kisses and whispers

Then morning hugs and questions...
"Is today your birthday, mama?"
followed by more hugs and shy smiles..
Lovely morning...

Then life goes on, the world continues to revolve

But even works are filled with joy and spirit
Quite productive with all the works I have to endure
But the day seems to be so colorful
Showered with love, love and love...

Then dinner was a blast, too..
Enjoying family time with Bo, Obi et my munchkin
Over plates of good food
Endless laughter and joyous tease
That we are so grateful for..

So, I am again celebrating my birthday

Age might be nothing but number
For some of us
But to me, it's a constant reminder of how you have been blessed so far 
And how you will continue to live you life.

I know...
Many I have not accomplished
Promises unfulfilled
Blessings taken for granted
Precious time wasted
Unnecessary sorrows created

But I will not regret the past
Yet gather more strength and confidence
To seek forgiveness and repetence
To be closer to my one and only Creator
To venture the world
To embrace the future
On God's given world... 

And I sincerely hope I will have the chance
To be a better mom, a lovelier wife..
A better servant to my Rabb...

So, is it a special day?
Everyday is..
With every single breath that I take...
With every little step I make...
With every smile I have...

And I am blessed...always..

I hope you all are, too...